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 66-319. Release of voluntary inpatients. The director of an inpatient facility shall release any person, admitted in accordance with the procedure outlined in section 66-318, Idaho Code, whose continued care or treatment is no longer appropriate. If upon evaluation at the facility, it is determined that the patient is mentally ill and is likely to injure himself or others or is gravely disabled, the director of the facility shall institute appropriate judicial proceedings for continued care and treatment. In the case of persons confined pursuant to section 20-520 or 18-211, Idaho Code, upon completion of the examination, the sheriff of the county from which the defendant was committed shall be notified and the defendant shall continue to be confined at the facility for transportation back to the county. In those cases of persons admitted upon the application of a guardian, those persons shall be released upon the termination of the guardian's authority to consent to treatment.

[66-319, added 1951, ch. 290, sec. 3, p. 622; am. 1959, ch. 207, sec. 3, p. 439; am. 1973, ch. 173, sec. 3, p. 363; am. 1981, ch. 114, sec. 11, p. 176; am. 2004, ch. 23, sec. 10, p. 30.]

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