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Senate State Affairs Committee Meeting
February 5, 2021 @ 8:00 am
Room WW55
700 W. Jefferson St.
Regular meeting times- M, W, F, 8:00 am, Room WW55
(208) 332-1326

Amended Agenda #1

VOTE ON GUBERNATORIAL APPOINTMENT: Vote on the Gubernatorial Appointment of Rob Perez to the Treasurer’s Investment Advisory Board.
DOCKET NO. 15-0600-2000F PENDING FEE RULES OMNIBUS PENDING FEE RULES IDAPA 15 Office of the Governor, Idaho Military Division. (pages 63-66) (virtially) Major Lauren Tschampl
Idaho Air National Guard
RS28358 Relating to Elections to provide clearer and more consistent deadlines in election processes and to improve administrability. Jason Hancock, Deputy
Secretary of State
RS28359 Relating to Candidates makes two changes relating to candidate filings; one for write-in candidates for the Unites States Presidential position and the second clarifies the petition for independent candidates. Jason Hancock
RS28360 Relating to the Secretary of State in regard to the storage of certain records. Jason Hancock
RS28361 Relating to Election Ballots to revise and clarify the process when voters request a particular type of absentee ballot for a primary election. Jason Hancock
RS28362 Relating to Notaries Public regarding the use of certain facsimile signatures. Jason Hancock
RS28363 Relating to Campaign Finance to report how to report contributions, reduces related paper work, clarifies certain monthly reporting, and eliminates duplicative reporting. Jason Hancock
RS28364 Relating to Elections to make technical corrections to Idaho’s election laws. Jason Hancock
RS28408 Relating to the Legislature to establish some uniformity to the legislative session. Senator Guthrie
RS28313 Relating to Absentee Ballots to provide the voter an opportunity to remedy certain absentee ballot issues. Senator Lodge
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy of it along with the name of the person or organization responsible to the committee secretary to ensure accuracy of records.