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 67-5223. Interim legislative review -- Statement of economic impact. (1) After notice of proposed rulemaking is filed with the coordinator, the coordinator, after making technical corrections as authorized in section 67-5202, Idaho Code, shall provide the notice, accompanied by the full text of the rule under consideration in legislative format, as well as a statement of the substance of the intended action, to the director of legislative services. If the proposed rulemaking is based upon a requirement of federal law or regulation, a copy of that specific federal law or regulation shall accompany the submission to the director of legislative services. The director of legislative services shall analyze and refer the material under consideration to the germane joint subcommittee created in section 67-454, Idaho Code.
(2)  An agency shall prepare and deliver to the germane joint subcommittee a statement of economic impact with respect to a proposed rule if the germane joint subcommittee files a written request with the agency for such a statement. The statement shall contain an evaluation of the costs and benefits of the rule, including any health, safety, or welfare costs and benefits.
(3)  An agency shall prepare for inclusion with the filing of the proposed rule change a statement of economic impact on all proposed rules in which a fee or charge is imposed or increased. The cost/benefit analysis shall include reasonably estimated costs to the agency to implement the rule and the reasonably estimated costs borne by citizens, or the private sector or both. The adequacy of the contents of the statement of economic impact in subsections (1) and (2) of this section is not subject to judicial review and the accuracy of a fiscal impact statement provided pursuant to this subsection shall not affect the validity or the enforceability of the rule.

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