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House Ways & Means Committee Meeting
November 15, 2021 @ 7:30 am
Room EW05
700 W. Jefferson St.
Regular meeting times- On Call, pm, Room EW05
(208) 332-1159

RS29052C1 Litigation Fund to fight federal overreach Rep. Dixon
RS29083 State Sovereignty re: vaccination policies Rep. Blanksma
RS28283 Employee Medical Information Protection Act Rep. Shepherd
RS29003 No vaccine mandates, no forced vaccinations Rep. Nichols
RS29009C2 No discrimination; no vaccine passports Rep. Skaug
RS29046 No vaccination req’s for continued employment Rep. Okuniewicz
RS29048 Religious Freedom; refusal of medical treatment Rep. Moyle
RS29050 Exemptions from vaccines for employment Rep. DeMordaunt
RS29051 Vaccination records; occupational licensing Rep. DeMordaunt
RS29073 Compensation for vaccine injuries Rep. Monks
RS29081 AG to defend against litigation on immunizations Rep. Rubel
RS29082 No vaccine status as condition of employment Rep. Mendive
RS29084 Repeals Ch. 38, Title 39; treatment of minors Rep. Giddings
RS29086 No proof of vaccines for services or employment Rep. Monks
RS29087 Bans vaccine requirements for existing employees Rep. Monks
RS29088 Rejecting Admin. Rules on ID Content Standards Rep. Clow
RS29089 ID Content Standards incorporated by reference Rep. Clow
RS29091 Medical privacy; personal medical information Rep. Nichols
RS29093 No discrimination; no vaccine passports Rep. Skaug
RS29094 No discrimination based on vaccine status Rep. Skaug
RS29095 Limits on employee’s personal medical information Rep. Monks
RS29096 Parental rights affirmed Rep. Ehardt
RS29097 Exemptions from mandates for school children Rep. Nate
RS29098 Mask mandate prohibition Rep. Hanks
RS29099 Vaccination exemptions Rep. Armstrong
RS29101 Requirements only for FDA-approved vaccinations Rep. DeMordaunt
RS29102 Licensing protections for medical personnel Rep. DeMordaunt
RS29103 Licensing protections for medical personnel Rep. DeMordaunt
RS29105 Idaho Health Freedom Act Amendments Rep. Dixon