Natural Resources Interim Committee - HCR 3 (2011)

Sen. Monty Pearce, Co-chair Rep. Dell Raybould, Co-chair
Sen. Steve Bair Rep. Bert Stevenson
Sen. Jeff Siddoway Rep. Scott Bedke
Sen. Lee Heider Rep. Mike Moyle
Sen. Michelle Stennett Rep. Donna Pence
Sen. Dean Cameron (Ad Hoc) Rep. Ken Andrus (Ad Hoc)
Sen. Bert Brackett (Ad Hoc) Rep. Frank Henderson (Ad Hoc)
Sen. Shawn Keough (Ad Hoc) Rep. Paul Shepherd (Ad Hoc)
Sen. James Hammond (Ad Hoc) Rep. Grant Burgoyne (Ad Hoc)
Sen. Elliot Werk (Ad Hoc)  

Staff: Katharine Gerrity, Ray Houston, Jackie Gunn

Meeting Notice/Agenda:
January 11, 2012
September 27-28, 2012

Meeting Minutes:
January 11, 2012
September 27-28, 2012

January 11 Meeting - Additional Materials:
Asset Management Plan - State Board of Land Commissioners (approved December 20, 2011)
Proposed Changes to Title 58, Chapter 1 - Reps. Vander Woude and Burgoyne
Idaho Endowment Trust Management: Asset Management Plan Update - Idaho Department of Lands
Lot Solutions Process - Idaho Department of Lands

September 27-28 Meeting - Additional Materials:
Various Issues Relating to the Department of Water Resources
Henry's Fork Basin Study - Department of Water Resources
Regulation of Wastewater Discharges to Surface Water - Department of Environmental Quality

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