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 56-1036. Legislative intent. (1) The legislature finds that accidental poisoning is a serious public health problem in the state of Idaho and is a problem that disproportionately affects Idaho's children. It further finds that a significant reduction in the morbidity and mortality resulting from such accidental poisonings has occurred as a result of the services provided by the poison control center.
(2)  The purpose of sections 56-1036 through 56-1040, Idaho Code, is to declare legislative support for the important work of the poison control center and to assure, by statute, the continued existence of the poison control center.
(3)  The legislature finds that the poison control center has saved lives and reduced suffering associated with poisoning by providing emergency telephone assistance and treatment referral to victims of such incidents, by providing immediate treatment information to health care professionals, and by providing public education and prevention programs.
(4)  The legislature recognizes that enhanced cooperation between the emergency medical system and poison control centers will aid in responding to emergencies resulting from exposure to poisons and that, by providing telephone assistance to individuals with possible exposure to poisons, the need for emergency room and professional office visits will be reduced. As a result, the cost of health care to those who may have been poisoned will be avoided or reduced and appropriate treatment will be assured.

[(56-1036) 39-166, added 1996, ch. 147, sec. 1, p. 483; am. and redesig. 2001, ch. 110, sec. 31, p. 387.]

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