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Legislation by Bill Number

Legislation by Bill Number

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW


H0001    Income taxes, internal revenue code   LAW+
H0002    Income tax deductions   LAW+
H0003    Tax comm/identity theft   LAW+
H0004    State tax comm   LAW+
H0005    Cigarettes, wholesale sales   LAW+
H0006    Tax comm, use of foreign languages   H Rev/Tax  
H0007    Finance dept/director authority   LAW+
H0008    Commercial transactions   LAW+
H0009    Banking, limits on loans/investment   LAW+
H0010    Residential mortgage practices act   LAW+
H0011    Casualty insurance contracts   LAW+
H0012a  Sales/use tax, exemption   LAW+
H0013    Use tax liability duty   H FAILED  
H0014    Property tax, low-income housing   LAW+
H0015    Sales and use tax   LAW+
H0016    Prescription tracking   LAW+
H0017    Pharmacy board, provisions revised   LAW+
H0018    Uniform controlled substances   H Health/Wel  
H0019    Airports, state designation   LAW+
H0020    Motor fuel tax/gaseous special fuel   LAW+
H0021    Municipal airports   LAW+
H0022    Income tax, reporting/pay periods   LAW+
H0023    Beer taxation/commission/reporting   LAW+
H0024    Sales tax revenues, elections   LAW+
H0025    Property tax administration   LAW+
H0026    HVAC installation   LAW+
H0027    Plumbers, competency certificates   H Bus  
H0028    Manufact home dealr/installr licens   LAW+
H0029    Judicial districts/increase judges   LAW+
H0030a  Oaths/affirmations, administration   LAW+
H0031    Dentistry brd/limited liability cos   H Health/Wel  
H0032    Psychologist examiner brd/comm tech   LAW+
H0033    Occupational therapy licensing brd   LAW+
H0034    Speech/hearing service practice act   S Health/Wel  
H0035    Social work examiners board   LAW+
H0036    Board of nursing home administratrs   S Health/Wel  
H0037    Wood & mill yard debris comm   LAW+
H0038    Comprehensive state water plan   H Res/Con  
H0039    Recreational vehicles, license fees   LAW+
H0040    Cross country skiing committees   LAW+
H0041    Driver's licenses/visually impaired   LAW+
H0042    Counties, boundaries defined   LAW+
H0043    Comm dept/Economic advisory council   LAW+
H0044    Employment security law   LAW+
H0045a  Engineers/survey, provisions rev'd   LAW+
H0046    Fire escapes and doors   LAW+
H0047    Watermasters, appointment   LAW+
H0048    Injection wells, well security   LAW+
H0049    Injections wells   LAW+
H0050    Hydropower   LAW+
H0051    Tax credit, ag business investment   H Rev/Tax  
H0052    Circuit breakr prprty tx relief prg   LAW+
H0053    Bond bank authority, salaries   LAW+
H0054    Health ins exchange/producers   S Com/HuRes  
H0055    Telephone solicitation act   LAW+
H0056    Minimum wage, tipped employee   H Com/HuRes  
H0057    Minimum wage   H Com/HuRes  
H0058    Lien withdrawal, procedure   H St Aff  
H0059    Closed primary election costs/pmt   H St Aff  
H0060    Voter registration/motor voter act   H St Aff  
H0061    Independent ethics commission act   H St Aff  
H0062    Sales tax exemptions   S Loc Gov  
H0063    Absentee electors' polling places   H St Aff  
H0064    Cruelty to animals   H Agric Aff  
H0065    Education   LAW+
H0066a  Rural econ dev/integrated freight    LAW+
H0067    Education   H Educ  
H0068    Education, contracts/vacancies   H Educ  
H0069    Education and contracts   H Educ  
H0070    Tax comm, sales/withhold violations   H Rev/Tax  
H0071    Prprty acquired through tax deed   H Rev/Tax  
H0072    Income tax credit   LAW+
H0073a  Idaho technology authority   LAW+
H0074    Architectural examiners bd   H Bus  
H0075    Insurance, motorcycle training cert   H Transp  
H0076    Trust deeds, invalid trustee's sale   LAW+
H0077    Controlled substances, fine, fund   H Jud  
H0078    Motor vehicles, fee, deposited fund   H W/M  
H0079    Emergency telecommunications fee   H Loc Gov  
H0080    Emergency communications grant fees   LAW+
H0081    Higher ed, procuring and purchasing   LAW+
H0082    Worker's comp   LAW+
H0083    Proprietary schools   LAW+
H0084    Unsafe school facilities   LAW+
H0085    Highway district board/vacancy fill   LAW+
H0086    Taxes, deficiency redetermination   LAW+
H0087    Excise tax paid by wineries   LAW+
H0088    Income tax credit, new employee/vet   S Loc Gov  
H0089    Physician assist advisory committee   LAW+
H0090a  Liquor by the drink, retail sales   LAW+
H0091a  Exempt employment   LAW+
H0092    Insurance holding company systems   H Bus  
H0093    Rangeland fire protection assoc   LAW+
H0094    Local improvement districts   H Rev/Tax  
H0095    Bd of equalization/tax appeals   H Rev/Tax  
H0096    Veterinarians   LAW+
H0097    Veterinarians/license app fees   S Agric Aff  
H0098a  Medical indigency, provisions rev'd   LAW+
H0099    Uniform controlled substances   H Health/Wel  
H0100    Idaho opportunity fund/commerce    LAW+
H0101    Criminal history checks, prints    H Jud  
H0102    Police, forensic lab resources   LAW+
H0103    Emergency surcharge fees   LAW+
H0104    Eminent domain, damage assesment   H Jud  
H0105    Sex offender registration fee   LAW+
H0106    Tax credit, donations   H Rev/Tax  
H0107    Absentee voting/alternativ procedur   LAW+
H0108    Coroner's inquest, autopsy notice   H St Aff  
H0109    Pharmacy bd/experience   LAW+
H0110    Dairy products commission   LAW+
H0111a  Animal care   S Agric Aff  
H0112    Honey advertising commission   LAW+
H0113a  Agritourism promotion act   LAW+
H0114    Grape growers/wine producers comm   H Agric Aff  
H0115    Deficiency fund transfers   LAW+
H0116    Parks and recreation   H Transp  
H0117    Aeronautics, provisions revised   LAW+
H0118    Aircraft registration, fee revised   LAW+
H0119    Safety restraint use   H Transp  
H0120a  Lottery ticket sales   LAW+
H0121    Credit rating enhancement committee   LAW+
H0122    Approp, Soil & Water Com, add'l   LAW+
H0123    Approp, Lava Hot Springs, add'l   LAW+
H0124    Corrections brd, pardon/bond return   LAW+
H0125    Guardianship/conservatorship   LAW+
H0126    Assault/battery, add'l provisions   H Jud  
H0127    Occup licenses bur, background chex   LAW+
H0128    Water liens/3 year period   LAW+
H0129    Irrigation dist/delinquent assesmnt   LAW+
H0130a  Irrigation district elections   LAW+
H0131    Water   LAW+
H0132    Forest and range fire, damages   LAW+
H0133    County recorder fees   LAW+
H0134    Investments by hospitals   H Loc Gov  
H0135    Revenue allocation areas   H Loc Gov  
H0136    Local land use planning   H Loc Gov  
H0137    Urban renewal agency powers   LAW+
H0138    Plats and vacations   LAW+
H0139    Partnership income/retirement   LAW+
H0140    Prop tax exemption/reservation prop   LAW+
H0141    Wells, property tax exemption    LAW+
H0142a  Dentists   LAW+
H0143    Invasive species, permits/stickers   H W/M  
H0144    Well construction standards   H Res/Con  
H0145    Controlled hunt bonus/preference pt   H Res/Con  
H0146    Livestock, feeding emergency   H Res/Con  
H0147    Examination of case and discharge   LAW+
H0148    Guardian ad litem, counsel   LAW+
H0149    Juvenile corrections/counsel rights   LAW+
H0150    Judicial review, board decisions   LAW+
H0151    Motor vehicles   H Transp  
H0152    Judgment, terms of confinement   H Jud  
H0153    Jurors, mileage and per diem   LAW+
H0154    Judgment, sentence extension   H Jud  
H0155    Driver's licenses, permittees   H Transp  
H0156    State employees, severence pay   H Com/HuRes  
H0157    Tax exemption, homeless shelters   S Loc Gov  
H0158    Fire protection districts   H Rev/Tax  
H0159    Retail sale of liquor   LAW+
H0160    Regulatory takings   H St Aff  
H0161    Election consolidation   LAW+
H0162    Cosmeticians, term revised   LAW+
H0163    Education, contracts   LAW+
H0164    Education, negotiations   H Educ  
H0165    Education and contracts   H Educ  
H0166    Approp, Military Division, add'l   LAW+
H0167a  Motor vehicles/consumer asset fund    LAW+
H0168    Motor carrier contracts   LAW+
H0169    License plates, special   LAW+
H0170    Local hwy jurisdictns/value estimat   LAW+
H0171a  Highways   LAW+
H0172    Encroachments on highways   H W/M  
H0173    Flooding hwys, penalties revised   H W/M  
H0174    Approp, Water Resources, add'l   LAW+
H0175    Livestock liens   LAW+
H0176    Overseas electors/voting   S FAILED  
H0177a  College savings program   LAW+
H0178    Immunization brds, insurance dept   LAW+
H0179    Health insurance exchange   H Health/Wel  
H0180    Approp, H&W Welfare Division, add'l   LAW+
H0181    Capitol maintenance reserve fund   LAW+
H0182    Horse racing   H St Aff  
H0183    Municipal corps/concealed weapons   LAW+
H0184    Incom tax/net operat loss carryback   LAW+
H0185    Drinking water/wastewater    LAW+
H0186    Taxation   H Rev/Tax  
H0187    Use tax, wine/beer tastings   LAW+
H0188    Patient care records   LAW+
H0189    Hospitalization, mentally ill   H Health/Wel  
H0190    Health care practitioner/transparnc   H Health/Wel  
H0191    Minors, tanning devices   H Health/Wel  
H0192    Licenses to carry concealed weapons   LAW+
H0193a  Emergency telecommunications   LAW+
H0194    Worker's comp, firefighters    H Com/HuRes  
H0195    Retail sale of liquor by the drink   H St Aff  
H0196    Insurance   LAW+
H0197    Insurance holding company systems   LAW+
H0198    Insurance policies/insurer delivery   H Bus  
H0199    Self-funded health care plans   LAW+
H0200    Fire protection distircts   H Rev/Tax  
H0201    Fire protection districts/deannextn   H Rev/Tax  
H0202    Administrative procedure act   LAW+
H0203    Approp, H&W Indirect-PubHlth, amend   LAW+
H0204    Property taxation   H Rev/Tax  
H0205    Education   LAW+
H0206a  Public charter schools   LAW+
H0207    Public records/security systems   H Jud  
H0208    Livestock, sheep/goat health brd   H FAILED  
H0209    Motor carriers   H Transp  
H0210    Approp, H&W Med Assist Srvcs, amend   LAW+
H0211    Med brd/labor dept, sharing info   LAW+
H0212    Cord blood education   H Health/Wel  
H0213    Judgment, sentence extension   H Jud  
H0214    Putative fathers   LAW+
H0215    Ballots   LAW+
H0216    Guyed towers   LAW+
H0217a  Motor vehicle, negligent operation   LAW+
H0218    School bonds, amortization   LAW+
H0219    Fed firearm, mag ban enforcemnt act   S St Aff  
H0220    Horse racing   LAW+
H0221a  Education, public charter schools   LAW+
H0222    Veterans recognition fund   LAW+
H0223    Concealed weapons   LAW+
H0224    Education, pro personnel contracts   LAW+
H0225    Special apps/ed support program   LAW+
H0226    Education, alt secondary schools   LAW+
H0227    Scholrshp grant orgs/tax credit   H Rev/Tax  
H0228    Property tax, obsolescence   H Rev/Tax  
H0229    Firearms, explosives   H St Aff  
H0230    State amphibian, giant salamander   H St Aff  
H0231a  Public works   LAW+
H0232    Insurance contracts/notice delivery   LAW+
H0233    Approp, Arts Com, orig   LAW+
H0234    Approp, Human Resources Div, orig   LAW+
H0235    Approp, PERSI, orig   LAW+
H0236    Approp, State Lottery   LAW+
H0237    Approp, Bld Safety Div   LAW+
H0238    Approp, Finance Dept, orig   LAW+
H0239    Pharmacists   LAW+
H0240    Fiber optic service/port districts   H St Aff  
H0241    Scrap dealers   LAW+
H0242    Property taxation   LAW*
H0243    Sales tax, application software   LAW+
H0244    Fire protection district/consolidtn   LAW+
H0245    Athletic comm, costs/fees/event tax   LAW+
H0246    Dev impact fees, appeals   H Loc Gov  
H0247    Comprehensive state water plan   H Res/Con  
H0248    Health insurance exchange   LAW+
H0249    Property tax/definitions revised   H Rev/Tax  
H0250    Sales tx exmptn/girl scout cookies    S Loc Gov  
H0251    Approp, Industrial Commission, orig   LAW+
H0252    Approp, Insurance Dept, orig   LAW+
H0253    Approp, Public Utilities Com, orig   LAW+
H0254    Approp, Environmental Quality, orig   LAW+
H0255    Approp, Labor Dept, add''l/ orig   LAW+
H0256    Child protective act   LAW+
H0257    Beer/wine, electronic funds transfr   LAW+
H0258    Concealed weapons, records check   LAW+
H0259a  Education   LAW+
H0260    Education, mediators   S Educ  
H0261    Education   LAW+
H0262    Approp, Appellate Defender, orig   LAW+
H0263    Approp, Attorney General, orig   LAW+
H0264    Bd of education/authority   H Educ  
H0265a  Public works, exemption   LAW+
H0266    Veterinary medicine   LAW+
H0267    Transportation/economic dev zones   H Rev/Tax  
H0268    Minors, tanning devices   H FAILED  
H0269    Approp, Lands Department, add/orig   LAW+
H0270    Approp, Water Resources, orig   LAW+
H0271    Environmental quality dept director   LAW+
H0272    Personal property tax, exemption   H Rev/Tax  
H0273    Motor vehicle financial responsblty   LAW+
H0274    Traffic safety education program   LAW+
H0275    Education   LAW+
H0276    Personal property tax   H Rev/Tax  
H0277    Irrigation and drainage   H Held at Desk  
H0278    Fish and game   VETOED*
H0279    Vehicle registrations   S Transp  
H0280    Firearms, explosives, deadly weapon   S St Aff  
H0281    Election of city councilmen   H St Aff  
H0282    Education, state board authority   H Educ  
H0283    Approp, DHW/ChildWelfr/DD Ser, orig   LAW+
H0284    Approp, Drug Policy Off, orig   LAW+
H0285    Approp, Aging Com, Orig   LAW+
H0286    Education, contribution tax credit   S Loc Gov  
H0287    Tax law, inflation calculation   H Rev/Tax  
H0288    Dental services/medicaid   H Health/Wel  
H0289    Free-market health plans   H Bus  
H0290    Weight limitations, motor vehicles   LAW+
H0291    Mentally ill minor/hospitalization    LAW+
H0292    Assualt and battery, punishment   S FAILED  
H0293    Approp, DHW/MH/PsyHosp/SUDS, orig   LAW+
H0294    Proprietary schools, disclosures   H Educ  
H0295    Educational support program   LAW+
H0296    Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig   LAW+
H0297    Approp, Transportation, orig   LAW+
H0298    Approp, Historical Society, orig   LAW+
H0299    Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig   LAW+
H0300    Approp, Legislative Council, orig   LAW+
H0301    Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig   LAW+
H0302    Approp, Military Division, orig   LAW+
H0303    Approp, Idaho State Police, orig   LAW+
H0304    Approp, Brand Insp/Racing Com, orig   LAW+
H0305    Approp, Juvenile Corr, orig   LAW+
H0306    Approp, Supreme Court, orig   LAW+
H0307    Education/fiscal 2014/certain funds   H Educ  
H0308    Indigent sick   H Health/Wel  
H0309    Medical assist, benchmark plan   H Health/Wel  
H0310    Approp, DHW Indl/Indirect/ LC, orig   LAW+
H0311    Approp, Administration, orig   LAW+
H0312    Approp, Bond Payment, orig   LAW+
H0313    Approp, Perm Building Fund, orig   LAW+
H0314    Bd of education/exclusive authority   S Educ  
H0315    Personal property tax   LAW+
H0316    Education, involuntary lv of absenc   H Educ  
H0317    Education, written evaluations   LAW+
H0318    Education   LAW+
H0319    Education   LAW+
H0320    Performance of autopsies   H St Aff  
H0321    Highways/right-of-way/map designatn   LAW+
H0322    Overweight, oversize loads   LAW+
H0323    Approp, Public Schools, orig   S FAILED  
H0324    Ed opportunity for military childrn   LAW+
H0325    Education   S Educ  
H0326    Taxes on tires and auto parts   H Rev/Tax  
H0327    Approp, DHW- SI, Welfare, MI, orig    LAW+
H0328    Approp, DHW Public Hlth Srvcs, orig   LAW+
H0329    Weed awareness week   S Agric Aff  
H0330    Medical ed/repayment of funds   H Educ  
H0331    Brd of corrections, contracting    H Jud  
H0332    Approp, DHW Med Assist Srvcs, amend   LAW+
H0333    Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, trailer   LAW+
H0334    Approp, DHW Pub Hlth Srvcs, trailer   LAW+
H0335    Approp, Cap Comm, orig   LAW+
H0336    Wolf depredation account   H FAILED  
H0337    Sales/use tax, hwy distrib account   H Transp  
H0338    Transportation/motor fuel taxes/fee   H Transp  
H0339    Transportation/certain taxes   H Transp  
H0340    Transportation/motor fuel taxes/fee   H Transp  
H0341    Transportation/registration fees   H Transp  
H0342    Specie legal tender   H W/M  
H0343    Admin rules/expiration of   LAW+
H0344    Suspension of judgment and sentence   H Jud  
H0345    Approp, FY 2013 Year-end Transfers   LAW+


HCR001    State of the state address   ADOPTED+
HCR002    Madison county centennial   ADOPTED+
HCR003    Education, cursive writing   ADOPTED+
HCR004    Kristin Armstrong, 2012 Olympics   ADOPTED+
HCR005    Territory anniversary/Lincoln aud   ADOPTED+
HCR006    Prescription monitoring program   ADOPTED+
HCR007    Transportation dept, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR008    Transport dept achievmnts recognizd   ADOPTED+
HCR009    Environ quality dept, rule rejected   H Env  
HCR010    Time-sensitive emergency care systm   ADOPTED+
HCR011    Lottery Comm/rules rejected   H St Aff  
HCR012    Boise city sesquicentennial   ADOPTED+
HCR013    F&G, rule rejected   H Res/Con  
HCR014    F&G, rule rejected   S Res/Env  
HCR015    H&W, rule rejected   H Health/Wel  
HCR016    Invent Idaho day   ADOPTED+
HCR017    H&W, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR018    Contract management/dept of admin   ADOPTED+
HCR019    Nutrition servcs   ADOPTED+
HCR020    Athletic commission, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR021    Study, state acquiring fed lands   ADOPTED+
HCR022    Federal land/transfer to Idaho   ADOPTED+
HCR023    Building safety div, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
HCR024    Occupationl licnses bur/rule reject   S Com/HuRes  
HCR025    Owyhee county, sesquicentennial   ADOPTED+
HCR026    Public defense reform, study   ADOPTED+
HCR027    Printing contract, session laws   ADOPTED+
HCR028    Alcoholic beverage laws, study comm   H St Aff  
HCR029    PUC recognized, 100th anniversary   ADOPTED+
HCR030    Pancreatic cancer awareness month   ADOPTED+
HCR031    Natural resource study committee   ADOPTED+
HCR032    Rule rejected/state tax comm   ADOPTED+
HCR033    Interim comm, k-12 ed system   ADOPTED+
HCR034    Alzheimer's planning group    ADOPTED+
HCR035    Hospital databases/advisory comm   H Health/Wel  
HCR036    LINE commission 2.0   ADOPTED+


HJM001    Frank Church-River of No Return   ADOPTED+
HJM002    FCC enforcement encouraged   S St Aff  
HJM003    Airports/air traffic control towers   H Transp  


HP001    Peter Morrill, commended   ADOPTED+


HR001    House attaches compensation   ADOPTED+
HR002    House rule 76, amended   ADOPTED+
HR003    House rule 64, amended   H W/M  


S1001    F&G, disease research   LAW+
S1002    F&G/license exmptns   S Res/Env  
S1003a  F&G/licenses   LAW+
S1004    F&G, three year licenses   LAW+
S1005    Education, online courses   S Educ  
S1006a  Tranportation board, power/duties   LAW+
S1007    Motor vehicle reg/staggered reg   LAW+
S1008    Vehicle salvage certificates   LAW+
S1009    Equalization brd/appeals deadline   LAW+
S1010    Medicaid, behav health services   LAW+
S1011    Immunization, registry information   S Health/Wel  
S1012    Immunization registry   S Health/Wel  
S1013a  Telecomm service assist/link-up   LAW+
S1014    Insurance, fees and taxes   LAW+
S1015    Putative fathers   S Health/Wel  
S1016    Producer licensing/bail agent   LAW+
S1017    Magistrate division proceedings   LAW+
S1018a  Juror contempt   LAW+
S1019    Nurses, criminal history checks   S Com/HuRes  
S1020    Nurses, admin fine maximum   S Com/HuRes  
S1021    Nurses, board, exec dir authority   LAW+
S1022    Income withholding/child support   S Jud  
S1023    H&W/behavioral health services   S Health/Wel  
S1024    Sheep and goat health board   LAW+
S1025    Wine, container size   LAW+
S1026    Initiative/referendum, prov rev'd   S St Aff  
S1027    Education   LAW+
S1028    Education, mastery advancemnt prog   LAW+
S1029    Codifier corrections   LAW+
S1030    County commissioners   S St Aff  
S1031    Consumer transactions   LAW+
S1032    Public assistance/property transfer   LAW+
S1033a  Conservators/powers of attorney   LAW+
S1034    County jails, prisoners   LAW+
S1035    County jails, detention officers   LAW+
S1036    County jails, reimbursement prov   S Jud  
S1037    Education   S Educ  
S1038    Education/employee ct appeals   S Educ  
S1039    Education/employee negotiations   S Educ  
S1040a  Education   LAW+
S1041    Disabled vets/noncompetitive apptmt   S FAILED  
S1042    Health insurance exchange   H Health/Wel  
S1043    Motor vehicles, id cards/veterans   LAW+
S1044    Motorcycles   LAW+
S1045a  Veterans, definition revised   LAW+
S1046    Eminent domain, trails/paths   S Loc Gov  
S1047a  Garnishment for tax pmts   LAW*
S1048a  Driver's license suspsension   LAW+
S1049a  Oil and gas conservation commission   LAW+
S1050    Motor vehicle/wholesale dealer lic   LAW+
S1051    Aeronautics, unmanned aircraft   S Transp  
S1052    Motor vehicles   S Transp  
S1053    SNAP benefits   S Health/Wel  
S1054    Reading requirement, high school   S Educ  
S1055    Education/internet based expend   LAW+
S1056    School attendance, deny enrollment   S Educ  
S1057a  Education, instruct staff allowance   LAW+
S1058    Keg beer   LAW+
S1059a  Venereal diseases control, prisons   LAW+
S1060    Prostitution, penalties   LAW+
S1061    Threatened/endangered species   LAW+
S1062a  Trespass, orange colored postings   LAW+
S1063    Medical consent/natural death act   LAW+
S1064    Oversized load permits   LAW+
S1065    Guyed wire standards/cb radio tower   LAW+
S1066    Oversize loads, permits   S Transp  
S1067    Aeronautics   S Transp  
S1068a  Armed servic membr/spouse/licensure   LAW+
S1069    Solid waste disposal   S Loc Gov  
S1070    Motor vehicle traffic incident resp   S FAILED  
S1071    Organ donations/auto accidents   S Health/Wel  
S1072a  Organ donation contribution fund   LAW*
S1073    Immunization registry   S Health/Wel  
S1074    Liquor license, retail   H St Aff  
S1075    Uniform limited convention act   S St Aff  
S1076    Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com, add'l   LAW+
S1077    Approp, Blind Comm, add'l   LAW+
S1078    Religious groups, campus access   LAW+
S1079    Internet crimes against child unit   LAW+
S1080a  County officers, attorney gen duty   VETOED*
S1081    Motor vehicle registration   LAW+
S1082a  EMS license plates   S FAILED  
S1083    License plates, special   LAW+
S1084    Road construction/business access   S Transp  
S1085    School counseling act   S Educ  
S1086    Education, class sizes   S Educ  
S1087    Driver's licenses/academic progress   S Educ  
S1088    School districts, consolidation    S Educ  
S1089    Education   LAW+
S1090    Education   S Educ  
S1091a  Education, online course portal   LAW+
S1092    Education   LAW+
S1093    Education   LAW+
S1094    Education   S Educ  
S1095    Education, employee negotiations   S Educ  
S1096    Education   S Educ  
S1097a  Education   LAW+
S1098    Education, open session negotiation   LAW+
S1099    Firearm suppressors   S St Aff  
S1100    Health care sharing ministries   LAW+
S1101    Approp, Parks & Rec, add'l   LAW+
S1102    Approp, Regulatory Bds, revise   LAW+
S1103    Approp, State Tax Comm, add'l   LAW+
S1104    Approp, Fish and Game, add'l   LAW+
S1105    Legislative dept/audit   LAW+
S1106a  Health savings accounts/st employee   LAW+
S1107a  Valuation assess notice, transmit   LAW+
S1108    Initiative and referendum elections   LAW+
S1109a  Annuity contracts/exmtn of proceeds   LAW+
S1110    Attorney's fees, insurer   S Jud  
S1111    Condominium property act   LAW+
S1112    PUC, authority   LAW+
S1113    Approp, Medical Boards, revise   LAW+
S1114a  Behavioral health services   H Health/Wel  
S1115    Radiologic imaging   S Health/Wel  
S1116a  Organ donor notification   LAW+
S1117    Overweight/oversize loads, permits   LAW+
S1118a  Beer brewer/wholesaler   H St Aff  
S1119    Child support/income withholding   LAW+
S1120    Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig   LAW+
S1121    Sheep, abandonment, misdemeanor   S Agric Aff  
S1122    Child custody   LAW+
S1123    Prostitution   LAW+
S1124    Public charter high schools   S Educ  
S1125    Education support program   S Educ  
S1126    Lottery prizes   LAW+
S1127    Bingos/raffles, license provisions   LAW+
S1128    Approp, St Indpend Liv Cncl, orig   LAW+
S1129    Approp, Species Conservation, orig   LAW+
S1130    Approp, Energy Resources, orig   LAW+
S1131    Approp, Endow Fund Inv Bd, orig   LAW+
S1132    Approp, Fish and Game, orig   LAW+
S1133a  School security plans   H 3rd Rdgaa  
S1134a  Unmanned aircraft/restrictions   LAW+
S1135    Medical discipline, licensees   LAW+
S1136    Synthetic drug listing   LAW+
S1137    Garnishments   S Jud  
S1138a  Local planning act   LAW+
S1139    Approp, Public Hlth Districts, orig   LAW+
S1140    Approp, Medical Boards, orig   LAW+
S1141    Approp, Treasurer State, orig   S Fin  
S1142    Approp, Blind Com, orig   LAW+
S1143    Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, orig    LAW+
S1144    Approp, Ag Research Extension, orig   LAW+
S1145    Worker's comp/premium tax reduced   LAW+
S1146    Education   LAW+
S1147a  Education, agreement terms   LAW+
S1148a  Education, contract renewal   S FAILED  
S1149    Education, employee negotiations   LAW+
S1150    Education, professional personnel   LAW+
S1151    Criminal procedure, felony convictn   LAW+
S1152    Approp, Prof-Tech Edu Div, orig   LAW+
S1153    Approp, CAT Fund, reduce   LAW+
S1154    Approp, Libraries Com, orig   LAW+
S1155    Watermaster compensation   LAW+
S1156    Irrigation districts   LAW+
S1157    Irrigation districts, voting   LAW+
S1158    Soc security benefits, police/fire   LAW+
S1159    Solid waste disposal   S Loc Gov  
S1160    Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig   LAW+
S1161    Approp, Regulatory Boards, orig   LAW+
S1162    Approp, Controller, orig   LAW+
S1163    Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com   LAW+
S1164    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig   LAW+
S1165    Attorney's fees   LAW+
S1166a  Domestic cervidae   H Agric Aff  
S1167    Approp, Secretary of State, orig   LAW+
S1168    Approp, Public Television, orig   LAW+
S1169    Approp, Tax Appeals, Board, Orig   LAW+
S1170    Approp, Soil Water Conserv, orig   LAW+
S1171    Approp, Agriculture, orig   LAW+
S1172    Approp, Lava Hot Springs, orig   LAW+
S1173    Approp, Parks & Rec Dept, orig   LAW+
S1174    Approp, Commerce, orig   LAW+
S1175    Approp, State Tax Commission   LAW+
S1176    Approp, Catastrophic Hth Care, orig   LAW+
S1177    Approp, Public Instruc Supt, orig   LAW+
S1178    Approp, Treasurer, State, orig   LAW+
S1179    Transport brd, state agreements   LAW+
S1180    Approp, Edu Bd, special prgms, orig   LAW+
S1181    Approp, Millennium Fund, orig   LAW+
S1182    Approp, Correction Dept, add'l/orig   LAW+
S1183    Approp, Ed Board, hlth ed programs   LAW+
S1184    Liberty preservation act   S St Aff  
S1185    Tribal gaming actions   S St Aff  
S1186    Approp, Edu Bd, college univ, orig   LAW+
S1187    Approp, Edu Bd, Off of, orig   LAW+
S1188    Approp, Edu Bd, Comm college, orig   LAW+
S1189    Idaho code/statutory construction   LAW+
S1190    Approp, DHW Med Assist Srvcs, orig   LAW+
S1191    Initiative/referendum elections   LAW+
S1192a  Capitol mall   LAW+
S1193    Abortion   S St Aff  
S1194    Approp, DHW Mntl Hlth Svcs, trailer   S Fin  
S1195    Approp, Attorney General, trailer   H Approp  
S1196    Approp, Attorney General, trailer   LAW+
S1197    Approp, Commerce, trailer   LAW+
S1198    Id uniform business code   S Jud  
S1199    Education   LAW+
S1200    Approp, Public Schools, orig   LAW+


SCR101    Power county/100th anniversary   ADOPTED+
SCR102    Opposition to use of "IDAHO" mark   ADOPTED+
SCR103    Unmanned aircraft system test site   ADOPTED+
SCR104    Taiwan, reaffirming relationship   ADOPTED+
SCR105    Tax appeals brd, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR106    Fish and game/rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR107    F&G, rule rejected   H Res/Con  
SCR108    F&G, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR109    F&G, rule rejected   H Res/Con  
SCR110    F&G, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR111    Freight system transprtatn task frc   S Transp  
SCR112    Opposing Id marijuana legalization   ADOPTED+
SCR113    Freight transportation task force   S Transp  
SCR114    State police, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR115    State police, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR116    Harmful substnces/househld products   S Health/Wel  
SCR117    PUC, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR118    Admin dept, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR119    Admin dept, rules rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR120    Boise school distrit/read rgth awrd   ADOPTED+
SCR121    Occupatnl licens bur, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR122    Architectural examnrs/rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR123    Idaho servicemen, honored   S St Aff  
SCR124    Idaho servicemen honored   ADOPTED+
SCR125    Fee rules/adopted, rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR126    Temporary rules   ADOPTED+
SCR127    Interim committee, energy/env/tech    ADOPTED+
SCR128    Id criminal justic systm/study comm   ADOPTED+
SCR129    Joint rule/stmt of purpose   ADOPTED+
SCR130    Joint rule 21, added   S Jud  
SCR131    Joint rule 21, added   ADOPTED+


SJM101    Drug-free policy   S FAILED  
SJM102    SNAP benefits/no unhealthy food   H St Aff  


SJR101    Const Amndmt/legislative sessions   S St Aff  
SJR102    State military duty   S St Aff  


SR101    Senate rule 8, amended   ADOPTED+