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House Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee Meeting
March 11, 2021 @ 1:30 pm
Room EW42
700 W. Jefferson St.
Regular meeting times- Odd Days, pm, Room EW42
(208) 332-1127

DOCKET NO.: Chapter Repeals
61-0101-2001 Rules Governing Training Requirements for Defending Attorneys and the Administration of Training Funds p. 10 Kathleen Elliott, Executive Director, Idaho Public Defense Commission
61-0102-2001 Rules Governing Uniform Data Reporting Requirements and Forms for Defending Attorney Annual Reports p. 18
61-0103-2001 Rules Governing Contracts and Core Requirements for Contracts Between Counties and Private Attorneys for the Provision of Indigent Defense Services p. 35
61-0104-2001 Rules Governing Procedures and Forms for the Application and Disbursement of Indigent Defense Financial Assistance p. 44
61-0106-2001 Rules Governing Procedures for the Oversight, Implementation, Enforcement, and Modification of Indigent Defense Standards p. 52
61-0107-2001 Rules Governing Standards for Defending Attorneys that Utilize Idaho’s Principles of an Indigent Defense Delivery System p. 55
61-0108-2001 Rules Governing the Administration of Idaho’s Indigent Defense Delivery System – Rule Definitions p. 58
New Chapters
61-0101-2002 General Provisions and Definitions p. 13
61-0102-2002 Requirements and Procedures for Representing Indigent Persons p. 21
61-0103-2002 Records, Reporting, and Review p. 38
61-0104-2002 Financial Assistance and Training Resources p. 47
S 1088aa Subcommittee report, Residential tenants, fees *NOTE: All public testimony on this bill has been previously taken in the Landlord/Tenant Subcommittee. Rep. Hartgen
S 1089aa Rape, age, spouse Rep. Nash
SJM 102 Supreme Court, nine justices Rep. Chaney
* Online registration will end at commencement of meeting.
* Meeting to adjourn at 4:00 p.m.
If you have written testimony, please provide a copy to the committee secretary.