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 27-104. Petition. A petition shall first be presented to the board of county commissioners and filed with the clerk of the board of commissioners of the county in which the proposed cemetery maintenance district is situated, signed by the number of holders of title, or evidence of title specified in section 27-102, which petition shall plainly and clearly designate the boundaries of the proposed cemetery maintenance district and shall state the name of the proposed district, and shall be accompanied by a map thereof. The petition, together with all maps and other papers filed therewith shall, at all proper hours, be open to public inspection in the office of said clerk of the board of commissioners between the date of their said filing and the date of the election. The petition may be in one (1) paper or in several papers.

[(27-104) 1927, ch. 197, sec. 3, p. 264; am. 1929, ch. 268, sec. 4, p. 621; I.C.A., sec. 27-103; I.C., sec. 28-104 (1948 Ed.).]

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