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Legislation by Bill Number

Legislation by Bill Number

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW


H0354    Sales and use tax on services   H Rev/Tax  
H0355    Internal revenue code   LAW+
H0356    Property tax exemptions, approval    LAW+
H0357    Property tax, forest lands    LAW+
H0358a  Property tax, county auditor   LAW+
H0359    Use tax, nonres college students   H Rev/Tax  
H0360    Tax Comm, electronic payments   LAW+
H0361    Sales and use tax/vehicle exemption   LAW+
H0362    Taxes, notice, first class mail   LAW+
H0363    Income tax, passive losses   LAW+
H0364    Income tax, retired police officers   LAW+
H0365    Income tax account   LAW+
H0366    Taxes, state agreements   H Rev/Tax  
H0367    Federal transit authority funding   LAW+
H0368a  Military div/ interop exec council   LAW+
H0369    Military division support fund   LAW+
H0370    Medical marijuana   H St Aff  
H0371    Veterans homes, admission   S St Aff  
H0372    Mineral extraction violations   LAW+
H0373    Liquor division, provisions revised   H St Aff  
H0374    Engineers and surveyors   LAW+
H0375    Plats/vacations, interior monuments   LAW+
H0376    Successor corp/asbestos related    LAW+
H0377    Oil/gas wells, permits   H Res/Con  
H0378    Oil/gas conservation commission   H Res/Con  
H0379    Oil & gas exploration   LAW+
H0380    Capitol mall, camping   H St Aff  
H0381    Elections/absentee elector's ballot   H St Aff  
H0382    Ed, professional studies account   LAW+
H0383    Id opportunity scholarship program   LAW+
H0384    Higher education, residency   LAW+
H0385    Comm colleges account, disbursments   LAW+
H0386a  Scholarships, mil membr, spouse   LAW+
H0387a  Revenue/tax, homestead   S Loc Gov  
H0388a  Early childhd/intervention services   H FAILED  
H0389    Weights/measures dedicated fund   LAW+
H0390    Veterinarians   H Agric Aff  
H0391    Presidential preference primary    LAW+
H0392    Primary elections   H St Aff  
H0393a  Rural health care access   LAW+
H0394    Ed, interstate agreement/personnel   LAW+
H0395    Deficiency fund transfers   LAW+
H0396    Cmp aquifr mngt pln/rathdrm prairie   LAW+
H0397    Irrigation district elections   LAW+
H0398    Ditch repair and maintenance   S St Aff  
H0399    Applications to appropriate water   LAW+
H0400    Alteration of stream channels   LAW+
H0401    Irrigation districts   LAW+
H0402    Brand brd, brand inspect/personnel   LAW+
H0403    Abandoned motor vehicles/tow list   LAW+
H0404a  Capitol mall, camping   LAW+
H0405    Electronic cigarettes   LAW+
H0406    Education   H Educ  
H0407    Building safety/building code board   LAW+
H0408    Electrical brd, presiding officials   LAW+
H0409    Bldg safety division, brd mem comp    LAW+
H0410    Video service act   H Bus  
H0411    Community college district/trustees   H Educ  
H0412    Grape growers/wine producers   LAW+
H0413    Military div, disaster prep   H Transp  
H0414    State rail/intermodl fac systm plan   LAW+
H0415    Vote by mail   H St Aff  
H0416    Vote by mail   H St Aff  
H0417    Use tax, aircraft exemption   LAW+
H0418    Public employee retirement system   LAW+
H0419    Real estate appraisers, licensure   LAW+
H0420    Insurance department   LAW+
H0421    Insurance, director orders/notices   LAW+
H0422    Insurance, certified report reqmnt   LAW+
H0423    Insurance, immuniz, standards/rates   H Bus  
H0424    Treasurer, duties revised   H St Aff  
H0425    State treasurer/silver medallions   H St Aff  
H0426a  Education, 8 in 6 program   LAW+
H0427    Money judgments   H Bus  
H0428    Elections, absentee ballot   H St Aff  
H0429    Public works contracts   H Com/HuRes  
H0430    Legal tender   H St Aff  
H0431    Agriculture   H Agric Aff  
H0432    Employer duties/lunch period   H Com/HuRes  
H0433    Health insurance exchange act   H Health/Wel  
H0434    Money judgments   H Bus  
H0435    Corporate tax incntv & acctbty act   H Rev/Tax  
H0436    County central commte/post election   H St Aff  
H0437    Income tax credit   S Loc Gov  
H0438    Investment tax credit   LAW+
H0439a  Control substance prescrip database   LAW+
H0440    Fees/taxes, insurance funding   S Com/HuRes  
H0441    Indigent health care   LAW+
H0442    Nursing home, admin-in-training   LAW+
H0443    POW/MIA flag display protocol   LAW+
H0444    Retirement provisions, legislature   H St Aff  
H0445    PERSI, employee definition revised   H St Aff  
H0446    State parks passport program   LAW+
H0447    Modular bldgs, permits/inspections   H FAILED  
H0448    Police, POST fee increase   LAW+
H0449    Police fines, enforcmnt donatn fund   S Jud  
H0450a  Alcohol beverage control fund   LAW+
H0451    State poem designated   H St Aff  
H0452    Bond elections   LAW+
H0453    Levy elections, disclosure   H St Aff  
H0454    Absentee ballots   H St Aff  
H0455    Divorce actions   LAW+
H0456    F&G, hunting/firearms/children   H Res/Con  
H0457a  F&G, controlled hunt tags/permits   LAW+
H0458    F&G, wolf tags, licenses   LAW+
H0459    F&G, nonresid hunt, fishing license   LAW+
H0460    Oil and gas wells   LAW+
H0461    F&G, disabled military vet permit   LAW+
H0462    Public utility regulation   LAW+
H0463    Oil/gas conservation commission   LAW+
H0464    Oil and gas, explore/production   LAW+
H0465    Public works contractors licenses   LAW+
H0466    Plumbing/plumbers, enforce program   LAW+
H0467    HVAC contractors   LAW+
H0468    Mobile/manufactured homes, fees   LAW+
H0469    Conveyances in buildings   LAW+
H0470    Payday and title loans   H Bus  
H0471    Insurance, portable electronics   H Bus  
H0472    Idaho territory license plates   LAW+
H0473    Driver's license/identifictn cards   LAW+
H0474    Aeronautics/lighting/marking/towers   H Transp  
H0475    Probationary period   LAW+
H0476    Electric contractrs/low volt systms   H Env  
H0477a  Lease of cottage sites   S Loc Gov  
H0478    Sale of liquor by the drink   H FAILED  
H0479a  Veterans home residnt/funds recvd    LAW+
H0480    Parking meters/state-owned bldgs   S St Aff  
H0481    Public charter schools/limitations   LAW+
H0482    Capital/surplus reports, filing   LAW+
H0483    Exercise of county powers   H Loc Gov  
H0484    Community guardian board   LAW+
H0485a  Tax deducts/energy efficient upgrad   LAW+
H0486a  Minors, phototherapy/tanning device   S Health/Wel  
H0487    Mental health, commitment costs   LAW+
H0488a  Tax credit/sun valley adapt sport    S Loc Gov  
H0489    Use tax, beverage tastings   LAW+
H0490    Sunshine law, recall elections   LAW+
H0491a  Voting machine approval   LAW+
H0492    Uniform securities act   LAW+
H0493    Product liability   H Bus  
H0494    Scaling practices board, members   LAW+
H0495    State endowment lands   S Res/Env  
H0496    Hunter education   S Res/Env  
H0497a  DNA testing, cost, conditions   LAW+
H0498    Transportation support program   LAW+
H0499    School bldg maintenance   LAW+
H0500    Occupational therapy   LAW+
H0501    Counselor/therapist, brd prov rev'd   LAW+
H0502a  Control substances/sched I/III/IV/V   LAW+
H0503    Prescription drug orders   LAW+
H0504    Urban renewal law   H Loc Gov  
H0505    Bellevue city charter, amended   H Loc Gov  
H0506    Urban renewal law   S Loc Gov  
H0507a  Urban renewal law   S Loc Gov  
H0508    Counties/nuisance weeds   H Loc Gov  
H0509    Aeronautics/public airports   H Transp  
H0510    National motto license plate   H Transp  
H0511a  Aeronautics/lighting/marking/towers   LAW+
H0512a  Sheep and goat health board   LAW+
H0513    Honey   LAW+
H0514    Disturbing the peace   S FAILED  
H0515a  Strategic plan/electronic format   LAW+
H0516    Liquor division, director   LAW+
H0517    Teacher expense deductions   LAW+
H0518    Cigarette rolling machine operators   LAW+
H0519    Site improvements   LAW+
H0520a  Electrical contractors, install   S Com/HuRes  
H0521    Education   LAW+
H0522a  Public assistance benefit cards   LAW+
H0523a  Unemployment insurance coverage   LAW+
H0524    Public depositories/qualifications   H Bus  
H0525    F&G, disabled hunters, tag exceptn   LAW+
H0526    Oil and gas   LAW+
H0527    Wind moratorium   H Env  
H0528    Domestic violence   H Jud  
H0529    Fed health care reform, oversight   H Health/Wel  
H0530    Disability insuranc, abortifacients   H Health/Wel  
H0531    Motor vehicle title transfer fees   H Jud  
H0532    Peace office standards/training    LAW+
H0533    Education, public charter schools   H Educ  
H0534    Education   LAW+
H0535    State historical society   H St Aff  
H0536    Pari-mutuel betting   LAW+
H0537    Gold star-purple heart medal plate   H Transp  
H0538    Newspapers/legal notices   H Bus  
H0539    Video service act   LAW+
H0540a  Motor vehicles, financial authority   LAW+
H0541    Health care organizations   LAW+
H0542a  Motorized vehicles/hunting from   S FAILED  
H0543    F&G, firearms, hunting   LAW+
H0544    Wolves   H Res/Con  
H0545    F&G, gray wolf tag fees   H Res/Con  
H0546    Global entrepren mission grant fund   LAW+
H0547    Judicial confirmation   H St Aff  
H0548    Youth athletes, concussions   H St Aff  
H0549    Liens, notice   LAW+
H0550    Business entity names   LAW+
H0551    Coroner, unclaimed bodies   LAW+
H0552    Motor vehicle fees   H Jud  
H0553    Civil offices   LAW+
H0554    PUC, electricity rate, disclosure   H St Aff  
H0555    Fed health care reform/oversight   S Com/HuRes  
H0556    Personnel/comm colleges, sick leave   LAW+
H0557    Port districts/authorizatn/election   H Rev/Tax  
H0558    Residential care/provisional prmts   LAW+
H0559    Economic estimates   S Loc Gov  
H0560    Urban renewal law   H Loc Gov  
H0561    Wind turbine, wind farm moratorium   H Loc Gov  
H0562a  Local economic development act   S Loc Gov  
H0563    Income taxation   LAW+
H0564a  Education   LAW+
H0565    Insurance, contractual obligations   H Bus  
H0566a  Medical savings accounts   S Loc Gov  
H0567    Administer procedures   H St Aff  
H0568    Veterans   H St Aff  
H0569    Uniform controlled substances   LAW+
H0570    Peace officer temp disability act   LAW+
H0571    Absentee voting   H St Aff  
H0572    Election consolidation law   LAW+
H0573a  Health savings accounts   S Com/HuRes  
H0574    Approp, Catastrophic Hlth, add'l   LAW+
H0575    Trademark filing and renewal   LAW+
H0576    Levy elections   LAW+
H0577    Medal of honor   LAW+
H0578a  Legal tender   H FAILED  
H0579    Retired teachers/administrators   LAW+
H0580    Urban renewal   H Loc Gov  
H0581    Streamlined sales tax   H Rev/Tax  
H0582    Income taxation/pass-through entity   LAW+
H0583    Access easements   LAW+
H0584a  Property tax/homeowner's exemption   LAW+
H0585a  Revenue and taxation   H FAILED  
H0586    Rules of the road, bicycles   H Gen Ord  
H0587a  Out-of-state insurers   S Com/HuRes  
H0588    Education, support program apps   S Educ  
H0589    Education, avg daily attendance   H Educ  
H0590    Public charter schools   LAW+
H0591    Unclaimed property   LAW+
H0592    Revenue and taxation   H Rev/Tax  
H0593    Community infrastructure districts   LAW+
H0594a  General fund transfers   S St Aff  
H0595    Victim notification fund   LAW+
H0596    Motor vehicle fees   H Transp  
H0597    Urban renewal, brd of commissioners   H Loc Gov  
H0598    PERSI/disability retiree   LAW+
H0599    State historical society   LAW+
H0600    Approp, Prof-Tech Edu Div   LAW+
H0601    Approp, AG Research & Extension   LAW+
H0602    Approp, Finance Dept   LAW+
H0603    Education, support units/attendance   LAW+
H0604    Education, online courses   LAW+
H0605    Education, criminal history check   H Educ  
H0606a  Ag business investmt tax credit   S Loc Gov  
H0607    PERSI/employee defined   LAW+
H0608    Water rights   LAW+
H0609    Public assistance law   LAW+
H0610    Fire protection district/deannexatn   H Loc Gov  
H0611    Livestock liens   LAW+
H0612    Endowment lands   H Res/Con  
H0613    Travel/convention industry council   LAW+
H0614    Land use planning/special use prmts   H Loc Gov  
H0615    Approp, Catastrophic Health, orig   LAW+
H0616    Approp, Arts Comm, orig   LAW+
H0617    Approp, PERSI, orig   LAW+
H0618    Approp, Human Resources Div   LAW+
H0619a  Speed limits, local authority   LAW+
H0620    Biological evidence, DNA testing   H Jud  
H0621    Approp, Treasurer State   LAW+
H0622    Approp, Insurance Dept.   LAW+
H0623    School crossing guards   H Transp  
H0624    Trust deeds   LAW+
H0625    Animal care, torture/violations   H Agric Aff  
H0626    Public school technology   LAW+
H0627    Deeds of trust, money judgments   H Bus  
H0628a  Highway width, exception   S Transp  
H0629    Hearing officers, appointment   H St Aff  
H0630    Veterans, definition revised   H Transp  
H0631a  Intermed care facility assessment   LAW+
H0632    Youth athletes/head injury guidelns   LAW+
H0633    Pub school facilities coop funding   LAW+
H0634    Income taxes paid to other states   LAW+
H0635    Admin rules/expiration of   LAW+
H0636    Approp, Military Division, orig   LAW+
H0637    Approp, Attorney General, orig   LAW+
H0638    Approp, Public Defender, orig   LAW+
H0639a  Right to sue/contracts   LAW+
H0640    Children/family legal services fund   H Jud  
H0641    Approp, Fish and Game, add'l/orig   LAW+
H0642    Approp, Comm. for Libraries   LAW+
H0643    Approp, Secretary of State   LAW+
H0644    Approp, Historical Society   LAW+
H0645    PUC/tax/industrial comm/salaries   LAW+
H0646    Transparancy/public ed expenditures   H Educ  
H0647    Municipalities, police/fire fees   S Loc Gov  
H0648    Judgment, defendant examination   LAW+
H0649    Insurance licenses   LAW+
H0650    Animal care   S Agric Aff  
H0651    Judges, salaries   LAW+
H0652    Small emplr/indiv health ins plans   H Bus  
H0653    Tax comm/filing date   LAW+
H0654    Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, orig   LAW+
H0655    Approp, Department of Lands, orig   LAW+
H0656    Education   H Educ  
H0657    Approp, H&W 1, orig   LAW+
H0658    Approp, H&W, amend   LAW+
H0659    Approp, Edu Bd, college & univ   LAW+
H0660    Judges/justices/retirement   LAW+
H0661    New employees, income tax credit   LAW+
H0662    Youth challenge program   LAW+
H0663    Ed, charter school calculation   H Educ  
H0664    Approp, State Tax Commission   LAW+
H0665    Approp, Tax Appeals, Board   LAW+
H0666    Tax liens, due process   H Bus  
H0667    Retail liquor licenses   H St Aff  
H0668    Approp, Lava Hot Springs, orig   LAW+
H0669    Approp, Soil & Water Conservation   LAW+
H0670a  Education/scholarship orgs   H Educ  
H0671    Education   H Educ  
H0672    Schools/maintenance match money   LAW+
H0673    Cord blood banking   H W/M  
H0674    Approp, Public Utilities Commission   LAW+
H0675    Approp, Industrial Commission   LAW+
H0676    Approp, Idaho State Police, orig   LAW+
H0677    Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig/add'l   LAW+
H0678    Approp, Correction Dept, supp/orig   LAW+
H0679    Approp, Bond Payment Program   LAW+
H0680    Approp, Parks & Rec Dept, orig   LAW+
H0681    Approp, Agriculture, add'l/orig   LAW+
H0682    Approp, H&W Medicaid, LicCert, orig   LAW+
H0683    Approp, Health Education Programs   H Approp  
H0684    Approp, Bd. Ed. Special Programs   LAW+
H0685    Approp, Supreme Court, orig   LAW+
H0686    Approp, Drug Policy, orig   LAW+
H0687    Unclaimed property program   LAW+
H0688    Residency and voting   H Gen Ord  
H0689    Public assistance law   S Health/Wel  
H0690    Economic dev zones/transportation   H W/M  
H0691    Special use permits/conditions   LAW+
H0692    Daylight saving time   H St Aff  
H0693    Capitol mall, facilities management   LAW+
H0694    School district liability   S Educ  
H0695    Legislative legal defense fund   LAW+
H0696    Approp, Edu Bd, hlth ed prgrms   LAW+
H0697    Counties and property tax levies   LAW+
H0698    Ed, salary-based apportionment   LAW+
H0699    Utility consumer advocate office   H W/M  
H0700    Food freedom act   H W/M  
H0701    Approp, Supreme Court, trailer   LAW+
H0702    Approp, FY 2012 Year-end Transfers   LAW+
H0703    Approp, Attorney General, add'l   LAW+


HCR029    State of the state address   ADOPTED+
HCR030    State-owned bank   H Bus  
HCR031    National electric code/rule   S Com/HuRes  
HCR032    Occupational licences/rule rejected   H Env  
HCR033    Tax commission, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR034    Energy plan   ADOPTED+
HCR035    Administration dept, rule rejected   H Com/HuRes  
HCR036    Steven R. Appleton, honored   ADOPTED+
HCR037    Veterinary med brd, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR038    Ag dept, rule rejected   S Agric Aff  
HCR039    Arts, student learning urged   ADOPTED+
HCR040a  Pay, CEC recommend, state employees   S Com/HuRes  
HCR041    Pay, CEC recommend, state employees   H Com/HuRes  
HCR042    H&W, rule rejected   S Health/Wel  
HCR043    H&W rule/rejected   S Health/Wel  
HCR044    H&W, promulgate rule   S Health/Wel  
HCR045    Private health insurance exchanges   S Com/HuRes  
HCR046    Darrell Manning, honored   ADOPTED+
HCR047    Parking facility, authorizing   ADOPTED+
HCR048    Idaho education association   ADOPTED+
HCR049    Mildred Rinker Bailey, honored   ADOPTED+


HJM004    U.S. District Court Judges/add'l   ADOPTED+
HJM005    Public moneys, expenditures   H St Aff  
HJM006    Right to work   H St Aff  
HJM007    Sergeant Chris Tschida/medal of hnr   ADOPTED+
HJM008    No child left behind/request repeal   ADOPTED+
HJM009    Shoshone county/superfund site   H Env  
HJM010    Rights of conscience act   S St Aff  
HJM011    Amendment convention   H FAILED  
HJM012    Broadband development, urged   H St Aff  
HJM013    Beyond the border action plan   ADOPTED+
HJM014    Basque country/ETA truce   ADOPTED+


HJR001a  Manner of passing bills   H FAILED  
HJR002a  Right to hunt, trap and fish   ADOPTED+


HP005    Ada county/hwy district commended   ADOPTED+


HR003    House attaches compensation   ADOPTED+
HR004    House rule 78, added   H Jud  


S1213    District court/magistrate's div   LAW+
S1214    State bar/license fees   LAW+
S1215a  Escape/rescue of prisoners   LAW+
S1216    Income tax credits, donations   S Loc Gov  
S1217    Education   S Educ  
S1218    Agriculture, wheat commission   S Agric Aff  
S1219    Juvenile corrections act   LAW+
S1220    Student harassment/intimid/bullying   S Educ  
S1221    Homicide/first degree murder   S Jud  
S1222    Judges, language/terms revised   LAW+
S1223    Real and personal property   LAW+
S1224    Education, evaluations   LAW+
S1225    Real estate license law, exam fee   LAW+
S1226    Real estate license law, premium   LAW+
S1227    Real estate license law, contin ed   LAW+
S1228    Real estate license law, indiv lic   LAW+
S1229    Rules of the road, speed limits   S Transp  
S1230    Foreign judgments, filing   S Jud  
S1231a  Motor vehicle inspection/maint prog   LAW+
S1232    Prudent investor act   LAW+
S1233    Guardians of minors   H Jud  
S1234    Proprietary schools, disclosures   S Educ  
S1235    Lobbying   S St Aff  
S1236    Agric Dept, commercial feed   LAW+
S1237    Education, online course/definition   LAW+
S1238    Financial disclosure   S St Aff  
S1239    F&G, snare/trap checking   S Res/Env  
S1240    Unemploymnt/corp officrs families   S Com/HuRes  
S1241    Prescription monitoring program   S Health/Wel  
S1242    Public employees   S St Aff  
S1243a  License plate programs, special   LAW+
S1244    Elected officials, contributions   S St Aff  
S1245    Public officials/cooling-off period   S St Aff  
S1246    Campaign finances/lobbyists   S St Aff  
S1247    Fair elections act   S St Aff  
S1248    Income tax credits/expiration   S Loc Gov  
S1249    Property tax exempt, homestead   S Loc Gov  
S1250    Energy facility siting   S St Aff  
S1251    Motor vehicles/cell phone use   S Transp  
S1252    Texting while driving   S Transp  
S1253    Service by publication, affidavit   LAW+
S1254    Injury to children, reporting abuse   S Jud  
S1255a  Records exempt from disclosure   LAW+
S1256a  F&G, bighorn sheep tags, auction   LAW+
S1257    Approp, Administration, amend   LAW+
S1258    Approp, Libraries, amend   LAW+
S1259    Wheat commission   LAW+
S1260    Nursing board authority, discipline   LAW+
S1261    Nurses, brd powers/duties   LAW+
S1262    Nursing, applicant history check   LAW+
S1263    Victim notification fund   H Jud  
S1264    Venereal diseases   S Jud  
S1265    Execution, death warrant return   LAW+
S1266    Stay of execution   LAW+
S1267    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, amend   LAW+
S1268    Vehicle insurance deductibles/incrs   LAW+
S1269a  Public charter schools   S Not Concur  
S1270    Brds/comms, legislativ appointments   LAW+
S1271    Lands dept, grazing leases   LAW+
S1272    Telegraphs, arrest warrants   LAW+
S1273    Nurses, adv practice regist license   LAW+
S1274a  Texting while driving   LAW+
S1275    Traffic safety education program   H Jud  
S1276    H&W, adoption services   S Health/Wel  
S1277a  Dietetic licensure brd compensation   LAW+
S1278    Athletic trainers, compensation   LAW+
S1279    Legal guardians   LAW+
S1280    Respiratory care practice act, brd   LAW+
S1281    Adoption of children/parent contact   S Health/Wel  
S1282    Special incentive hunting tags   S Res/Env  
S1283    Controlled hunt tag/sale of   S FAILED  
S1284    Motorcycle instruction, liability   S Transp  
S1285    Lottery dividend transfers   H St Aff  
S1286    Bingo/raffles, licensees   LAW+
S1287    City irrigation system, authorized   S Res/Env  
S1288    Floodplain zoning laws   S Res/Env  
S1289    Irrigation districts, appeals   LAW+
S1290    Drainage districts   LAW+
S1291    Rangeland center, univ of idaho   LAW+
S1292    Executions, practice of medicine   LAW+
S1293    Food stamps, unauthorized use   LAW+
S1294a  Medical consent/natural death act   LAW+
S1295a  Massage therapist/licensing   LAW+
S1296    Livestock proceeds   S Agric Aff  
S1297    School district, grievance prcdrs   S Educ  
S1298    Codifier Corrections   LAW+
S1299    Academic credit for military trng   LAW+
S1300    Child custody/visit, deployd parent   S Jud  
S1301    Ed, supervisn/regs, extracurricular   LAW+
S1302    Dogs, regulation of   H Gen Ord  
S1303a  Animal cruelty, penalties   LAW+
S1304    Barley commission   LAW+
S1305    Control of/depredation of wolves   S Res/Env  
S1306    Dept of labor/civil penalty   S Com/HuRes  
S1307    Secured transactions   LAW+
S1308    Sick leave, teachers   LAW+
S1309    Pseudoephedrine sales   LAW+
S1310    Idaho mobility council created   H Transp  
S1311    Motor vehicles/texting defined   S Transp  
S1312    Motor vehicles, fee exemptions   LAW+
S1313    Hazardous waste disposal fees   LAW+
S1314    Institutional funds/gift instrument   LAW+
S1315    Property tax, delinquencies   S Loc Gov  
S1316    Pub funds/hospital district invest   H Loc Gov  
S1317a  Highways/bridges   H Transp  
S1318    Rulemaking, notices   S St Aff  
S1319    Proof of liability insurance   LAW+
S1320    Irrigation districts/elections   S Res/Env  
S1321a  F&G, winter feeding account   LAW+
S1322    Beer brewers   S St Aff  
S1323a  Library district trustees/recall of   LAW+
S1324    Attorney's fees   LAW+
S1325    Bail bonds   S Jud  
S1326    Vocational rehabilitation   LAW+
S1327    Education, employee contracts/rules   LAW+
S1328    Education   LAW+
S1329    Education   LAW+
S1330    Air navigation facilities   LAW+
S1331    Ed/salary-based apportionmnt adjust   H Educ  
S1332    Attorney's fees/witness fees/expnse   LAW+
S1333    Approp, Secretary of State, add'l   LAW+
S1334    Vehicle inspection waivers   S Transp  
S1335    Energy resources authority   LAW+
S1336a  Worker's comp/firefighters   H St Aff  
S1337a  Sexual exploitation of a child   LAW+
S1338    Enticing a child   LAW+
S1339a  Trade secrets act   S Jud  
S1340    Court ordered testing, costs   LAW+
S1341    Sexual offender registration act   LAW+
S1342    Open access to work act   S St Aff  
S1343    State police director, lt. governor   LAW+
S1344    Brewers' financial interests   LAW+
S1345    Livestock proceeds   Lay on Table  
S1346    Livestock proceeds   LAW+
S1347    Transportation board standards   S Transp  
S1348a  Medical consent, natural death act   LAW+
S1349    Abortion, ultrasound images   S St Aff  
S1350    Approp, Lottery, State   LAW+
S1351    Approp, Public Hlth Districts   LAW+
S1352    Approp, Medical Boards, orig   LAW+
S1353    Approp, Bld Safety Div   LAW+
S1354    Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com   LAW+
S1355    Hwys/rights-of-way, quiet title   S Transp  
S1356a  Hwy districts, corporate powers   LAW+
S1357a  Personal property tax liens   LAW+
S1358a  Student harassment, cyberbullying   H Educ  
S1359    Approp, Environmental Quality   LAW+
S1360    Approp, Endowment Fund Inv Bd   LAW+
S1361    Approp, Energy Resources Office   LAW+
S1362a  Uniform limited convention act   S FAILED  
S1363    Unclaimed property   LAW+
S1364    PUC   S St Aff  
S1365    Unclaimed property   LAW+
S1366    Administrative rules   LAW+
S1367    Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig   LAW+
S1368    Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig   LAW+
S1369    Labor dept, reporting/labor hiring   H Com/HuRes  
S1370    Venereal diseases   LAW+
S1371    Primary election ballots   LAW+
S1372    Procurement/public works constrctn   H St Aff  
S1373    Open access to work act   LAW+
S1374    Historical horse races/wagering on   S St Aff  
S1375    Approp, Aging Com, orig   LAW+
S1376    Approp, St Indpend Liv Cncl, orig   LAW+
S1377    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig   LAW+
S1378    Floodplain zoning ordinances   S Res/Env  
S1379    City irrigation systems   S St Aff  
S1380a  Child custody orders/servicemembers   H Jud  
S1381    Approp, Public Broadcasting   LAW+
S1382    Approp, Species Conservation, orig   LAW+
S1383a  Maintenance/ditches/canals/conduits   LAW+
S1384    Approp, Labor Dept of   LAW+
S1385    Apportionment plans/challenges   S St Aff  
S1386    Civil air patrol   LAW+
S1387    Abortion, ultrasound imaging   H St Aff  
S1388    Approp, Blind Com, orig   LAW+
S1389    Approp, Water Resources, add'l/orig   LAW+
S1390a  Certificates of insurance   LAW+
S1391    Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig   LAW+
S1392    Approp, Self-Gov Agencies, reg brds   LAW+
S1393    Approp, State Controller   LAW+
S1394    Approp, Transportation Dept   LAW+
S1395    Insurance fund/board of directors   LAW+
S1396    Approp, Juvenile Corr, supp, orig   LAW+
S1397    Approp, Community Colleges   LAW+
S1398    Approp, Office of Education, Bd.   LAW+
S1399    Approp, Perm Building Fund   LAW+
S1400    Approp, Cap Comm   LAW+
S1401    Approp, Legislative Council, orig   LAW+
S1402    Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig   LAW+
S1403    Approp, Superintendent/Pub Instruct   LAW+
S1404    Approp, H&W SI, Wel, Med Ind, orig   LAW+
S1405    Approp, H&W MH, Psy Hosp, SUD, orig   LAW+
S1406    Approp, Dept of Admin   LAW+
S1407    Commerce department, title   LAW+
S1408    Approp, Millennium Fund, supp/orig   LAW+
S1409    Approp, Commerce, orig   LAW+
S1410    Approp, Public Schools, orig   LAW+
S1411    Garnishments/attorneys' pwrs/dty   S Jud  
S1412    Approp, Idaho State Police, trailer   LAW+
S1413    Constitutional Defense Fund, transf   LAW+
S1414    Approp, H&W Chld Wel, Dev Dis, orig   LAW+
S1415    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, amend   LAW+
S1416    Approp, Historical Society, trailer   LAW+


SCR110    Alzheimer's planning group   S Health/Wel  
SCR111    Cocolalla lake level, water approp   S Res/Env  
SCR112    Alzheimer's planning grp, endorsing   ADOPTED+
SCR113    Tax commission, rules rejected   H W/M  
SCR114    H&W, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR115    Occupational licences/rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR116    Study/wastewater discharge   H 3rd Rdg  
SCR117    Ag dept, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR118    Building safety div, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR119    Group insurance/rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR120    Cocolalla lake   ADOPTED+
SCR121    F&G rule, rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR122    State police, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR123    Billingsley creek/bonds   ADOPTED+
SCR124    Idaho digital learning academy   ADOPTED+
SCR125    Sage-grouse task force   ADOPTED+
SCR126    Constitutional conventions   S St Aff  
SCR127    Wind farms, energy comm instructed   S St Aff  
SCR128    Administrative rules   ADOPTED+
SCR129    Temporary rules, extended   ADOPTED+
SCR130    Union pacific railroad/anniversary   ADOPTED+
SCR131    Volunteer emergecy srvcs provdrs   ADOPTED+
SCR132    Territorial sesquicentennial   ADOPTED+
SCR133    Idaho servicemen, honored   ADOPTED+


SJM103    Community forest trust pilot   ADOPTED+
SJM104    HHS regulation, requesting reject   ADOPTED+
SJM105    Fed law, role of states   ADOPTED+


SJR102    Control of state prisons/const amen   ADOPTED+
SJR103    Const amendment/hunt, fish and trap   S Res/Env  
SJR104    Right to hunt   S Res/Env  
SJR105    Right to hunt   S Res/Env  
SJR106    Const amend,right to hunt/fish/trap   H Res/Con  


SR103    Jeannine Wood/Rusti Horton, honored   ADOPTED+
SR104    Ariane Drake/Emily Kladar recognizd   ADOPTED+
SR105    Senate rule 39, amended   ADOPTED+
SR106    Senate rule 7, amended   ADOPTED+
SR107    Senate rule 53, amended   ADOPTED+