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 67-4124. Board of trustees -- Qualifications, appointment and terms of members. The board of trustees shall consist of seven (7) members to be appointed by the governor. The members of the board shall be chosen with due regard to their knowledge, competence, experience and interest in the fields related to the preservation and promotion of Idaho history. The governor shall consider geographic representation when selecting board members by appointing one (1) trustee from each of the seven (7) judicial districts as set forth in chapter 8, title 1, Idaho Code. All appointees shall be chosen solely on the basis of their qualifications. The board shall provide the governor with a list of nominated qualified candidates to fill any board vacancy.
All members of the board shall serve for a specific term. Upon expiration of the terms of members serving on the board on the effective date of this act, the governor shall appoint members for a term of six (6) years, except appointments for the unexpired portion of a term. No member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms.

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