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     Idaho Statutes

33-1627.  math initiative. (1) The legislature finds that mathematical skills are increasingly important to the future academic and career success of students. The legislature further finds that student mathematical skills are not currently meeting the needs of Idaho's economy and must be improved. To this end, the state department of education shall promote the improvement of mathematical instruction and student achievement through one (1) or more of the following activities:
(a)  Provide high quality professional development for teachers that is intensive, ongoing and connected to classroom practice, that focuses on student learning, aligns with school improvement priorities and goals, and builds strong working relationships among teachers;
(b)  Provide statewide online mathematical instruction programs that furnish mathematical tutoring, remedial instruction and advanced instruction;
(c)  Provide formative assessments to assist teachers in identifying student mathematical skill levels, areas of deficiency and areas of advancement.
(2)  The cost of math initiative activities provided for in this section shall be paid by the state department of education from moneys appropriated for this program in the educational support program budget.

[33-1627, added 2014, ch. 255, sec. 1, p. 645.]

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