Health Care Task Force

Charge: To ask and find answers for the unprecedented increases in health insurance premiums; to determine a method of limiting the assessments that may be imposed on carriers providing reinsurance by way of excess or stop-loss coverage and on carriers selling insurance in the individual market; to review options regarding initially limiting enrollment of the Individual High-Risk Reinsurance Pool in order to preserve the financial integrity of the pool.

Sen. Dean Cameron, Co-chair Rep. Gary Collins, Co-chair
Sen. John Goedde Rep. Sharon Block
Sen. Patti Anne Lodge Rep. Carlos Bilbao
Sen. Tim Corder Rep. Fred Wood
Sen. John McGee Rep. Janice McGeachin
Sen. Joyce Broadsword Rep. John Rusche
Sen. Dan Schmidt Rep. Elaine Smith

Staff: Ryan Bush, Matt Ellsworth, Charmi Arregui

Meeting Notices/Agendas:
January 6, 2011
August 22, 2011
October 4, 2011
November 17, 2011
December 14, 2011

Meeting Minutes:
January 6, 2011
August 22, 2011
October 4, 2011
November 17, 2011
December 14, 2011

August 22 - Meeting Materials
Health Insurance Exchange, Richard Armstrong & Bill Deal
Idaho High Risk Reinsurance Pool, Laren Walker
Higher Education Insurance Feasibility Study, Stacy Pearson
Idaho Immunization Program, Dr. Christine Hahn & Dr. Richard Rainey
Immunization Assessment Board Report, Dr. Richard Rainey
Blue Cross of Idaho - Response to Health Care Reform, Jack Myers
Regence BlueShield of Idaho - Response to Health Care Reform, Scott Kreiling
2011 CHIP-B and Access Card Update, Paul Leary
Federal & State Medicaid Reform, Paul Leary & Leslie Clement

October 4 - Meeting Materials
Allumbaugh House, Paul Woods
MMIS Update, Leslie Clement
Status Report: HB260, Leslie Clement
Budget Update: Dept. of Health & Welfare, Dave Taylor
Health Care Reform in Idaho, Bill Deal
Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry, Jayson Ronk
American Cancer Society/Cancer Action Network, Heidi Low
Delta Dental Plan of Idaho, Jean DeLuca
Idaho Primary Care Association, Denise Chuckovich
Idaho Freedom Foundation, Wayne Hoffman
St. Luke's Health System, Mike Brassey
St. Alphonsus Health System, Corey Surber
Idaho Chamber Alliance, Ray Stark
Idaho Association of Health Plans, Steve Thomas
Idaho Association of Health Underwriters, Scott Leavitt
Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America

November 17 - Meeting Materials
Overview: Catastrophic Health Care Cost Program, Matt Ellsworth
Update: CAT Fund, Roger Christensen
Health Savings Accounts, Dr. Stephen Neeleman
Molina Issues, Susie Pouliot
Experience Using Molina System, Rick Holloway
Experience Using Molina System, Corey Makizuru
Update: Use of Molina System in Idaho, Sandy Dunbar & Peter Gray
Idaho Alzheimer's Planning Group Summary, Mike Berlin
Idaho Health Insurance Exchanges, Bill Deal & Tom Donovan
Proposed Legislation, Bill Deal & Tom Donovan

December 14 - Meeting Materials
Health Insurance Exchange Draft, Director Bill Deal (DOI)
Health Insurance Rates - RS 20857; 280-04, Director Bill Deal (DOI)
TPA (third party administrator) Financial Statements - RS 20776; 280-06, Director Bill Deal (DOI)
MMIS Certification Update, Cathy Libby (DHW)
Update on Health & Welfare Budget, Director Richard Armstrong (DHW)
Senate Concurrent Resolution DRRCB034, Mike Berlin (IAPG)

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