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 66-354. Mentally ill person with assets sufficient to pay expenses -- Liability of relatives. (a) When a mentally ill person has been admitted to a state facility voluntarily or involuntarily, the director of the facility may cause an inquiry to be made as to the financial circumstances of such person and of the relatives of such person legally liable for his or her support, and if it is found that such person or said relatives, legally liable for the support of the patient, are able to pay the expenses for commitment proceedings and the charges for the care and treatment of the patient in the facility, in whole or in part, it shall be the duty of the director of the facility to collect such expenses and such charges, and if necessary to institute in the name of the state, a civil suit against the person or persons liable therefor.
(b)  The following relatives shall be bound by law to provide for the expenses and charges for the commitment, care and treatment of such mentally ill person referred to in this act: husband for the wife, and the wife for the husband; the parent for his or her minor child or minor children, and the children for their parents.

[66-354, added 1951, ch. 290, sec. 38, p. 622; am. 1973, ch. 173, sec. 30, p. 363; am. 1981, ch. 114, sec. 35, p. 193.]

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