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Senate Resources & Environment Committee Meeting
February 10, 2020 @ 1:30 pm
700 W. Jefferson St.
Meets M, W, F, 1:30 pm, Room WW55
(208) 332-1323
MINUTES APPROVAL: Committee approval for Minutes of the January 22, 2020 meeting. Senator Johnson
Committee approval for Minutes of the January 27, 2020 meeting. Senator Guthrie
RS27498 Relating to Water; regarding the permitting and licensing of water rights. Paul Arrington, Executive Director and general Counsel, Idaho Water Users Association
RS27592 Relating to Fish and Game; to prohibit interference with certain lands, highways and navigable streams. Senator Martin
RS27606 Senate Concurrent Resolution to increase efforts to better understand issues contributing to the decline of Idaho’s Bird Populations. Senator Johnson
S 1273 Relating to Water; to remove a date restriction associated with certain water rights. Shelley Keen, Water Allocation Bureau Chief, Department of Water Resources
H 330 Relating to Fish and Game; to revise fee provisions and providing an effective date. Paul Kline, Deputy Director Programs/Policy, Idaho Department of Fish & Game
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it along with the name of the person or organization responsible to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.