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 32-412A. Educational pamphlet and self administered confidential risk appraisal on possible AIDS exposure. Before any county recorder may issue a marriage license, each male and female applicant therefor shall be provided with a confidential AIDS educational pamphlet prepared by the state department of health and welfare and provided to the county recorder by the department of health and welfare. The educational pamphlet shall contain information describing how AIDS can be contracted, what some of the symptoms of the disease are, what the effects of the disease are, and what can be done to prevent exposure to the disease.
Each applicant shall certify to the county recorder that he or she has read the educational pamphlet or has had the educational pamphlet read to them.
The confidential questionnaire shall be designed so that an answer to the various questions will indicate to the marriage license applicant his or her potential past exposure to situations, conditions, or procedures that are medically known to have caused AIDS.
The questionnaire shall state that the results of the questionnaire are confidential to the applicant, but that if any of the answers indicate that he or she is in the general population at risk for developing AIDS, he or she should contact a physician, or the district health department, or the state department of health and welfare.

[32-412A, added 1988, ch. 150, sec. 1, p. 270.]

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