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House Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee Meeting
January 21, 2021 @ 1:30 pm
Room EW42
700 W. Jefferson St.
Regular meeting times- Odd Days, pm, Room EW42
(208) 332-1127

Online registration (for testimony) will end at the commencement of the meeting.

RS28083 Juvenile Corrections Act Rep. Erickson
RS28096 Juvenile Corrections definitions Rep. Erickson
RS28087 Sex Offender Board, records Rep. Hartgen
RS28110 State Police, Forensic Lab Rep. Hartgen
RS28109 Liquor account, POST fund Rep. Amador
RS28245 Third Judicial District, Judges Chairman Chaney
DOCKET NO’s.: 61-0101-2001, 61-0102-2001, 61-0103-2001, 61-0104-2001, 61-0106-2001, 61-0107-2001, 61-0108-2001 Chapters to be Repealed: Rules Governing Training Requirements for Defending Attorneys; Rules Governing Uniform Data Reporting Requirements; Rules Governing Contracts and Core Requirements for Contracts Between Counties; Rules Governing Procedures and Forms for the Application; Rules Governing Procedures for the Oversight, Implementation, Enforcement, and Modification of Indigent Defense Standards; Rules Governing Standards for Defending Attorneys That Utilize Idaho’s Principles of an Indigent Defense Delivery System; Rules Governing the Administration of Idaho’s Indigent Defense Delivery System — Rule Definitions. Kathleen Elliott, Executive Director
DOCKET NO’s.: 61-0101-2002, 61-0102-2002, 61-0103-2002, 61-0104-2002 New Chapters: General Provisions and Definitions; Requirements and Procedures for Representing Indigent Persons; Records, Reporting, and Review; Financial Assistance and Training Resources. Kathleen Elliott
Public Testimony register through the Following Link: Registry to Testify
Send written testimony to Committee Secretary.