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 31-4602. Justice fund establishment. The board of county commissioners of any county may, in conjunction with development of their annual budget, by resolution adopted at a public meeting of the board, establish a county justice fund to provide funding for the operation of the county sheriff's department, construction, remodeling, operation and maintenance of county jails, juvenile detention facilities and/or county courthouses, operation of the prosecuting attorney's office, provision of public defender service and otherwise court-appointed counsel, and operation of the office of the clerk of the district court, to the extent that operation of that office provides support for the district court. The justice fund shall be separate and distinct from the county current expense fund and expenditures from the justice fund shall be solely dedicated to the purposes set forth in this section.
At the discretion of the board of county commissioners, funds deposited in the county justice fund may be allowed to accumulate over a period of years for designated capital improvements or be expended on a regular basis.

[31-4602, added 1990, ch. 216, sec. 1, p. 579.]

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