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Wed., Mar. 2, 2022

8:00 AM MT

S 1289 RELATING TO THE LEGISLATURE – Adds to existing law to authorize the Legislature to intervene in certain actions regarding constitutionality of an Idaho statute.
S 1358 RELATING TO THE FETAL HEARTBEAT PREBORN CHILD PROTECTION ACT – Amends S.B. 1309 and amends existing law to revise a provision regarding attorney’s fees, to remove a provision regarding an affirmative defense, and to redesignate a section.
H 501 RELATING TO THE IDAHO STATE CAPITOL BUILDING – Amends existing law to clarify the allocation and control of space in the Idaho Capitol Building.
H 532 RELATING TO ELECTIONS – Adds to and amends existing law to allow the Secretary of State or a county clerk to petition for judicial review of an election when it appears that an error occurred in the administration of the election and the error might be sufficient to change the outcome of the election.
H 548 RELATING TO ELECTIONS – Amends and adds to existing law to provide that a person’s residence for voting purposes shall be the homestead for which the person claims a certain tax exemption and to provide for an investigation into candidate qualifications.
H 607 RELATED TO THE IDAHO STATE LOTTERY to amend existing law to provide that the commission may adopt certain rules and to revise provisions regarding joint lotteries.
HCR 31 STATING FINDINGS OF THE LEGISLATURE RECOGNIZING THE IDAHO FALLS BANDITS – States findings of the Legislature and recognizes the accomplishments of the Idaho Falls Bandits baseball team.
HJM 4 A JOINT MEMORIAL FOR BUTTE COUNTY – States findings of the Legislature and resolves that it must be ensured that rural counties with large federal installations are not negatively affected by core-based statistical area designations.