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     Idaho Statutes

19-2915.  forfeiture of bail. (1) If without sufficient excuse the defendant fails to appear before the court as ordered, the court shall immediately:
(a)  Enter the defendant's failure to appear in the minutes;
(b)  Order forfeiture of the bail; and
(c)  Issue a bench warrant for the arrest of the defendant.
(2)  The clerk shall provide the person posting bail written notice of the order of forfeiture by mailing notice within five (5) business days of the order of forfeiture to the last known address of the person posting bail or that person's designated agent.
(3)  If the court quashes the bench warrant within one hundred eighty (180) days after the order of forfeiture, the forfeiture of bail shall be set aside and the court shall notify the person posting bail of the setting aside of the forfeiture within five (5) business days of the date of the order quashing the bench warrant and reinstating the bail.

[19-2915, added 2009, ch. 90, sec. 2, p. 263.]

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