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67-7126.  Establishment of account — Distribution of fees. There is established in the state treasurer’s office an account to be known and designated as the "motorbike recreation account." The twelve dollar ($12.00) fee collected for off-highway vehicle number certificates shall be allocated as follows:
(1)  Vendors shall charge and retain one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) for a handling fee;
(2)  Up to fifteen percent (15%) shall be allotted to the department for administration and for the production of number certificates and validation stickers, which moneys shall be placed in the motorbike recreation account. The department shall annually publish a report specifically identifying the uses of account moneys;
(3)  One dollar ($1.00) shall be deposited into the off-highway vehicle law enforcement fund. Moneys in said fund shall be paid and used as follows:
(a)  Sheriffs of counties with a current or an actively developing off-highway vehicle law enforcement program recognized by the department shall receive moneys from the fund based upon a formula as provided in rule promulgated by the board; and
(b)  Moneys from the fund shall be used only for off-highway related law enforcement activities; and
(4)  One dollar ($1.00) shall be allocated to the Idaho department of lands to provide off-highway vehicle opportunities and to repair damage directly related to off-highway vehicle use. The department of lands shall annually publish a report specifically identifying the uses of moneys allocated pursuant to this subsection; and
(5)  The remaining funds shall be transmitted to the state treasurer’s office for deposit to the credit of the motorbike recreation account, all such moneys to be transmitted to the state treasurer on or before the tenth day of each month.
Collection of fees for off-highway vehicle number certificates shall not impose any additional liability on the state of Idaho or any of its political subdivisions or upon the employees of the state and of its political subdivisions, and those entities and persons shall retain the limitations of liability provided by section 36-1604, Idaho Code, regardless of the use of such fees.

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