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 16-1638. Guardian ad litem account -- Creation. (1) There is hereby created an account in the agency asset fund in the state treasury to be designated the guardian ad litem account.
(2)  The account shall consist of:
(a)  Moneys appropriated to the account;
(b)  Donations, gifts and grants to the account from any source; and
(c)  Any other moneys which may hereafter be provided by law.
(3)  Moneys in the account may be expended for the purposes provided in sections 16-1632 through 16-1638, Idaho Code. Interest earned on the investment of idle money in the guardian ad litem account shall be returned to the guardian ad litem account.
(4)  Disbursements of moneys from the account shall be by appropriation from the legislature to the supreme court, which moneys shall be used for the payment of grants to qualified recipients and for expenses incurred for carrying out the provisions of this chapter.

[(16-1638) 16-1636, added 1989, ch. 281, sec. 10, p. 690; am. and redesig. 2005, ch. 391, sec. 40, p. 1293; am. 2007, ch. 26, sec. 3, p. 53.]

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