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Mini-Data Current Bill Status

Mini-Data Current Bill Status

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW


H0001    Engineers and surveyors, fees rev'd   LAW+
H0002    Property tax, base yr for calculatn   H W/M  
H0003    Corporate tax, waters edge election   LAW+
H0004    Tax Comm, homeowner's exemption   LAW+
H0005    Income taxes, passive losses, dedct   S Loc Gov  
H0006    Bunker Hill Cleanup Site   LAW+
H0007    PUC, electric transmission projects   LAW+
H0008    Motor fuels tax, dyed diesel fuel   H Transp  
H0009    Motor fuels tax, biodiesel fuel   LAW+
H0010    Aircraft sales/use tax, exemptions   LAW+
H0011    Motor fuels tax, electronic filing   LAW+
H0012    Taxation, beer/wine   LAW+
H0013    Insurance, grp policy, repealed   LAW+
H0014a  Admin Dept/grp insurance, services   LAW+
H0015    Real property, owned by state   LAW+
H0016    Controlled hunts, nonresidnt limits   H Res/Con  
H0017    Local option taxes, authority    H W/M  
H0018    Bd of Ed, emplyee sick leave   LAW+
H0019    Ed Bd, property, transfer title   S Educ  
H0020    Endowmnt Fnd Investmt Bd, membr cmp   LAW+
H0021    Sales Tax, exmptns repealed   H W/M  
H0022    Veterans homes/H&W director duties   LAW+
H0023    Racing Comm, funds, simulcast   S Fin  
H0024    License plates, gold star   LAW+
H0025    Kindergarten mastery,requiremnts   H W/M  
H0026    Elections, absentee voters   H W/M  
H0027    Leg election public finance fund   H W/M  
H0028    Liquor dispensary, terms revised   LAW+
H0029    Personal property tax/fiscl yr rvsd   H Rev/Tax  
H0030    Property tax, notices   S Loc Gov  
H0031a  Forestry Act, wildfire costs/revisn   LAW+
H0032a  Athletic Comm, definitions revised   LAW+
H0033    Ag Dept, artificial prod, rainfall    S Agric Aff  
H0034a  Commodity dealers, license   LAW+
H0035    Ag Dept, director's duties   LAW+
H0036    Pure seed law/seed advsry brd   LAW+
H0037    Ag Dept, bonded warehouses   LAW+
H0038    Podiatrists, license fee, incr   LAW+
H0039    Admin dept, group insur/sick leave   H St Aff  
H0040    Life/Health Insurance Guaranty Assc   LAW+
H0041    Insurance policies/grp coverage   LAW+
H0042    Insurance Dept, law enforcement   H Bus  
H0043    License plate, innovation, created   LAW+
H0044    Physical therapy practice,   LAW+
H0045    Psychologists, requirements revised   LAW+
H0046a  Soc Work Licensing Act, fees rev'd   LAW+
H0047    Eminent domain, fair market value   H Transp  
H0048    Eminent domain, atty fees/costs   H Transp  
H0049    Property taxation, reimbrsmnt, cap   H Rev/Tax  
H0050    Prsonl proprty tax/op proprty exmpt   H Rev/Tax  
H0051    Income tax deduction/tech equipmnt   LAW+
H0052    PUC, nonrecurring chgs/new facility   H St Aff  
H0053    Hazard substance emergency response   H Transp  
H0054    Eminent domain, compensation   H Transp  
H0055    Nursing, licenses   LAW+
H0056    State employees, furlough   H Com/HuRes  
H0057    Digital learning academy, revisions   LAW+
H0058    School attendnce, parent/guard role   H Educ  
H0059    Violent crime, victim compensation   LAW+
H0060    Electronic communctn srvc, subpoena   LAW+
H0061    Approp, Omnibus, changed   S Fin  
H0062    Lobbyist expndtrs, periodic rpts   H St Aff  
H0063    Floating homes, definition/revised   H Rev/Tax  
H0064a  Real property tx/stndrd deduction   LAW+
H0065a  Firearms, out-of-state purchase   LAW+
H0066    Approp, Industrial Comm, increased   LAW+
H0067    Approp, Agriculture, increased   LAW+
H0068    Elections, provisions revised   H St Aff  
H0069    Elections, provisions revised   H St Aff  
H0070a  Sexual Offndr Reg Act/reg requirmnt   LAW+
H0071    Defendant dischrg/crimnl histry rec   H FAILED  
H0072    Fines/forfeitures/costs/repealed   LAW+
H0073a  Attys, money diversion, pnlties   S Jud  
H0074    Managed care, contract obligations   H Bus  
H0075    Insurance Dept., life settlements   LAW+
H0076a  Employment security/exmpt emplymnt   LAW+
H0077    Tuition, prof-tech students, aid   H Educ  
H0078    Ed, distict trustees, appointmnts   LAW+
H0079a  Chartr school, enrolmnt opportunity   LAW+
H0080    H&W, approp changed   LAW+
H0081    Public assist/welfare, medicaid red   H Health/Wel  
H0082    Criminal internet use   H Jud  
H0083    Taxation, personal property/exmptn   LAW+
H0084    School age, first grade enrollment   S Educ  
H0085    Approp, Millenium Fnd, cash trnsfer   LAW+
H0086    Correction Dept, approp change   LAW+
H0087    Vulnerable adults, definition rev'd   LAW+
H0088    Morticians, resident training licns   LAW+
H0089    Barbers licensure, exceptions   LAW+
H0090    Liquefied petrol gas, pub safety    LAW+
H0091    Geologists, bd mbrshp, qualificatns   LAW+
H0092    Architects, exam/licensure revised   LAW+
H0093    Motor vehicle rental tax   H Transp  
H0094    Motor fuel taxes, revisions   H Transp  
H0095    Hwy distrib acct, distrib rev'd   H Transp  
H0096a  Fuels, deductions deleted   H FAILED  
H0097a  High occupancy vehicle lanes   LAW+
H0098    Motor vehicles, fees, revised   H Transp  
H0099    Grape growrs/wine producers commisn   LAW+
H0100    Grape grwrs/wine producers/taxes   LAW+
H0101    Assessmnts, refund   LAW+
H0102    Districts/establshmt/dissolutn of   LAW+
H0103    Disabled persons, financl protectn   LAW+
H0104    Domestic violence, family services   LAW+
H0105    Fees, filing/small claims cases   LAW+
H0106a  Defendants, mental illness, exams   LAW+
H0107    Execution, provisions revised   LAW+
H0108    Insurance contracts, coverage   LAW+
H0109    Contractor Registration Act   LAW+
H0110    Plumbing/apprentices/fees/rgstrn   LAW+
H0111    Electrical contractrs/exam/licensng   LAW+
H0112    Bldg safety, apprentice reg fee   LAW+
H0113    Plumbers, brd pwrs, certif renewal   LAW+
H0114    Building codes, revised   H Bus  
H0115    Modular buildings   LAW+
H0116    Conservation agreements   H Res/Con  
H0117    Education, provisions revised   H Educ  
H0118    Public schools, transportation cost   H Educ  
H0119    Sales/use tax/dvlprs/rebate   LAW+
H0120    Education, budget stabilizatn levy   H Rev/Tax  
H0121    Income tax/donatns/Id Food Bank   LAW+
H0122    Energy enterprise zones   H Rev/Tax  
H0123    Public assistance, hlth & welfare   LAW+
H0124    Idaho ag in the classrm/Transp Dept   LAW+
H0125    Veterinarians, definition revised   LAW+
H0126    Veterinarians, criminal backgrnd ck   LAW+
H0127    Veterinarians/animals/safeguarded   LAW+
H0128    Pea and Lentil Comm, compensation   LAW+
H0129    Pea and Lentil Commission, members   LAW+
H0130    Motor vehicles/reg fees/trailers   H Transp  
H0131a  Transportation, commem medallions   S Transp  
H0132a  Military leave, state employees   LAW+
H0133    Motor vehicle rental tax   H Transp  
H0134    Motor veh reg fees, delete limit   H Transp  
H0135a  Motor fuel tax, hwy distrib acct   H FAILED  
H0136    Motor fuel tax, hwy distrib account   H Transp  
H0137    Park & Rec Bd, powers, revised   LAW+
H0138a  Actions/neglignc, non-native animls   S Jud  
H0139    Wolves, Canadian gray wolves   H Res/Con  
H0140    Taxation, beer/wine, revised   H Rev/Tax  
H0141a  Floating homes, definition revised   LAW+
H0142    Uniform Principal and Income Act   LAW+
H0143    Municipal corporations/annexation   LAW+
H0144    Hospitalization/mentally ill, costs   H Health/Wel  
H0145a  Sterilization/definition revised   LAW+
H0146a  Resdent Care/Assisted Living Act   LAW+
H0147    Commercial driver's licenses, fines   LAW+
H0148    Motor vehicles, registration fees   H Transp  
H0149    Motor vehicles, fees   H Transp  
H0150    License plates, fees   H Transp  
H0151    Fuels tax, penalties   LAW+
H0152a  Rural econ dev/grant prvsns/rvsd   LAW+
H0153    Motor vehicles, weight regs   H Transp  
H0154a  State police, vehicle ident   LAW+
H0155a  Highways & Bridges, fees   H FAILED  
H0156    Hwy distribution acct, provisions   H Transp  
H0157a  Id Ed Network/ed dept/duties rvsd   LAW+
H0158    Intrstate compact, ed opp mil child   H Educ  
H0159a  Insurance/grp life/revised   LAW+
H0160a  Library districts, bond issuance   LAW+
H0161a  Security breaches, notify att gen   VETOED  
H0162    Worker's Comp/pnalties for no covrg   H St Aff  
H0163    Scrap dealers   LAW+
H0164    Peace Officer Stndrds/Traing Cncl    LAW+
H0165    Public Records Act, personnl rcrds/   H Jud  
H0166    Peace officers, deputized status   H Jud  
H0167    Custody, chiildren, addl factors   H Jud  
H0168    Sxual Offndr Reg Act, rport reqmnts   LAW+
H0169    Residential Mortgage Practices Act   LAW+
H0170    Lead acid battery, fee increase   LAW+
H0171    Occupational Therapy Act   H Bus  
H0172    Payday loans   H Bus  
H0173    Insurance Dept, group insurance   LAW+
H0174    Managed Health Care Reform Act   H Bus  
H0175    Death certificates, add'l fee   H Loc Gov  
H0176    County Coroners, education reqmnts   H Loc Gov  
H0177    State spending, searchable database   H St Aff  
H0178a  Sex Offendr Reg Act, provisions   LAW+
H0179    Guardianship, developmntly disabled   LAW+
H0180    Drivers license/id cards    H Jud  
H0181    Pseudoephedrine products, sale req   H Jud  
H0182    Crimes against children   H Jud  
H0183    Criminal records, expungement   H Jud  
H0184    Bail, Bail Act, provisions   LAW+
H0185    Midwifery, board powers/duties   LAW+
H0186    Motor vehicles, towing   H Bus  
H0187a  Motor vehicles, contracts/notices   LAW+
H0188    Real estate license law   LAW+
H0189    Real estate brokers, licensees   LAW+
H0190    Real estate law, sellr rep agreemnt   LAW+
H0191    Liens, foreclosurs, notices   LAW+
H0192    Health insurance, external review   LAW+
H0193    Education Board/mand duty removed   LAW+
H0194a  Sport shooting activities   LAW+
H0195    Veterans/Memorial Comm/revised   LAW+
H0196    Public hghwy validatn/city council   H Transp  
H0197    License plates, trailers/semitrailr   H Transp  
H0198a  Publication of notice/pers property   LAW+
H0199    Education Board, retirement plans   LAW+
H0200    Enrgy resrces authorty, bond invest   H Env  
H0201    Elections, provisions revised   S St Aff  
H0202    Fire marshal,powers/duties/revised   S Com/HuRes  
H0203a  Prop tax exmptn/renewbl energy proj   S Loc Gov  
H0204    Income tax, residnts trusts, credit   H Rev/Tax  
H0205    Highway district, elections   LAW+
H0206    Highway dist commissnrs/budgets   LAW+
H0207    Trans Bd/cnty comm/hwy dst/lnd srvy   H Transp  
H0208    Residentl prop tax, renewble energy   H Rev/Tax  
H0209    Proprty tax exmptn, energy proprty   H Rev/Tax  
H0210    Comprehensive aquifer mngmnt pln   H Res/Con  
H0211    Higher ed, residency requirements   LAW+
H0212    Public charter schools, non-vrtual   LAW+
H0213    Vessels, add'l fees/stickers   LAW+
H0214    Early fetal death   H FAILED  
H0215    Telecommunications Act, revised   H St Aff  
H0216a  Pharmacists, freedom of conscience   S Health/Wel  
H0217a  Motor vehicles/dealers/salesmen   LAW+
H0218a  Building codes, provisions deleted   LAW+
H0219    Highway distrib acct/state police    H Transp  
H0220    Bldg code board membership, revised   LAW+
H0221    Tuition, prof-tech students, aid   H Educ  
H0222    Juv Corect Act, state insuranc fund   LAW+
H0223    Crime victims/public records exmptn   H Jud  
H0224    Nursing Educator Scholarship Act   H Educ  
H0225a  Day care, access to info   S Health/Wel  
H0226    Motor vehicles, reg fees/lic plates   LAW+
H0227    Payday loans   H Bus  
H0228    Lottery, xfers, net income   H St Aff  
H0229    Martial law, firearm restrictions   LAW+
H0230    Prsonl servic contracts/publication   LAW+
H0231    PERSI/retirement allowances   LAW+
H0232a  Income taxation, estate/trust   LAW+
H0233a  Property, exempt from taxation   S Loc Gov  
H0234    Trust deeds/foreclosure/judgments   H Jud  
H0235    Foreclosures and defiency judgments   H Jud  
H0236    Foreclosures/deficiency judgments   H Jud  
H0237a  Lobbyists, prohibited actions   H St Aff  
H0238    Recorded documents/fees   H St Aff  
H0239    F&G, senior resident combin license   H Res/Con  
H0240a  F&G, big game depredation fund pmts   LAW+
H0241    Neighborhood electric vehicles   LAW+
H0242    Small Employr Incentive Act, sunset   LAW+
H0243    Tobacco products tax, little cigars   H Rev/Tax  
H0244a  Local Econ Dev Act, revised   LAW+
H0245    Parnts as Teachrs Famly Support Act   VETOED  
H0246    Transportation/motor fuel tax   H FAILED  
H0247    Motor vehicle, fees   H Transp  
H0248    Employment security law   LAW+
H0249a  US Flag, made in USA   S St Aff  
H0250    Approp, Omnibus, FY2009 Changed   LAW+
H0251    Building Code Act, schools   LAW+
H0252    School district financial emergency   LAW+
H0253    Cooperative srvc agncies/tax levies   LAW+
H0254    Motor vehicle, fees   H Transp  
H0255    Approp, Energy Resources Office   LAW+
H0256a  Pub schools/transport support prog   LAW+
H0257    Cigarette/tobacco taxes/distrb fnds   H FAILED  
H0258a  Specialty lmtd htg contrctr/jrnymn   LAW+
H0259    Silver Valley Economic Stimulus Act   H Rev/Tax  
H0260    Skilled Nursing Fac Assessment Act   LAW+
H0261    Occupational Therapy Act   LAW+
H0262a  Education, provisions revised   LAW+
H0263    State spending, searchable database   H FAILED  
H0264    Comprehensive aquifer manage plan   LAW+
H0265    Legislative Services Office, duties   LAW+
H0266    Administrative rules, effect cont   LAW+
H0267a  Hazardous substance emergency rspns   LAW+
H0268    Approp, Legislative Council   LAW+
H0269    Cooperative service agencies   LAW+
H0270    Education, eval exceptions, deleted   H W/M  
H0271    Ed, virtual/traditional instruction   H W/M  
H0272    Approp, Water Resources Dept   VETOED  
H0273    Approp, Insurance Dept   VETOED  
H0274    Approp, Industrial Commission   VETOED  
H0275    Lottery, xfers, net income   LAW+
H0276    Approp, DEQ   LAW+
H0277    Approp, Lands Dept   LAW+
H0278    Campaign contribs, notification rqd   H St Aff  
H0279    Pharmacists   H Health/Wel  
H0280    Approp, State Lottery   VETOED  
H0281    Income taxation, internal rev code   LAW+
H0282    Approp, Building Safety Div   VETOED  
H0283    Approp, Human Resources Div   VETOED  
H0284    Approp, Arts Commission   VETOED  
H0285    Elections, proof of id/residence   H St Aff  
H0286a  Hwy project financing, revised   H Not Concur  
H0287    Employee firearm storage   LAW+
H0288    Community infrastructure districts   H W/M  
H0289    Approp, Secretary of State   H Approp  
H0290    Approp, State Treasurer   LAW+
H0291    Approp, Lt Governor   LAW+
H0292    Approp, Military Division   VETOED  
H0293    Approp, Commerce Dept   VETOED  
H0294    Approp, State Controller   LAW+
H0295    Approp, Soil Conservation Comm    VETOED  
H0296    Approp, Supreme Court   LAW+
H0297    Approp, Independent Living Council   VETOED  
H0298    Approp, Comm on Hispanic Affairs   VETOED  
H0299    Approp, Office of Drug Policy   LAW+
H0300    Approp, Public Health Trust Fund   VETOED  
H0301    Approp, Juvenile Corrections   LAW+
H0302    Approp, Agriculture Dept   LAW+
H0303a  Education/virtual school/attendance   LAW+
H0304    Gaming, local officer enforcmnt   H W/M  
H0305    Worker's compensation, atty's fees   H Com/HuRes  
H0306    Pharmacists, telepharmacy   LAW+
H0307    Sales tax revenues, distribution   H W/M  
H0308    Approp, Health Education Programs   LAW+
H0309    Approp, Community Colleges   LAW+
H0310    Approp, Education/Special Programs   LAW+
H0311    Approp, Transportation Department   LAW+
H0312    Approp, Supt of Public Instruction   LAW+
H0313    Approp, H&W, Div. of Welfare   LAW+
H0314    Approp, H&W Independent Councils    LAW+
H0315    Approp H&W, Substance Abuse   LAW+
H0316    Approp, H&W, Indirect Supp Services   LAW+
H0317    Approp, H&W, Service Integration   LAW+
H0318    Approp/H&W/Developmentally Disabled   LAW+
H0319    Approp, H&W Child Welfare   LAW+
H0320    Approp/H&W Psychiatric Hospitaliztn   LAW+
H0321    Approp, H&W, Mental Health   LAW+
H0322    Approp, H&W Medicaid   LAW+
H0323    Approp, Pub Schools, Admin Division   LAW+
H0324    Approp, Pub Schools, Teachers Div   LAW+
H0325    Approp, Pub Schools, Operations Div   LAW+
H0326    Approp, Pub Schools, Child Prog Div   LAW+
H0327    Approp, Pub Schools, Facilities Div   LAW+
H0328    School building maintenance funds   H Educ  
H0329    Fuels, certain deductions, deleted   H W/M  
H0330    Approp, Species Conservation Office   LAW+
H0331    Approp, Parks & Recreation   LAW+
H0332    Approp, PERSI   LAW+
H0333    Approp, Fish and Game   LAW+
H0334    Motor vehicle fees, increases   LAW+
H0335    Unemployment benefits   LAW+
H0336    Motor vehicles/registration fees   H Transp  
H0337    Motor vehicle registration fees   H Transp  
H0338a  Fuels, deductions, deleted   LAW+
H0339    Education, provisions revised   H Educ  
H0340    State insurance fund, public corps   H Held at Desk  
H0341    Approp, Water Resources Dept   LAW+
H0342    Approp, Insurance Dept   LAW+
H0343    Approp, Industrial Commission   LAW+
H0344    Approp, State Lottery   LAW+
H0345    Approp, Building Safety Div   LAW+
H0346    Approp, Human Resources Div   LAW+
H0347    Approp, Arts Commission   LAW+
H0348    Approp, Military Division   LAW+
H0349    Approp, Commerce Dept   LAW+
H0350    Approp, Soil Conservation Comm    LAW+
H0351    Approp, Independent Living Council   LAW+
H0352    Approp, Comm on Hispanic Affairs   LAW+
H0353    Approp, Public Health Trust Fund   LAW+
H0354    Approp, Bureau, Ed Serv, Deaf/Blind   H Approp  
H0355    Approp, Blind/Visually Impaired Com   S Fin  
H0356    Approp, Capitol Comm   S Fin  
H0357    Approp, Historical Society   S Fin  
H0358    Approp, Voc Rehabilitation   S Fin  
H0359    Approp, Libraries/Comm for   S Fin  
H0360    Approp, Ed Public Broadcasting   S Fin  
H0361    Approp, ISP   S Fin  
H0362    Approp, Ag Research/Extension   S Fin  
H0363    Approp, Human Rights Comm   S Fin  
H0364    Approp, Appellate Public Defender   S Fin  
H0365    Approp, Correction Department   S Fin  
H0366    Approp, Medical Brds/Reg Brds   S Fin  
H0367    Approp, Liquor Disp   S Fin  
H0368    Approp, Invasive Species   S Fin  
H0369    Approp, Public Schools Div of Ops   S Fin  
H0370    Approp, Pub Schls Teach Div, Add'l   H Approp  
H0371    Approp, Public Instruct Supr, add'l   LAW+
H0372a  Elections   LAW+
H0373    Ed, sev paymnts/early retire incent   S Educ  
H0374    Education   LAW+
H0375    Roads   H W/M  
H0376    Roads, hwy distrib acct distrib   LAW+
H0377    Approp, Trasport Dept, add'l   LAW+
H0378    Approp, Public Schools, revised   LAW+


HCR001    Governor, State of State Address   ADOPTED+
HCR002    Printing contract, session laws   ADOPTED+
HCR003    Printing contract, permanent journl   ADOPTED+
HCR004    Printing contract, bills   ADOPTED+
HCR005    Printing contract, daily journals   ADOPTED+
HCR006    Legislative comp/increase rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR007    Public ed, innovative practices   H Educ  
HCR008    Ed Dept, growth model pilot program   H Educ  
HCR009    Voc Rehab, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR010    Lottery Commission, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR011    Faith-based/community orgs prtnrshp   S St Aff  
HCR012    Moscow community walk/like events   ADOPTED+
HCR013    Natural resource issues, study comm   ADOPTED+
HCR014    Joint rule 2, proclamation dfnition   S Jud  
HCR015    Health insurnc/small business/study   H Bus  
HCR016    Energy/environ/tech, study comm   ADOPTED+
HCR017    Transp Dept, rule docket rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR018    Nat resourc int comm, info request   ADOPTED+
HCR019    Pharmacy Bd, rules, rejected   H Health/Wel  
HCR020    H&W, rules, rejected   S Health/Wel  
HCR021    Fiber optics/Grangeville/Riggins   ADOPTED+
HCR022    Identity theft/state agencies   ADOPTED+
HCR023    Equal pay day   ADOPTED+
HCR024    Pharmacy Bd, rules, rejected   S Health/Wel  
HCR025    Soil Conservation Commission, study   ADOPTED+
HCR026    Historical Society/ag bldgs study   H FAILED  
HCR027    Public education, support   S Educ  
HCR028    Fiber/wireless comm facilities, new   ADOPTED+
HCR029    Industrial Comm, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR030    North Idaho College, commended   ADOPTED+
HCR031    Interim committee, transport system   S St Aff  
HCR032    Task Force, alternative fund study   ADOPTED+
HCR033    Highways/bridges/revenue sources    H W/M  
HCR034    Gubernatorial Task Force   ADOPTED+


HJM001    Wolf delisting   ADOPTED+
HJM002    Idaho Natl Laboratory, anniversary   ADOPTED+
HJM003    Right to keep & bear arms   ADOPTED+
HJM004    Sovereignty/state/fed/constitutions   ADOPTED+
HJM005    Horses, transport/processing   S Agric Aff  
HJM006    Clean Water Restoration Act/opposed   ADOPTED+
HJM007    Doctor of medicine degree in Idaho   ADOPTED+
HJM008    Employee Free Choice Act, no vote   H St Aff  


HJR001    Ordinary and necessary expenses   H Rev/Tax  


HP001    James Williams, commended   ADOPTED+
HP002    Arco, centennial, commended   ADOPTED+


HR001    House Attaches, compensation   ADOPTED+
HR002    House rule 78, proclamation, additn   H Jud  


S1001    Alzheimer's Disease Task Force    S Health/Wel  
S1002    Water, servce areas/domestic systms   H Res/Con  
S1003    Prisoners, sexual contact terms   LAW+
S1004a  Vehicular manslaughter, punishment    LAW+
S1005a  Vulnerable adults, definitn revised   LAW+
S1006a  Crime victim compensation, collectn   LAW+
S1007    Crime victims, compenstn/restitutn   LAW+
S1008    F&G, mil vets/licenses/free permits   LAW+
S1009    Vets Services/admnstrtr pwrs,duties   LAW+
S1010    Ed Bd, district consolidatn, chngs   S Educ  
S1011    Historicl Society, provisions rev'd   LAW+
S1012    Postsecondary/proprietary schools   LAW+
S1013    Bd of library commissnrs/provisions   LAW+
S1014    Naturopathic Physicns Lcnsng/repeal   H Health/Wel  
S1015    F&G, soliciting wolves transfer   LAW+
S1016    Approp/pest cntrl/hzrdous substnc    LAW+
S1017a  School attendance, requirements   LAW+
S1018    Prisoner ed, professionl/technicl    LAW+
S1019    Ed tech initiative, Ed Dept role   LAW+
S1020a  Wildlife, purchase prohibition   LAW+
S1021    Soil Conservation Commission   S Agric Aff  
S1022    F&G, fees, violators   LAW+
S1023    Prekindergarten   S Educ  
S1024    Firearms, regulations   S St Aff  
S1025    Classrm placemnt, multipl brth sibs   S Educ  
S1026    Fair Elections Act, enacted   S St Aff  
S1027    Energy facility siting panel/duties   S St Aff  
S1028    Campaign finance/contribs/prohibtd   S St Aff  
S1029    Income tx credit/deduct, expiration   S Loc Gov  
S1030    Motor veh/cell phone use/prohibited   S Transp  
S1031    Motor veh/cell phone use/prohibited   S Transp  
S1032    Landlord-Tenant Act/mobile homes   S Com/HuRes  
S1033    Higher ed, institutns/negotiations   S Educ  
S1034    Sex offenders, minimum sentencing   S Jud  
S1035    F&G, fees   S Res/Env  
S1036    Bribery/postsecondary administratrs   S Jud  
S1037    College of Law Scholarship Program   S Educ  
S1038    Motorcycle training prog, revised   S Educ  
S1039    Idle money, investment   S Loc Gov  
S1040    Property tax, exemptions   S Loc Gov  
S1041    Salaries, acting Governor/Lt Gov   LAW+
S1042    Prisoner prosecution costs, rev'd   LAW+
S1043    Legislature/Leg Council/recodify   LAW+
S1044    Codifier corrections   LAW+
S1045    Video service, public right-of-way   S St Aff  
S1046    Crime victims comp, fine increase   LAW+
S1047    Developmentally disabld/temp grdns   H Jud  
S1048    Disabled persons/crtn grdns/prohbtd   H Jud  
S1049    Prearranged funeral plans/remains   S Jud  
S1050    Med Savings Accts/exmpt frm attchmt   LAW+
S1051a  Crimes, anti-caller ID spoofing   H St Aff  
S1052    Farm produce dealrs, repeal   LAW+
S1053a  Motor vehicles, registration, title   LAW+
S1054    Rural econ dev freight transp prog   LAW+
S1055    Motor vehicles, materials on hwys   S 14th Ord  
S1056a  Corrections Bd, director authority   LAW+
S1057    Youth Ed Account Advisory Comm/rpld   S St Aff  
S1058    Women's Comm, repealed   S St Aff  
S1059a  Lottery retailers, incentive bonus   H St Aff  
S1060a  Library Districts/dissoln/electns   H Rev/Tax  
S1061    Snowmobile trails   LAW+
S1062    Human remains, disposition   LAW+
S1063    Community hlth cntr grant program   S Health/Wel  
S1064    H&W, dead body handling, repealed   S Health/Wel  
S1065    Mental Health Bds, revised   LAW+
S1066    Wholesale Drug Distrib Act, revised   LAW+
S1067    Approp, Medical Boards, increased   LAW+
S1068    Approp, Regulatory Board, increased   LAW+
S1069    Approp, Labor Dept, increased   LAW+
S1070    Ag Dept, beef cattle feeding ops   LAW+
S1071a  Ag Dept, range program   LAW+
S1072    Motor carrier inspections, exmptns   S Transp  
S1073    Cosmeticians, permit revised   LAW+
S1074a  Education services, deaf and blind   LAW+
S1075    Industrial Comm, authority revised   LAW+
S1076    J-1 visa/nat'l intrst waiver progs   LAW+
S1077    Interstate Compact/ed opportunity   S Educ  
S1078    Ed Bd/school district/consolidatn   LAW+
S1079    Motorcycle training program, revisd   LAW+
S1080    Real estate, investmnts, revised   LAW+
S1081    Travel/Convention Industry Council   S Loc Gov  
S1082    Cystic fibrosis, services repealed   H Health/Wel  
S1083    Food establishments/licensing fee   S Health/Wel  
S1084a  Lottery dividends/school districts   H St Aff  
S1085    Public charter schools, moratorium   S Educ  
S1086a  License plate, freemason, created   LAW+
S1087    Motor vehicle fees, increases   S 14th Ord  
S1088a  License plates/earth sci/lapidary   LAW+
S1089    Motor vehicl pass safety, children   H Transp  
S1090    Motor vehcl financl responsibility    S Transp  
S1091    Urban Renewal Dist, school levies   LAW+
S1092    Mufflers, noise prevention, hwys   S 14th Ord  
S1093    Payday loans, lender   S Com/HuRes  
S1094    Ins Dept/annual ins stmts/pub rcrd   S Com/HuRes  
S1095    Worker's comp, fees   S 14th Ord  
S1096    Procuremnt, requirmnt excep, prop   LAW+
S1097    Public highways/utilities/relocatn   LAW+
S1098a  Off-highway vehicles   LAW+
S1099    Producr licensng/bail bond contract   S Jud  
S1100    Video service. public right-of-way   H St Aff  
S1101    Driving Busines Lic Board, created   S St Aff  
S1102    Steve Symms/Flying Wye Interchange   S Transp  
S1103    Design-build highway proj   S Transp  
S1104    Motor veh reg/emerg med servic fees   H Transp  
S1105    Visitation rights, grandparents   S Jud  
S1106    Crimes/punishments, restitution   LAW+
S1107    Insurance contracts, coverage   S Com/HuRes  
S1108a  Emergency medical servcs, revisions   LAW+
S1109a  Pharmacist/Legend Drug Donation Act   LAW+
S1110a  Public benefits/documntatn revised    LAW+
S1111    Pub safty officr, disbility benefit   LAW+
S1112a  Basic daycare license   LAW+
S1113    Real property/xfer/encumbrance   H Health/Wel  
S1114    Health care treatment and consent   H Health/Wel  
S1115    Optometrists, provisions revised   LAW+
S1116    Insurance, medication provided   S Com/HuRes  
S1117    H&W, board mtgs/frequency   LAW+
S1118    Health care coverage/domestic prtnr   S St Aff  
S1119    Public utility reg, low-inc asstnce   S FAILED  
S1120    Ed, bldg design/energy efficient   S St Aff  
S1121a  Public chrtr schls, notice/comment   LAW+
S1122    PERSI, provisions revised   LAW+
S1123    Pub util rates, new electric facil   LAW+
S1124    F&G, bighorn sheep   S Res/Env  
S1125    F&G, bighorn sheep, tags   S Res/Env  
S1126    Unfair Sales Act   LAW+
S1127    Rural health care access program   LAW+
S1128    Tax Comm, tax liability/individuals   LAW+
S1129    Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act   LAW+
S1130    Motor vehicle reg, permit limits   LAW+
S1131    Motr vehicl financial rsponsibility   LAW+
S1132    Education, school bldgs   LAW+
S1133    Driving Businesses Licensure Board   LAW+
S1134    Motor vehicles/financl rsp/annl rpt   LAW+
S1135    Worker's compensation   S Com/HuRes  
S1136    Safety restraints exemptns, rev'd   S Transp  
S1137    Safe Boating Act, motorboat devices   H Gen Ord  
S1138    Low income properties, section 42   LAW+
S1139    Local land use planning, zoning   S Loc Gov  
S1140a  Exemptions from attachment, add'l   H Rev/Tax  
S1141a  F&G, hunt bonus/pref pts/lic fees   LAW+
S1142    Open public mtgs/notice requiremnts   LAW+
S1143    PUC, rates, authority regarding   S St Aff  
S1144    Fire protection districts   H St Aff  
S1145    Firearms/explosives/deadly weapons   LAW+
S1146    Food establishments/license fees   LAW+
S1147a  Design-build hwy projects/contracts   H 1st Rdg  
S1148    Alcohol sales, provisions revised   H FAILED  
S1149    F&G Commission, fees collection   H Held at Desk  
S1150a  Motor vehicles, abandoned   H 2nd Rdgaa  
S1151    Payday loans, licensing requirement   LAW+
S1152    Worker's compensation   LAW+
S1153    DUI/restricted noncomml drvng prvlg   LAW+
S1154    School districts, fiscal affairs   LAW+
S1155    Employment, unauthorized aliens   S St Aff  
S1156    Sunshine law/duty to file   H Held at Desk  
S1157    City consolidation, new city name   S St Aff  
S1158    Medically indigent program   LAW+
S1159    Ed, support units/school districts   H FAILED  
S1160    Transp Dept/director/apptmnt   S Transp  
S1161    Electronic Recording Commission   H Loc Gov  
S1162    Dom water systms/provisions revised   H Held at Desk  
S1163    Motor vehicles, financl rspsnsblty   S Com/HuRes  
S1164    Insurance contrcts/defs revisd   S Com/HuRes  
S1165    Public schools/rural school distrct   LAW+
S1166a  State insurance fund   LAW+
S1167    Water resource brd, proj proposals   LAW+
S1168    Ground water recharge   S Res/Env  
S1169    PUC, Swan Falls Agreement   LAW+
S1170    Approp, Finance Dept   LAW+
S1171    Approp,Invstmnt Board, Endwmnt Fnd   LAW+
S1172    Approp, Lava Hot Springs Foundation   LAW+
S1173    Approp, Tax Appeals Board   LAW+
S1174    Approp, Tax Commission   LAW+
S1175a  F&G,big horn sheep relocation   VETOED  
S1176    Approp, Species Conservation Office   VETOED  
S1177    Approp, Fish and Game Dept    VETOED  
S1178    Approp, Parks and Recreation Dept   VETOED  
S1179    Approp, Energy Resources Office   VETOED  
S1180    Approp, Permanent Building Fund   LAW+
S1181    Approp, Education Bd, Office of   VETOED  
S1182a  License plates/special/rqmnts   H 2nd Rdgaa  
S1183    Motor vehicle reg, wrecker plates   LAW+
S1184    Commission for Reapportionment   LAW+
S1185    Ground water recharge   LAW+
S1186    Highway projects/GARVEE bnding auth   LAW+
S1187    Approp, 2010 Human Rights Comm   VETOED  
S1188    Approp, Public Utilities Com'n    VETOED  
S1189    Approp, PERSI   VETOED  
S1190    Appropriations, State Police   VETOED  
S1191    Approp, Appellate Public Defender   VETOED  
S1192    Approp, Correction Dept   VETOED  
S1193    Approp, Attorney General   LAW+
S1194    Approp, Ed Public Broadcasting   VETOED  
S1195    Approp, Medical/Regulatory Boards   VETOED  
S1196    Employment, unauthorized aliens   S St Aff  
S1197    Approp, Vocational Rehabilitation   VETOED  
S1198    Approp, Blind Comm   VETOED  
S1199    Approp, Catastrophic Health Care   LAW+
S1200    Approp, Millennium Fund   LAW+
S1201    Approp, Liquor Dispensary   VETOED  
S1202    Approp, Historical Society   VETOED  
S1203    Approp, Library Commission   VETOED  
S1204    Alcoholic beverages/provisions rvsd   LAW+
S1205    Approp, Capitol Commission   VETOED  
S1206    Approp, Ag Research/Coop Extension   VETOED  
S1207    Approp, Colleges and Universities   LAW+
S1208    Approp, Prof/Tech Education   LAW+
S1209    Approp, Commission on Aging   LAW+
S1210    Approp, Deaf/Blind School   LAW+
S1211    Approp, Financial Mgmt, Division of   LAW+
S1212    Approp, Military Division   LAW+
S1213    Local govt, dairy farms/air quality   S Agric Aff  
S1214    Unemployment benefits   H Com/HuRes  
S1215    State capitol bldg, food service   LAW+
S1216    Approp, Secretary of State   LAW+
S1217    Approp, Veterans Services Division   LAW+
S1218    Approp, Administration Department   LAW+
S1219    Approp, add'l, Parks & Rec Dept.   LAW+
S1220    Approp, Exec Office of Governor    LAW+
S1221    Approp, H&W, Public Health   LAW+
S1222    Approp, Year End Transfers, Onmibus   H FAILED  
S1223    Swine Facilities Siting Act   S Agric Aff  
S1224    Approp, Labor Dept   LAW+
S1225    Approp, Parks & Rec, add'l   LAW+
S1226    Approp, Midwifery Bd/Occ Thrpy Bd   LAW+
S1227    Approp, Year-End Transfers/Omnibus    LAW+
S1228    Appropriations, State Police   LAW+
S1229    Approp, Public Utilities Com'n   LAW+
S1230    Approp, Education Bd, Office of   LAW+
S1231    Approp, Energy Resources Office   LAW+
S1232a  F&G, bighorn sheep relocation   LAW+
S1233    Bureau Ed Services, Deaf and Blind   LAW+
S1234    Approp, 2010 Human Rights Comm   LAW+
S1235    Approp, Appellate Public Defender   LAW+
S1236    Approp, Correction Dept   LAW+
S1237    Approp, Ed Public Broadcasting   LAW+
S1238    Approp, Medical/Regulatory Boards   LAW+
S1239    Approp, Vocational Rehabilitation   LAW+
S1240    Approp, Blind Comm   LAW+
S1241    Approp, Liquor Dispensary   LAW+
S1242    Approp, Historical Society   LAW+
S1243    Approp, Library Commission   LAW+
S1244    Approp, Capitol Commission   LAW+
S1245    Approp, Ag Research/Coop Extension   LAW+
S1246    Legislative sessn, effective dates   LAW+


SCR101    2009 Special Olympics   ADOPTED+
SCR102    Honorary Governor, Lincoln   ADOPTED+
SCR103    Environ Quality Dept, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR104    F&G, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR105    F&G, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR106    Parks and Rec, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR107    Fee rules, exceptions   ADOPTED+
SCR108    Administrative rules, temporary   ADOPTED+
SCR109    Quagga & zebra mussel prevention   ADOPTED+
SCR110    Telework policies/programs   ADOPTED+
SCR111    M. Allyn Dingel, commended   ADOPTED+
SCR112    H&W, cystic fibrosis program   ADOPTED+


SJM101    Medical residency programs   ADOPTED+
SJM102    Employee Free Choice Act   ADOPTED+


SJR101    U of I, tuition rates/fees/imposed   ADOPTED+


SP101    Ronald L. Hatzenbuehler, commended   ADOPTED+