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     Idaho Statutes

50-501.  Initiative and referendum. The city council of each city shall provide by ordinance for direct legislation by the people through the initiative and referendum. Minimum requirements of the ordinance adopted shall be as follows:
(1)  Petitioners for initiative or referendum shall be equal to twenty percent (20%) of the total number of electors who cast votes at the last general election in the city;
(2)  Petitions for referendum shall be filed not less than sixty (60) days following the final adoption of the ordinance to be subject to referendum;
(3)  A special election for initiative or referendum shall be provided as prescribed in section 34-106, Idaho Code;
(4)  Requirements for signature, verification of valid petitions, printing of petition, and time limits, except as expressly modified herein, shall be as nearly as practicable as provided in chapter 18, title 34, Idaho Code. This section does not apply to bond elections.

[50-501, added 1977, ch. 144, sec. 2, p. 320; am. 1978, ch. 343, sec. 1, p. 882; am. 1993, ch. 313, sec. 14, p. 1165; am. 1997, ch. 352, sec. 1, p. 1041.; am. 2013, ch. 135, sec. 12, p. 316.]

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