Legislation by Bill Number

Legislation by Bill Number

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW


H0001    Pharmacy board   H Health/Wel  
H0002    Uniform controlled substances   LAW+
H0003    Pharmacy board   LAW+
H0004    Pharmacists   LAW+
H0005    Pharmacists   LAW+
H0006    Circuit breaker prop tax relief    S Loc Gov  
H0007    Tobacco/cigarette product taxes   LAW+
H0008    Income taxation   LAW+
H0009    Sales tax, aircraft   H Rev/Tax  
H0010    Motor fuels tax   LAW+
H0011    Forest lands, cost study   LAW+
H0012    Motor fuels tax   LAW+
H0013    State tax commission   LAW+
H0014    Election consolidation   H St Aff  
H0015    Lava hot springs foundation   S St Aff  
H0016    Administration department   H St Aff  
H0017    Transportation dept/comml drvr rqmt   LAW+
H0018    Abandoned motor vehicles, storage   H Transp  
H0019    Medical marijuana   H Health/Wel  
H0020    Univ of Idaho, fees   LAW+
H0021    Education, public records   LAW+
H0022    Water right licenses   LAW+
H0023    Drilling permits   S Res/Env  
H0024    Water, notice   LAW+
H0025    Water/permits to appropriate   LAW+
H0026    Peace offcr stndrds/trning fund/fee   H FAILED  
H0027    Assault and battery   LAW+
H0028    Freedom of conscience/hlth care pro   H St Aff  
H0029    Sales tax, services   H Rev/Tax  
H0030    Homeowner's exemption   S Loc Gov  
H0031    Water, permit application fees   LAW+
H0032    Video service act   H St Aff  
H0033    Peace officers   H Jud  
H0034    Capitol commission, powers/duties   LAW+
H0035    Cooperative service agencies   H Rev/Tax  
H0036    Ed, postsecond/proprietary schools   H Educ  
H0037    Tax com, settlmnt/closing agreemnts   H Rev/Tax  
H0038    Organic food products, ed requirmnt   LAW+
H0039    Seed crops, fund payment limit   LAW+
H0040    Envir quality/crop residue burning   LAW+
H0041    Underground storage tanks/penalties   LAW+
H0042    DEQ, outstanding resource waters   H Env  
H0043    Military div, duty status   LAW+
H0044    Military division, adjutant general   LAW+
H0045    License plates, aviation foundation   LAW+
H0046    Acupuncture   LAW+
H0047    Speech/hearing service practice act   LAW+
H0048    Residential care administration act   LAW+
H0049    Residential care admin act   LAW+
H0050    Land use planning act   H Loc Gov  
H0051    Education/sick leave   LAW+
H0052    Geothermal resources, land leases   LAW+
H0053    Geothermal resource leases   LAW+
H0054    Geothermal leases, surface area   LAW+
H0055    Unincorporated nonprofit assoc act   H Bus  
H0056    Geothermal resources, bonding   LAW+
H0057    Sales and use tax   H W/M  
H0058    Civil offices, vacancies   H FAILED  
H0059    State sovereignty   H St Aff  
H0060    Election consolidation   LAW+
H0061    Motor vehicles, crimes/punishment   LAW+
H0062    Vet medicine brd, nat'l exam review   LAW+
H0063    Veterinarians, licensing exam   LAW+
H0064    Veterinarians, licensure, zoos   LAW+
H0065    Veterinarians   LAW+
H0066    Food tax credits   H Rev/Tax  
H0067    Supreme court/collection services   LAW+
H0068    Judicial council, additional duties   LAW+
H0069    Engineer/land surveyors brd   H Bus  
H0070    Electrical Apprentices/rnwl regstrn   LAW+
H0071    Elevator safety code act   LAW+
H0072    HVAC Board   LAW+
H0073    Electrical inspectors, employment   H Bus  
H0074    Electrical board   LAW+
H0075    Plumbing brd, state plumbing code   H Bus  
H0076    Public employment and coverage   LAW+
H0077    Industrial commission, premium tax   H Com/HuRes  
H0078    Ed/mastery advancemnt pilot progrm   LAW+
H0079    Workforce dev training fund   LAW+
H0080    Employment security law   LAW+
H0081    Cosmeticians   LAW+
H0082    Real estate appraisers act   LAW+
H0083    Barber colleges   LAW+
H0084    Outfitters and guides, fees   S Res/Env  
H0085    F&G, mentored hunters   LAW+
H0086    Controlled substances   H Jud  
H0087    Surplus personal property disposal   LAW+
H0088    Catastrophic health care cost prog   LAW+
H0089    Fire protect district, prop tax lev   LAW+
H0090    Independent financial audits   LAW+
H0091a  Motor vehicles, loads   LAW+
H0092    Motor vehicles   H Transp  
H0093    Hazardous waste   LAW+
H0094    Injection wells   LAW+
H0095a  Urban renewal   LAW+
H0096    Local economic dev act   S Loc Gov  
H0097    Urban renewal/local econ dev   S Loc Gov  
H0098    Urban renewal   H Loc Gov  
H0099a  Urban renewal   H FAILED  
H0100    Pea and lentil commission   LAW+
H0101    State brand board   LAW+
H0102    Internal revenue code   LAW+
H0103    Public moneys/right to work   H St Aff  
H0104a  Education   S Educ  
H0105    Bureau educ services, deaf/blind    LAW+
H0106    Community colleges   H St Aff  
H0107    Aquifer protection districts   H Res/Con  
H0108    Employment security law   LAW+
H0109    Unemployment benefits   LAW+
H0110    Urban renewal   S Loc Gov  
H0111    Peace officers, indian tribes   H FAILED  
H0112    Auctioneer licences   LAW+
H0113    Property tax reduction, procedures   LAW+
H0114    Urban renewal   H FAILED  
H0115    Plats, enforcement/assessment    LAW+
H0116    Auditorium district facility   H Loc Gov  
H0117    State sovereignty   S St Aff  
H0118    School district trustee training   H Educ  
H0119    Controlled substances   LAW+
H0120    County sheriff, qualifications   H Jud  
H0121    Exemption from attachment   LAW+
H0122    Employment security law   LAW+
H0123    Ed, kindergarten support units   H Educ  
H0124    Property tax, new construction roll   LAW+
H0125    Urban renewal   H Loc Gov  
H0126    Income tax credit/new employees   S Loc Gov  
H0127    Rules of the road/safety restraints   H Held at Desk  
H0128    Catastrophic health care cost progr   H Health/Wel  
H0129a  Daycare, policy provisions revised   LAW+
H0130    Immunization assessments   LAW+
H0131    Health carrier external review act   LAW+
H0132    Bd of engineers/land surveyors   LAW+
H0133    Landlord-tenant act   H Bus  
H0134    Farm equip   H Bus  
H0135    Historical soc/lewis & clark trail    LAW+
H0136    Watermasters   LAW+
H0137a  Alteration, channel of streams   LAW+
H0138    Irrigation, buried conduit   LAW+
H0139    Controlled substances   LAW+
H0140a  Juvenile corrections act   LAW+
H0141a  Motor vehicles, electronic devices   H FAILED  
H0142a  Water skiing   LAW+
H0143    F&G, veterans   LAW+
H0144    Fuel tax distribution, restored   LAW+
H0145a  Recreational activities   LAW+
H0146    Motor vehicles   H Transp  
H0147a  Rules of the road   LAW+
H0148    Land use planning   LAW+
H0149    Cruelty to animals   H Agric Aff  
H0150a  CAFO   LAW+
H0151    Alfalfa and clover seed commission   LAW+
H0152    Dairy products   LAW+
H0153    Water quality   LAW+
H0154    Wage report penalty   LAW+
H0155    F&G, black bear process fee   LAW+
H0156    Video service act   H St Aff  
H0157    Idaho state univ, education college   LAW+
H0158    Education board   LAW+
H0159    Education brd, executive officer   LAW+
H0160    Motor vehicle drivers licenses   LAW+
H0161    Motor fuels tax, dyed fuels   H Transp  
H0162    Hospital licenses/inspections   S FAILED  
H0163    Pregnant prisoners   LAW+
H0164    Advisory councils   LAW+
H0165    Midwives   LAW+
H0166    Right to farm   H Agric Aff  
H0167    Cosmeticians   LAW+
H0168    Eminent domain   H St Aff  
H0169    Persons with dev disabilities   H Bus  
H0170    Social security numbers/recreation   H Bus  
H0171    Insurance/trade practices and fraud   H Bus  
H0172    Sales tax, aircraft parts exemptn   S Loc Gov  
H0173    Idaho tax form 40   H Rev/Tax  
H0174    Unclaimed property law, abandonment   LAW+
H0175    Unclaimed property law   LAW+
H0176    Health care pro transparency act   H Com/HuRes  
H0177    Community college trustee subdistct   H St Aff  
H0178    Revenue bonds, issuance   LAW+
H0179    Unauthorized insurers/surplus lines   LAW+
H0180    Public libraries/internet policy   H Educ  
H0181a  Small business fed fund assist act   LAW+
H0182    Pharmacy board   S Health/Wel  
H0183a  Landlord tenant act   LAW+
H0184    Purchasing div, provisions revised   H St Aff  
H0185    Urban renewal   H Loc Gov  
H0186    F&G, hunting related aircraft use   H Res/Con  
H0187    Freedom of conscience/hlth cr profs   LAW+
H0188    Public lands   H Res/Con  
H0189    Eminent domain   H St Aff  
H0190    Public employee retirement system   H Com/HuRes  
H0191    Pari-mutuel betting   LAW+
H0192    Eminent domain   H St Aff  
H0193a  Motor vehicles   LAW+
H0194    Sales/use tax rebate, media prod   LAW+
H0195a  Motor vehicle dealers   LAW+
H0196    Cigarette tax/Indian reservations   H Rev/Tax  
H0197    Ed, budget and tax levies   S Loc Gov  
H0198    Urban renewal   H Loc Gov  
H0199    Abandoned hway/right-of-way access   H Transp  
H0200    Occupancy tax   H Rev/Tax  
H0201    School districts, employees   LAW+
H0202    Public works division   H St Aff  
H0203    Approp, deficiency warrants   LAW+
H0204    Postsecondary/proprietary schools   LAW+
H0205a  Library internet policy   LAW+
H0206    Poultry   LAW+
H0207a  Idaho building code   LAW+
H0208    County-based renew energy commerce   H St Aff  
H0209    Attorney's fees, civil actions   S Jud  
H0210    Right to farm   LAW+
H0211    Right to farm   H Jud  
H0212    Indigent sick   H Health/Wel  
H0213    Sales tax, gratuity   LAW+
H0214    Use tax/motor vehicle/student   LAW+
H0215    High occupancy vehicle lanes   H W/M  
H0216    Indigent sick   H Health/Wel  
H0217    Hospital district debt   LAW+
H0218    Pharmacists   LAW+
H0219    Pharmacists   H Health/Wel  
H0220    Naturopathic physicians act   H St Aff  
H0221    Medicaid   H Health/Wel  
H0222    Firearms   S St Aff  
H0223    Local planning act   H St Aff  
H0224    Local planning act   LAW+
H0225    Drug court   LAW+
H0226    Judgments and sentences   LAW+
H0227a  Noncommercial driving privileges   LAW+
H0228    Motor vehicles, size/load exception   LAW+
H0229    Public assistance/requirements   H Com/HuRes  
H0230    Lawful presence in US/verification   LAW+
H0231a  Hunting, certain aircraft use   LAW+
H0232    Highway district encroachments   LAW+
H0233    State controller/access to records   LAW+
H0234    Sexual offender registration act   LAW+
H0235    Criminal gang enforcement act   LAW+
H0236    Cooperative service agencies   LAW+
H0237    Approp, Industrial Comm   LAW+
H0238    Approp, PERSI   LAW+
H0239    Public writings   LAW+
H0240    Industrial comm, premium tax   LAW+
H0241    Water leases   H Res/Con  
H0242a  Eminent domain   S Loc Gov  
H0243    Worker's compensation notice   H Com/HuRes  
H0244    Approp, Energy Resources   LAW+
H0245    Approp, Species Conservation, orig   LAW+
H0246    Roads, rights-of-way   H St Aff  
H0247a  Special big game auction tags   S Res/Env  
H0248    Approp, Agriculture   LAW+
H0249    Approp, Finance, orig   LAW+
H0250    Sales tax rebate, alt electricity   H Rev/Tax  
H0251    Approp, Fish and Game, add'l/orig   LAW+
H0252    Approp, Juvenile Corrections, orig   LAW+
H0253    Approp, Idaho State Police, orig   LAW+
H0254    Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig/add'l   LAW+
H0255    Public benefits, restrictions   H W/M  
H0256    Plumbing code enforcement program   S Com/HuRes  
H0257    Administrative rules expiration   LAW+
H0258    Approp, Lands, orig/supp   LAW+
H0259    Approp, Environmentl Quality, orig   LAW+
H0260    Medicaid   LAW+
H0261    Public assistance   H Com/HuRes  
H0262    Public assistance   LAW+
H0263    ID reqmnts for public benefits   H Com/HuRes  
H0264    Veteran preferences   LAW+
H0265    Industrial wind farms/turbines   H St Aff  
H0266    Health care transparency act   S Com/HuRes  
H0267    Public records   H Com/HuRes  
H0268    Eminent domain   S St Aff  
H0269    Dairies   LAW+
H0270    Agriculture director/rulemaking    LAW+
H0271    Pharmacists   H Health/Wel  
H0272    Water leases   LAW+
H0273    Ground water districts   H Res/Con  
H0274    Wolves   H Gen Ord  
H0275a  Elections   LAW+
H0276    Approp, Correction Dept   LAW+
H0277a  Attorney general   S FAILED  
H0278    Legislative counsel   H St Aff  
H0279    Income tax credit, new employees   H Rev/Tax  
H0280    Farm equipment   LAW+
H0281    Public records   H St Aff  
H0282    Air quality, vehicle inspect/maint   H Env  
H0283    Insurance, trade practices, fraud   LAW+
H0284    Approp, Transportation   LAW+
H0285    Transportation, GARVEE authorize   LAW+
H0286    Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig   LAW+
H0287    Approp, Lottery, State, orig   LAW+
H0288    Approp, Self-Gov Agencies, med brds   LAW+
H0289    Approp, Legislative Council, orig   LAW+
H0290    Approp, Parks & Rec Dept, orig   LAW+
H0291    Approp, Water Resources, orig/add'l   LAW+
H0292    Approp, Self-Gov Agencies, reg brds   LAW+
H0293    Approp, Labor Dept of, orig   LAW+
H0294    Approp, Board of Tax Appeals   LAW+
H0295    Public assistance   H Com/HuRes  
H0296    Income tax credit/capital investmnt   LAW+
H0297a  Income tax credit   LAW+
H0298    Health care law   VETOED  
H0299    Health carrier act   LAW+
H0300a  Access to justice fund   S Jud  
H0301    Approp, Military Division, orig   LAW+
H0302    Public records   H St Aff  
H0303    Video service act   H St Aff  
H0304    Approp, Veterans Services div   LAW+
H0305    Approp, Treasurer State   LAW+
H0306    Approp, State Tax Commission, orig   LAW+
H0307    Highway commissioner terms   H Transp  
H0308    Bond elections   S St Aff  
H0309    Approp, Commerce dept, trailer   LAW+
H0310a  Medically indigent   LAW+
H0311    Uninsured motorists   H Transp  
H0312    Floating home moorage marinas   H W/M  
H0313    Tax Comm/sales/use tax due   H Rev/Tax  
H0314    Fees for driver's training   H Educ  
H0315    Education, trailer   LAW+
H0316    Levy elections   S St Aff  
H0317    Public assistance   H W/M  
H0318    Ground water districts   LAW+
H0319    Retirement provisions/legislators   H St Aff  
H0320    Video service act   H St Aff  
H0321    Public utilities   H Rev/Tax  
H0322    Sales and use tax   H Rev/Tax  
H0323    Approp., Administration dept   LAW+
H0324    Approp, Insurance   LAW+
H0325    Approp, Capitol Comm   LAW+
H0326    Vehicle emission compliance   LAW+
H0327    Exemptions from property taxation   H Rev/Tax  
H0328    Public records   LAW+
H0329    Approp, Catastrophic Health Care   LAW+
H0330    Approp, Independent Living Council   LAW+
H0331    Foreclosure   LAW+
H0332    Education, pro standards comm   H Educ  
H0333    School bldg maintenance   S Educ  
H0334    Education   S Educ  
H0335    Education   LAW+
H0336    Education   LAW+
H0337    Public utilities   S Loc Gov  
H0338    Approp, Sbstnce abuse/mental hlth   LAW+
H0339    Education   H Educ  
H0340    Education, certificates   S Educ  
H0341    Approp, Health & Welfare, Dept.   LAW+
H0342    Wind energy siting   H St Aff  
H0343    Wolves   LAW+
H0344    Fiscal matters, school districts   LAW+
H0345    Education   LAW+
H0346    Charter schools   Lay on Table  
H0347    Tax rebate for alt energy   S FAILED  
H0348    PURPA/sales and use tax   S St Aff  
H0349    Income taxation   H W/M  
H0350    Video service act   H W/M  
H0351    Primary elections   LAW+
H0352    Public charter schools   H Educ  
H0353    Charter schools   H PASSED  


HCR001    State of State Address   ADOPTED+
HCR002    Bonneville county centennial   ADOPTED+
HCR003    Study, natural resource issues   ADOPTED+
HCR004    Energy/environment/tech/study   ADOPTED+
HCR005    Shaken baby syndrome   ADOPTED+
HCR006    Printing costs, session laws   ADOPTED+
HCR007    Budget stabilization fund/transfer   ADOPTED+
HCR008    Lewiston/Lewis-Clark valley   ADOPTED+
HCR009    Idaho state school and hospital   S Health/Wel  
HCR010    Lands dept, rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR011    F&G/rule rejected   S Res/Env  
HCR012    Rules rejected, H&W   ADOPTED+
HCR013    H&W rules, rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR014    H&W, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR015    Shorthand report brd, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR016    Envir quality dept, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR017    Shoshone county/superfund site   H Env  
HCR018    Sesquicentennial, recognized   ADOPTED+
HCR019    National laboratory, congratulated   ADOPTED+
HCR020    Health savings account, created   S Com/HuRes  
HCR021    H&W, rule rejected   S Health/Wel  
HCR022    H&W, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR023    H&W rule, rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR024    Ag dept, rules, rejected   S Agric Aff  
HCR025    Grocery tax credit   ADOPTED+
HCR026    LinkIDAHO   H Env  
HCR027    Task force, voc rehab/blind comm    H Com/HuRes  
HCR028    Full-term pregnancy, child adoption   H St Aff  


HJM001    Parental rights   ADOPTED+
HJM002    Wilderness designation   ADOPTED+
HJM003     Health ins agent/brokr commissions   ADOPTED+


HP001    Peace Corps volunteers, commending   ADOPTED+
HP002    Ronald Reagan, commended   ADOPTED+
HP003    Lewiston, 150th birthday   ADOPTED+
HP004    Earl Holding/Muffy Davis, commended   ADOPTED+


HR001    House Attaches, compensation   ADOPTED+
HR002    House Rule 76, amended   ADOPTED+


S1001a  Off-road vehicles/license requirmnt   LAW+
S1002    Juvenile corrections act, immunity   S Jud  
S1003    Juvenile corrections act, detention   LAW+
S1004    Juv corrections act, reimbursement   H Jud  
S1005    Juvenile offenders   S Jud  
S1006    Right to work   LAW+
S1007    Labor organizations   LAW+
S1008    Courts, administrative director   LAW+
S1009    Commencement of actions   LAW+
S1010    Parent responsibility act   LAW+
S1011    Rules of the road   LAW+
S1012    Supreme ct reporter/law librarian   LAW+
S1013    Uniform controlled substances   S Jud  
S1014    Rape, definition   LAW+
S1015    F&G, motorized vehicle/transport   S Res/Env  
S1016    F&G, motorized vehicles   S Res/Env  
S1017    Employmnt securty law/military duty   LAW+
S1018    Human resources div, rules revised   LAW+
S1019    Commerce dept   LAW+
S1020    Persi, military service   LAW+
S1021a  EMS system/practice of medicine   LAW+
S1022    Persons with intellctl disabilities   LAW+
S1023    Public charter schools   H Educ  
S1024    Motor vehicles, cell phone use   S Transp  
S1025    Motor vehicles/texting, infraction   S Transp  
S1026a  Public records, unlawful xfer/remvl   LAW+
S1027    Vital statistics, info disclosure   S Jud  
S1028    Records exempt from disclosure   S Jud  
S1029    Correction board   LAW+
S1030    Correction brd, rehab services   LAW+
S1031    Correction dept, personnel system   LAW+
S1032    Foster care   S Health/Wel  
S1033    Human rights comm, discrimination   S St Aff  
S1034    Education/tech transfer   S Educ  
S1035    Renewable energy siting permits   S St Aff  
S1036    Campaign finance   S St Aff  
S1037    Cooling-off period   S St Aff  
S1038    Lobbying, provisions revised   S St Aff  
S1039    Income tax credit, expiration   S Loc Gov  
S1040    Fair elections act   S St Aff  
S1041    State lottery   LAW+
S1042    Codifier corrections   LAW+
S1043    Domestic relations   LAW+
S1044a  Uniform probate code, conservators   LAW+
S1045    Trusts and fiduciaries   LAW+
S1046    Trusts, conservator   S Jud  
S1047    Uniform probate code/no-contest    S Jud  
S1048    State appellate public defender   LAW+
S1049    Public assistance law/food stamps   LAW+
S1050    Highways, medal of honor   LAW+
S1051    POW/MIA flag   S St Aff  
S1052    Use tax, military personnel   LAW+
S1053a  Property taxation   H Gen Ord  
S1054    Property exempt from taxation   S Loc Gov  
S1055    Agriculture Dept, director duties   LAW+
S1056    Uniform adult guardianship   LAW+
S1057a  Immunodeficiency virus, testing   LAW+
S1058    Environmental quality board   LAW+
S1059    Aeronautics program   LAW+
S1060    Intermodal commerce authorities   LAW+
S1061    Motor vehicles, definition revised   LAW+
S1062    Vehicle registratn/dealer licensing   LAW+
S1063    Correction brd/monthly contribution   LAW+
S1064    Correction dept, court costs   S Jud  
S1065    Real estate license law   S Com/HuRes  
S1066    School discontinuation   LAW+
S1067    DNA database act   LAW+
S1068    Education   S Educ  
S1069    Education   S Educ  
S1070a  Homicide, causing/assisting suicide   LAW+
S1071a  POW/MIA flag   LAW+
S1072    Bicycle helmets, requirements   S Transp  
S1073    Veterans license plates   LAW+
S1074    Blood donations   LAW+
S1075a  Elected officials, office space   LAW+
S1076    Aging commission   LAW+
S1077a  Drainage districts   LAW+
S1078    Massage therapists, regs/license   S Health/Wel  
S1079    Income tax, time extension   LAW+
S1080a  Early childhood/intervention serv   H FAILED  
S1081    Id state school and hospital   LAW+
S1082    Id state school/hospital/name chng   LAW+
S1083    Vital statistics, public records   H FAILED  
S1084    Adoption, provisions revised   S Health/Wel  
S1085a  Domestic cervidae   H 3rd Rdgaa  
S1086    Real estate transfer fees   S Com/HuRes  
S1087    Title insurance   LAW+
S1088a  Motor vehicles, towing/storage   LAW+
S1089a  Vehicle titles   LAW+
S1090    Life/health insur guarnty assoc act   LAW+
S1091    Highways   S Transp  
S1092    Safe boating   S Transp  
S1093a  Vehicle equipt, fender/cover/wheels   S Transp  
S1094    Purchasing/political subdivisions   LAW+
S1095    Safe boating   S Transp  
S1096    Electronic recording commission   LAW+
S1097    Cost of presentence investigation   LAW+
S1098    Nursing brd/executive dir authority   H Com/HuRes  
S1099    Tobacco, minors   S Health/Wel  
S1100    Immunizations   LAW+
S1101    Daycare facilities, immunization   LAW+
S1102    Wholesale drug distribution act   LAW+
S1103    H&W, child support   LAW+
S1104    Behavioral health   S Health/Wel  
S1105a  Student harassment/intimid/bullying   H 3rd Rdg  
S1106    Education/certain contracts   S FAILED  
S1107    Community college districts   LAW+
S1108    Education   LAW+
S1109    Education   S Educ  
S1110    Ed, pay for performance   LAW+
S1111a  Education, rules   H FAILED  
S1112    School districts/alternative energy   S St Aff  
S1113    Education   S Educ  
S1114    Wine   LAW+
S1115    Abortion, insurance contract   LAW+
S1116    Motor vehicles   LAW+
S1117    State appellate public defender   LAW+
S1118    County commissioners   LAW+
S1119    Bail act   S Jud  
S1120    Uniform probate code   LAW+
S1121    Intestate succession, wills   LAW+
S1122    Grandparent visitation   H Jud  
S1123a  Real estate transfer fees   LAW+
S1124    Public employees   S St Aff  
S1125    Alcoholic bevs, credit/retailers   S St Aff  
S1126    Concealed weapons   S St Aff  
S1127    Real estate license law   LAW+
S1128    Land transfers for streets   S Loc Gov  
S1129    Local government investment pool   LAW+
S1130    Bond bank authority   LAW+
S1131    Tort claims act   S Jud  
S1132    Tort claims act   LAW+
S1133a  Horse racing   LAW+
S1134    Elections, poll watchers    S St Aff  
S1135    Idaho bail act   S Jud  
S1136    Beer and wine   S St Aff  
S1137    Optometrists   LAW+
S1138    Chiropractic practice act   LAW+
S1139    Compensation security   LAW+
S1140    Approp, Public Utilities Com   LAW+
S1141    Approp, Attorney General   LAW+
S1142    Approp, Appellate Defender   LAW+
S1143a  Dogs, regulation of   H Gen Ord  
S1144    Animals   LAW+
S1145    Leases, cottage sites, conflict bds   H St Aff  
S1146    Public housing protection act   S Com/HuRes  
S1147    Employment, children   LAW+
S1148    Abortion   S St Aff  
S1149    Public charter school closures   LAW+
S1150    Approp, Endowment Fund Inv Bd   LAW+
S1151    Approp, Human Rsrcs Div   LAW+
S1152    Approp, Soil & Water Conserv Comm   LAW+
S1153    Approp, Lava Hot Springs   LAW+
S1154a  Sexual offender registration   LAW+
S1155    Elections   S St Aff  
S1156    Telecommunications act   LAW+
S1157    Approp, Controller, State, orig   LAW+
S1158    Approp, Insurance, orig   H Approp  
S1159    F&G, enforce fed laws/power limits   S Res/Env  
S1160    Approp, Libraries Comm, orig   LAW+
S1161    Approp, Blind Comm, orig   LAW+
S1162    App, Historical Society, orig   LAW+
S1163    Approp, Bld Safety Div, orig   LAW+
S1164    Approp, Pub Broadcast Sys, Edu   LAW+
S1165    Abortion   LAW+
S1166a  Worker's compensation   H Com/HuRes  
S1167    Approp, Office of Education Bd   LAW+
S1168    Approp, Prof-Tech Edu Div   LAW+
S1169    Approp, Edu Bd, Ag Research   LAW+
S1170    Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig   LAW+
S1171    Approp, Commerce, orig   LAW+
S1172    Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig   LAW+
S1173    Approp, Public Instruc Supt   LAW+
S1174    Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com, orig   LAW+
S1175    Approp, Arts Com, orig   LAW+
S1176    Approp, Aging Commission   LAW+
S1177    Alcoholic bevs/electronic funds   S St Aff  
S1178    Alcoholic beverages   S St Aff  
S1179    Special license plate programs   H FAILED  
S1180    Approp, Edu Bd, comm college   LAW+
S1181    Approp, Edu Bd, college & univ   LAW+
S1182    Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig   LAW+
S1183    Approp, Edu Bd, special prgrms   LAW+
S1184    Education   LAW+
S1185a  Worker's compensation law   H Com/HuRes  
S1186    Worker's comp, fees/reimbursements   LAW+
S1187    Alcoholic beverages   LAW+
S1188    Bail act   S Jud  
S1189    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig   LAW+
S1190    Approp, Sec of State   LAW+
S1191    Presidential election/nat pop vote   S St Aff  
S1192    Bingo/raffles   S St Aff  
S1193    Child support   LAW+
S1194    Medicaid, trailer   S Health/Wel  
S1195    Approp, Public Hlth Districts, orig   LAW+
S1196    Approp, Drug Policy, Office of   LAW+
S1197    Taxidermist/fur buyers   LAW+
S1198    Primary elections   H St Aff  
S1199    Competitive marketing associations   LAW+
S1200    Approp, Supreme Court   LAW+
S1201    Approp, General Fund transfers   LAW+
S1202    Approp, Secretary of State, add'l    LAW+
S1203    Approp, Perm Bldg Fund   LAW+
S1204    Approp, Health Education Programs   LAW+
S1205    Approp, Millennium Fund   LAW+
S1206    Approp, Public Schools, orig   LAW+
S1207    Approp, MOE Education   LAW+
S1208    Youth challenge program   LAW+
S1209    PURPA qualifying facilities   S St Aff  
S1210    Highways/bridges, bridge safety   S Transp  
S1211    Motor vehicles/financial responsib   S Com/HuRes  
S1212    Underinsured vehicle coverage   S Com/HuRes  


SCR101    Aquatic nuisance species, threat   ADOPTED+
SCR102    Rules rejected   H St Aff  
SCR103    Year of Idaho food   ADOPTED+
SCR104    Clearwater county, centennial   ADOPTED+
SCR105    Wild lands   ADOPTED+
SCR106    Lewis county, congratulated   ADOPTED+
SCR107    Fee rules   ADOPTED+
SCR108    Administrative rules, temporary   ADOPTED+
SCR109    USS Boise, commended   ADOPTED+


SJM101    Secure rural schools   ADOPTED+
SJM102    Madison amendment, adoption urged   H 3rd Rdg  


SJR101    Legislative session, length   S St Aff  


SP101    Peace corps volunteers, commended   ADOPTED+
SP102    C of I ski/snowboard team   ADOPTED+
SP103    N Idaho college women's bball team   ADOPTED+
SP104    College of Southern Id/NJCAA champs   ADOPTED+


SR101    Senate rules, amended   ADOPTED+
SR102    Idaho-Turkey relations   ADOPTED+