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     Idaho Statutes

54-1723A.  registration to engage in the practice of pharmacy into Idaho. (1) To obtain a registration to practice as a pharmacist into the state of Idaho, the applicant shall:
(a)  Be licensed and in good standing in the state from which the applicant practices pharmacy;
(b)  Submit a written application in the form prescribed by the board;
(c)  Pay the fee(s) specified by the board for the issuance of the registration; and
(d)  Comply with all other requirements of the board.
(2)  A successful applicant for registration under this section shall be subject to the disciplinary provisions of section 54-1726, Idaho Code, the penalty provisions of section 54-1728, Idaho Code, and the rules of the board.
(3)  A successful applicant for registration under this section shall comply with the board's laws and rules of this state unless compliance would violate the laws or rules in the state in which the registrant is located, except as follows:
(a)  A technician shall not exceed the practice limitations for technicians in Idaho;
(b)  A pharmacist shall only substitute drug products in accordance with Idaho law;
(c)  A pharmacist shall only select drug products in accordance with Idaho law; and
(d)  A pharmacist shall not exceed the pharmacy staffing ratio, as defined in rule.
(4)  Renewal shall be required annually and submitted to the board no later than the thirtieth day of June. The board shall specify by rule the procedures to be followed and the fees to be paid for renewal of registration.

[54-1723A, added 2009, ch. 244, sec. 4, p. 752; am. 2010, ch. 116, sec. 1, p. 242; am. 2013, ch. 28, sec. 8, p. 60; am. 2014, ch. 34, sec. 1, p. 54.]

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