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     Idaho Statutes

16-1623.  Amended disposition -- Removal during protective supervision. (1) Where the child has been placed under the protective supervision of the department pursuant to section 16-1619, Idaho Code, the child may be removed from his or her home under the following circumstances:
(a)  A peace officer may remove the child where the child is endangered in his surroundings and prompt removal is necessary to prevent serious physical or mental injury to the child; or
(b)  The court has ordered, based upon facts presented to the court, that the child should be removed from his or her present conditions or surroundings because continuation in such conditions or surroundings would be contrary to the welfare of the child and vesting legal custody in the department or other authorized agency would be in the child's best interests.
(2)  Upon removal, the child shall be taken to a place of shelter care.
(3)  When a child under protective supervision is removed from his home, a hearing shall be held within forty-eight (48) hours of the child's removal from the home, except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. At the hearing, the court shall determine whether to vest legal custody in the department or other authorized agency pursuant to section 16-1619(5)(b), Idaho Code.
(4)  In determining whether to vest legal custody in the department or other authorized agency, the court shall consider any information relevant to the redisposition of the child, and in any event shall make detailed written findings based upon facts in the record as required by section 16-1619(6), Idaho Code.
(5)  An order vesting legal custody with the department or other authorized agency under this section shall be treated for all purposes as if such an order had been part of the court's original decree under section 16-1619, Idaho Code. The department shall prepare a written case plan and the court shall hold a case plan hearing within thirty (30) days pursuant to section 16-1621, Idaho Code.
(6)  Each of the parents or legal guardians from whom the child was removed shall be given notice of the redisposition hearing in the same time and manner as required for notice of a shelter care hearing under section 16-1615(2) and (3), Idaho Code.
(7)  The redisposition hearing may be continued for a reasonable time upon the request of the parties.

[16-1623, added 2005, ch. 391, sec. 25, p. 1284; am. 2013, ch. 287, sec. 7, p. 752.]

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