Idaho Statutes

34-202.  Secretary of state to distribute comprehensive directives and instructions relating to election laws to all county clerks. In carrying out his responsibility under section 17 [34-201], the secretary of state shall cause to be prepared and distributed to each county clerk detailed and comprehensive written directives and instructions relating to and based upon the election laws as they apply to elections, registration of electors and voting procedures which by law are under the direction and control of the county clerk. Such directives and instructions shall include sample forms of ballots, papers, documents, records and other materials and supplies required by such election laws. The secretary of state shall prescribe a form for voter registration cards based on the voter registration laws and, from time to time, shall cause to be prepared and distributed to each county clerk such written corrections of such directives and instructions and of the form for registration cards as are necessary to maintain uniformity in the application, operation and interpretation of and to reflect changes in the election laws. Each county clerk affected thereby shall comply with such directives and instruction, and corrections thereof, and shall provide voter registration cards prepared in accordance with the prescribed form.

[34-202, added 1970, ch. 140, sec. 18, p. 351.]

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