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Senate State Affairs Committee Meeting
February 10, 2020 @ 8:00 am
700 W. Jefferson St.
Meets M, W, F, 8:00 am, Room WW55
(208) 332-1326
RS27438 RELATING TO TOBACCO PRODUCTS AND ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES to bring Idaho statute into compliance with federal regulation for legal age to purchase tobacco products. Alacia Handy, Division of Behavioral Health
RS27596 RELATING TO ELECTIONS to create an emergency absentee ballot. Chad Houck, Chief Deputy, Secretary of State
RS27597 RELATING TO RECALL ELECTIONS to revise provisions for recall petitions and special recall elections. Chad Houck, Chief Deputy, Secretary of State
RS27617 RELATING TO EXPLODING TARGETS to prohibit exploding targets during a designated fire season. Senator Stennett
DOCKET NO. 38-0000-1900 OMNIBUS PENDING RULES IDAPA 38 Department of Administration
38.04.06, 311.02 – page 402
38.04.07, 309.02 – page 407
38.04.08, 312.02 – page 413
38.04.09, 311.02 – page 422
Keith Reynolds, Deputy Director, Department of Administration
Brian Kane, Asst. Chief Deputy, Attorney General’s Office
S 1274 RELATING TO THE IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ACT to establish an independent Office of Administrative Hearing Senator Burgoyne
S 1281 RELATING TO CONSTRUCTION OF STATUTES to eliminate inactive provisions of law. Colby Cameron, Division of Financial Management
S 1282 RELATING TO BOARD OF CEMETERIANS to eliminate an inactive licensing board. Colby Cameron, Division of Financial Management
MINUTES APPROVAL: Minutes of January 29, 2020 Senator Winder and Senator Souza
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it along with the name of the person or organization responsible to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.