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Senate State Affairs Committee Meeting
February 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am
700 W. Jefferson St.
Meets M, W, F, 8:00 am, Room WW55
(208) 332-1326
VOTE ON GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENT: VOTE ON THE GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENT of Representative Steve Harris to the Idaho Endowment Fund Investment Board.
RS27463 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to request federal grants expanding Boise Veterans Cemetery and other safety projects. Senator Lakey
RS27464 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION to authorize the Idaho Division of Veterans Services to enter into an agreement with the Idaho State Building Authority. Senator Lakey
RS27485 RELATING TO CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTES to eliminate inactive provisions of law. Colby Cameron, Division of Financial Management
RS27486 RELATING TO THE BOARD OF CEMETERIANS to eliminate an inactive licensing board. Colby Cameron, Division of Financial Management
S 1255 RELATING TO VETERANS SERVICES to implement the transfer of funds between accounts to provide for matching grants Marv Hagedorn, Division of Veterans Affairs
H 343 RELATING TO WINE to establish businesses for the purpose of storing/ handling wines produced by vintners and wineries. Roger Batt, Idaho Wine and Grape Growers
MINUTES APPROVAL: Minutes of January 20, 2020 Senator Harris and Senator Souza
Minutes of January 24, 2020 Senator Hill and Senator Stennett
Minutes of January 17, 2020 Senator Winder and Senator Vick
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it along with the name of the person or organization responsible to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.