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 39-5003. Service centers. The administrator is authorized to establish multipurpose service centers for displaced homemakers. Each center shall have an advisory board appointed by the administrator in consultation with the director of the center. Such board shall consist of individuals representing displaced homemakers, organizations and agencies providing services beneficial to displaced homemakers, and the general public.
Each center shall include the following services:
(a)  Job counseling services designed for a displaced homemaker;
(b)  Job training and placement services developed in cooperation with public and private employers to train displaced homemakers for available jobs in the public and private sectors, taking into account the skills and job experiences of a homemaker and to assist displaced homemakers in gaining admission to existing public and private job training programs;
(c)  Health education and counseling services with respect to general principles of preventative health care, mental health, alcohol and drug addiction and other related health care matters;
(d)  Financial management services which provide information and assistance with respect to insurance, taxes, estate and probate problems, mortgages, loans and other related financial matters; and
(e)  Educational services including information about courses offering credit through secondary and postsecondary education programs and information about other services determined to be of interest and benefit to displaced homemakers.

[(39-4903) 1980, ch. 333, sec. 1, p. 860; am. 1982, ch. 20, sec. 1, p. 24.]

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