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Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee Meeting
February 26, 2020 @ 1:30 pm
Room WW54
700 W. Jefferson St.
Regular meeting times- M, W, F, 1:30 pm, Room WW54
(208) 332-1317
GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENT VOTE Committee Vote on the Appointment of John Dinger to the Sexual Offenders Management Board
MINUTES APPROVAL Committee Approval for Minutes of February 10, 2020 Senator Steven Thayn
HCR 32 Relating to Inclusion of Motto “In God We Trust” Majority Leader, Chuck Winder
RS27750 Relating to Deceptive Advertising Practices and to Protect the Livelihood of Musicians Senator Jeff Agenbroad
RS27798 Unanimous Consent Request Relating to Fire Districts Senator Jim Guthrie
RS27799 Relating to Paid Employment for Prisoners Jared Larsen, Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor
RS27843 Relating to Extended Absence of a Parent Due to Active Duty in the Armed Forces Senator Abby Lee
S 1356 Relating to Providing for an Additional Judge in the First District Jason Spillman, Legal Counsel, Administrative Office of the Courts
S 1357 Relating to Revision of Salary for Justices of the Supreme Court Jason Spillman
H 427 Relating to Updating Crimes the Governor Must Review for Commutations and Pardons Ashley Dowell, ED, Pardons and Parole Commission
H 456 Relating to Filing of Pardons, Commutations, and Remission of Fines and Forfeitures Ashley Dowell
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it along with the name of the person or organization responsible to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.