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CIVIL ACTIONS - Amends existing law relating to civil actions to provide that certain personal injury actions shall survive the death of an injured party; and to provide for the continuation of certain causes of action relating to personal injury or property damage upon the death of the injured person, to limit damages and to provide for commencement or continuation of such actions by the decedent's personal representative or heirs.

  02/11 Senate intro - 1st rdg - to printing 
  02/12 Rpt prt - to Jud 
  02/25 Rpt out - to 14th Ord 
  03/04 Rpt out amen - to engros 
  03/05 Rpt engros - 1st rdg - to 2nd rdg as amen 
  03/08 2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg as amen 
  03/09 3rd rdg as amen - PASSED - 32-0-3
AYES -- Andreason, Bair, Bilyeu, Bock, Brackett, Broadsword, Coiner, Corder, Darrington, Davis, Fulcher, Geddes, Goedde, Hammond, Heinrich, Hill, Jorgenson, Kelly, Kerby(Keough), LeFavour, Lodge, Malepeai, McGee, McKenzie, Mortimer, Pearce, Schroeder, Siddoway, Smyser, Stegner, Werk, Winder
NAYS -- None
Absent and excused -- Cameron, McKague, Stennett(Stennett)
Floor Sponsor - Stegner
Title apvd - to House
  03/10 House intro - 1st rdg - to Jud 
  03/22 Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg 
  03/23 2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg 
  03/26 3rd rdg - PASSED - 64-0-6
AYES -- Anderson, Andrus, Barrett, Bayer, Bedke, Bilbao, Black, Block, Bolz, Boyle, Burgoyne, Chadderdon, Chavez, Chew, Collins, Crane, Cronin, Durst, Eskridge, Gibbs, Hagedorn, Hart, Hartgen, Harwood, Henderson, Higgins, Jaquet, Jarvis, Killen, King, Kren, Labrador, Lake, Loertscher, Luker, Marriott, Mathews, McGeachin, Moyle, Nielsen, Nonini, Palmer, Patrick, Pence, Raybould, Ringo, Roberts, Ruchti, Rusche, Sayler, Schaefer, Shepherd(08), Shirley, Simpson, Smith(30), Smith(24), Stevenson, Takasugi, Thayn, Thompson, Wills, Wood(27), Wood(35), Mr. Speaker
NAYS -- None
Absent and excused -- Bell, Boe, Clark, Pasley-Stuart, Shepherd(02), Trail
Floor Sponsor - Smith(24)
Title apvd - to Senate
  03/29 To enrol 
  Rpt enrol - Pres signed 
  Sp signed 
  To Governor 
  04/12 Governor signed
Session Law Chapter 349
Effective: 07/01/10