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Legislation by Bill Number

Legislation by Bill Number

House Bills

Senate Bills

(*) indicates previous days action
(+) indicates ADOPTED or LAW


H0001    State amphibian, giant salamander   LAW+
H0002    Sexual orientation, gender identity   H St Aff  
H0003    Election qualifications   S St Aff  
H0004    Controlled substances   LAW+
H0005    Pharmacy, licensure requirements   LAW+
H0006    Prescription drugs   LAW+
H0007    Controlled substances   LAW+
H0008    Pharmacy bd   LAW+
H0009    Uniform controlled substances   LAW+
H0010    Printing/publishin/electronic form   LAW+
H0011    Sales tax exemptions   LAW+
H0012    Sales tax   LAW+
H0013    Federal tax comp, credit requirmnts   LAW+
H0014    Motor vehicles/labor material liens   S Transp  
H0015a  Motor vehicles/title stop requirmnt   LAW+
H0016    Rifle association license plates   LAW+
H0017a  Autocycles   LAW+
H0018    Urban renewal, eminent domain   H Loc Gov  
H0019    Urban renewal, debt, bonds   H Loc Gov  
H0020    Appraisement, lease, sale of land   LAW+
H0021    Nurses, ed brd approval/curriculum    LAW+
H0022    Education, district trustees   LAW+
H0023    Massage therapy   LAW+
H0024    Occupational therapy   LAW+
H0025    Physical therapy practice exemption   LAW+
H0026    Approp, Deficiency fund transfers   LAW+
H0027    Recreation districts   LAW+
H0028    Levy and apportionment of taxes   LAW+
H0029a  Tax exemptions/personal property   LAW+
H0030    Shorthand reporters   LAW+
H0031    F&G, illegal killing, possession   LAW+
H0032    F&G, fee provisions   H Res/Con  
H0033    Hlth & sfty/substanc abuse treatmnt   LAW+
H0034    Administrative procedure act   LAW+
H0035    Rev & tax/ electronic filing/return   H FAILED  
H0036    Income tax deductions   LAW+
H0037    Income tax, charitable contribs   LAW+
H0038    Income tax/net op loss deduction   H Rev/Tax  
H0039    Production exemption   LAW+
H0040    Approp, Energy Resources, add'l   LAW+
H0041    Approp, St Independ Liv Cncl, add'l   LAW+
H0042    Fuels tax   LAW+
H0043    Fuels tax, dyed/marked diesel   LAW+
H0044    Elk license plates   LAW+
H0045    Incom tax credits/charitabl contrib   H Rev/Tax  
H0046    Health benefit plans    LAW+
H0047    Land board, navigable waterways   LAW+
H0048    Oil and gas   LAW+
H0049    Oil and gas, sched of fees   LAW+
H0050    Oil & gas, unit operations   LAW+
H0051    Dredge mining   H Res/Con  
H0052    Youth challenge prog/repeal sunset   LAW+
H0053a  Military justice code   LAW+
H0054    Special fuels   H Transp  
H0055    Officer disability act, sunset date   LAW+
H0056    Public drinking water system loans   H Env  
H0057    Community reinvstmnt pilot initiatv   H Env  
H0058    Water quality/effect of rules provs   LAW+
H0059    Plumbing, inactive/temp certificate   LAW+
H0060    Building safety div   H Bus  
H0061    Juvenile corrections, probation   LAW+
H0062    Victim restitution   LAW+
H0063    Bail   H Jud  
H0064    Imprisonment, credit on time served   LAW+
H0065    Education, superintendent duties   H W/M  
H0066    Concealed weapons licenses   S St Aff  
H0067    Idaho limited convention act   S St Aff  
H0068    Printing work, counties   LAW+
H0069    Sanitation trucks   H Transp  
H0070    Tire load   LAW+
H0071    License plates, Orofino maniacs   H Transp  
H0072a  Veterinarians, vet technicians   LAW+
H0073    Veterinarians   S Agric Aff  
H0074    School districts   H Educ  
H0075    Sales tax, glasses, contacts   LAW+
H0076    Taxes, base assessment roll   LAW+
H0077    Internal revenue code reference   LAW+
H0078    Employment security law   LAW+
H0079    Economic advisory council   H Com/HuRes  
H0080    Cosmetologists   H Bus  
H0081    Geologists   LAW+
H0082    Police, public hwys, safety   LAW+
H0083    Postsecondary credit scholarship   H Educ  
H0084    Income tax/real property definition   H Rev/Tax  
H0085    Income tax, capital gains deduct   LAW+
H0086    Areas of city impact   H W/M  
H0087    Motor vehicles, rental fleets   H Transp  
H0088    Chemical abortion   H St Aff  
H0089    Concealed weapons   H St Aff  
H0090    Open meetings law, recodify   LAW+
H0091    Code references, public records act   LAW+
H0092a  Voidable transactions act   LAW+
H0093    Liquefied petroleum gas containers   H Bus  
H0094a  Trespass   LAW+
H0095a  Sales tax, road materials   H Held at Desk  
H0096    Driver's licenses, id cards   LAW+
H0097    Education services for deaf, blind   H Educ  
H0098    Telehealth access act   H Health/Wel  
H0099    Chartered banks   LAW+
H0100    Retirement provisions, legislature   S St Aff  
H0101    Criminal procedure   LAW+
H0102    Curfews, penalties/juveniles   LAW+
H0103    F&G, violations/penalties   H Res/Con  
H0104    Debris, highways, property   LAW+
H0105    Fireworks   H St Aff  
H0106    Food safety, home kitchen operation   H Health/Wel  
H0107    Immunization board, sunset date   LAW+
H0108    Pharmacy, opioid antagonists   LAW+
H0109a  Income tax/real property definition   LAW+
H0110    Mastery-based education system   LAW+
H0111    Highways and bridges, vehicle fees   H Transp  
H0112    Campaign contributions   LAW+
H0113a  Parental rights protection   LAW+
H0114    Pure seed law   LAW+
H0115    Elevator safety code   H Bus  
H0116    Occupational licenses, agencies   LAW+
H0117    Occupational licenses   LAW+
H0118    Damage prevention board   H Bus  
H0119    Public works contracts   H Bus  
H0120a  Economic advisory council   LAW+
H0121    Criminal procedure, penalty revise   LAW+
H0122    Schools, strategic plan   LAW+
H0123    Oil/gas commission, contested case    LAW+
H0124    Oil-gas, spacing units, minerals   LAW+
H0125    Definition of "gas" revised   LAW+
H0126    Schools, staff allowance   H Held at Desk  
H0127    Annexation by cities, revisions   H Loc Gov  
H0128    Elections, withdrawal of candidacy    LAW+
H0129    Off-highway vehicles   LAW+
H0130    Liens, labor/material/motor vehicle   H Transp  
H0131    Motor vehicles, "place of business"   S Transp  
H0132    Gaseous special fuels, tax   LAW+
H0133    Income tax, livestock deduction   LAW+
H0134    Taxation, solar energy   H Rev/Tax  
H0135    Prisoner litigation reform act   H Jud  
H0136    County jail, probationers, parolees   LAW+
H0137a  Retirement, police, deputy sheriffs   LAW+
H0138    County jails, repeals   LAW+
H0139    Duels, law repealed   LAW+
H0140    No contact orders   H Jud  
H0141    Delinquent property taxes   H Loc Gov  
H0142a  Planning and zoning   LAW+
H0143    Exempt employment, motor carriers   LAW+
H0144    Road safety, econ development act   H Transp  
H0145    Vehicle sales and use tax exemption   H Rev/Tax  
H0146    Motor fuels, repeal, refund    H Transp  
H0147    Motor vehicles, rental fleets   LAW+
H0148    Cherry commission   LAW+
H0149    Contact lenses, prohibited acts   S Jud  
H0150    Medical licensure compact   LAW+
H0151    Health insurance exchange   H Health/Wel  
H0152a  Sign language interpreters   VETOED  
H0153    Emergency medical services   LAW+
H0154a  Chemical abortions   LAW+
H0155a  Open meeting law violation, penalty   S PASSED  
H0156    Tax collector, property purchase   LAW+
H0157a  State police contracts    LAW+
H0158    Bail, failure to appear   LAW+
H0159    Tobacco infractions, minors   LAW+
H0160    Debris on highways, misdemeanor   LAW+
H0161    Fish and game infractions, penalty   LAW+
H0162    Juror compensation   S Jud  
H0163    Justice system, effective dates   LAW+
H0164    Sexual, violent offenders registry   H Jud  
H0165    Concealed weapon license fee revise   H Held at Desk  
H0166    Irrigation district, incurring debt   LAW+
H0167a  Labor, executive and open sessions   LAW+
H0168    Approp, Education Network, amended   LAW+
H0169    Education, sunset/effective dates   LAW+
H0170a  Education, pay for success contract   LAW+
H0171    Insurance, transport network cos.   H Bus  
H0172    Reimbursement incentive act   LAW+
H0173    Education, new construction roll   H Rev/Tax  
H0174    Idaho code, domain, section repeal   H Jud  
H0175    Medications, communication   H Health/Wel  
H0176    Med synchronization, fee standard   H Health/Wel  
H0177    Tanning devices, minors   LAW+
H0178    Education debt, rural physicians   LAW+
H0179    Hospital treasurers   LAW+
H0180    Health insurance status   H Health/Wel  
H0181a  Naturopathic physicians licensing    S FAILED  
H0182a  Consumer health plans   LAW+
H0183    Human trafficking, signs   LAW+
H0184    Small brewer self-distribution   LAW+
H0185    Electric motor vehicles    LAW+
H0186    Tax exemption, wildlife costs   H Rev/Tax  
H0187    Home kitchen operations   H Health/Wel  
H0188    Pharmacy audits, benefit managers   H Health/Wel  
H0189    Telehealth access act   LAW+
H0190    Education, crime history check fee   LAW+
H0191    Bullying, information, development    H Educ  
H0192    Pet friendly license plates   H Held at Desk  
H0193    Unfair sales act, motor fuel   H St Aff  
H0194a  Farm and sanitation vehicles   LAW+
H0195    Fireworks penalties   LAW+
H0196    Vehicles, dealer-salesman licensing   H Transp  
H0197    Ground water, mines   LAW+
H0198    Daylight saving time exemption   H St Aff  
H0199    Tax credit qualifications   H Rev/Tax  
H0200    Office of inspector general   H St Aff  
H0201    Transportation network companies   H Transp  
H0202a  Fire districts, sale of property   LAW+
H0203    Fire district employment contracts   H Loc Gov  
H0204    Fire distrct commissioner residency   S Loc Gov  
H0205    Approp, H&W Medicaid, chg   LAW+
H0206    Approp, Correction Dept, chg   LAW+
H0207    Approp, Drug Policy, Off, orig   LAW+
H0208    Property tax relief, "claimant"   LAW+
H0209    Tax, property definition   LAW+
H0210    Approp, H&W Indirect & Welfare, chg   LAW+
H0211    Approp, H&W Benefits/Indirect, chg   LAW+
H0212    Election, levy, judges, poll book    LAW+
H0213    Library district meetings, oath   LAW+
H0214    Sunshine law   LAW+
H0215    Liquor licenses, resort city    H St Aff  
H0216a  Initiative, referendum procedures   LAW+
H0217    Public works law provisions revised   H Bus  
H0218    Approp, H&W Hlthcare Initiativ, chg   LAW+
H0219    Indebtedness, levies disclosure   LAW+
H0220    Tax credit, nonprofits   LAW+
H0221    Tax exemption, wildlife costs   LAW+
H0222    Education, career ladder   H Educ  
H0223    Approp, Energy Resources, orig   LAW+
H0224    Approp, Medical Boards, orig   LAW+
H0225    Approp, Lava Hot Springs, orig   LAW+
H0226    Approp, Juvenile Corrections, orig   LAW+
H0227    Approp, Veterans Srvcs Div, orig   LAW+
H0228    Approp, Public Utilities Com, orig   LAW+
H0229    Approp, Military Division, orig   LAW+
H0230    Approp, Public Hlth Districts, orig   LAW+
H0231    Approp, Endow Fund Invest, orig   LAW+
H0232    Approp, H&W MnHlh & Sub Abuse, chg   LAW+
H0233    School counselors, student mentors    H Educ  
H0234    Property exempt from taxation   H Rev/Tax  
H0235    Health insurance, chemotherapy   H Health/Wel  
H0236    Food tax credit, information    LAW+
H0237    Tax, food/beverage for employee    LAW+
H0238    Electrical contractors, equipment    LAW+
H0239    Urban renewl agency brd commissnrs   H Loc Gov  
H0240    Approp, H&W Medicaid, orig   LAW+
H0241    Orders prohibiting conduct   H Jud  
H0242    Elections, automatic recount   LAW+
H0243    Concealed weapons   H St Aff  
H0244    Lottery formula   H St Aff  
H0245    Exchange pupils, exception removed   LAW+
H0246    Bullying, minors, information    LAW+
H0247    Approp, Idaho State Police, orig   LAW+
H0248    Approp, Aging Com, orig   LAW+
H0249    Approp, Controller State, orig   LAW+
H0250    Approp, Libraries Com, orig   LAW+
H0251    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, orig   LAW+
H0252a  Tax exemption, vehicle sales   S Loc Gov  
H0253    Approp, Blind Com, orig   LAW+
H0254    Approp, Attorney Gen, orig   LAW+
H0255    Recreational, dredge mining    H Res/Con  
H0256    Public works, applicability of law   LAW+
H0257a  Property tax, park model vehicles   S Loc Gov  
H0258    Food establishments   H Health/Wel  
H0259    UBOC surcharge revision   H Bus  
H0260    Transportation   H 3rd Rdg  
H0261    Transportation funding   H Transp  
H0262    Transportation network companies   LAW+
H0263    Approp, Sup Pub Instruction/trailer   LAW+
H0264    Approp, H&W Mental Hlth, orig   LAW+
H0265a  Land transfer compact   S Res/Env  
H0266    Transportation, fees, distrib taxes   H Transp  
H0267    Health care deduction   H Rev/Tax  
H0268    Approp, Lands Dept, add'l, orig   LAW+
H0269    Oil, gas tax collection   LAW+
H0270    At-home school readiness program   H Educ  
H0271    Approp, Appellate Defender, orig   LAW+
H0272    Approp, Treasurer, State, orig   LAW+
H0273    Approp, Water Resources, orig   LAW+
H0274    Approp, H&W Welfare Division, orig   LAW+
H0275    Educational support program   H Educ  
H0276    Approp, H&W Chld Wlfr DDS Srv, orig   LAW+
H0277    Title insurance   LAW+
H0278    School counselors   H Educ  
H0279    State gaming commission   H St Aff  
H0280    Liquor license, resort city center   H St Aff  
H0281    Approp, H&W Public Hlth Srvcs, orig   LAW+
H0282    Approp, Catastrophic Hth Care, orig   LAW+
H0283    Streamlined sales tax   H Rev/Tax  
H0284    Approp, Correction Dept, orig   LAW+
H0285    Education, career ladder   H Educ  
H0286    Property, tax exemption, business   S Loc Gov  
H0287    Approp, Edu Bd, Hlth Ed Prgrm, orig   LAW+
H0288    Approp, H&W Ind Cnl Indrct LC, orig   LAW+
H0289    Approp, Public Instruc Supt, addl   LAW+
H0290    Approp, Edu Bd, Special Prgms, orig   LAW+
H0291    Public records, land, sage grouse   LAW+
H0292    Transportation network insurance   H Bus  
H0293    Approp, Historical Society, orig   LAW+
H0294    Approp, Capitol Com, orig   LAW+
H0295    Approp, Bond Payment Program, orig   LAW+
H0296    Education, career ladder   LAW+
H0297    Tax commission, appeals board   H Rev/Tax  
H0298    Medicaid, reimbursement   LAW+
H0299    Transportation, fees   H Transp  
H0300    Alternative school support units   LAW+
H0301    Carrying concealed weapons   LAW+
H0302    Science, technology center   LAW+
H0303    Eminent domain   S Loc Gov  
H0304    Approp, Edu Bd, Comm College, orig   LAW+
H0305    Approp, Edu Bd, Off of, orig   LAW+
H0306    Federal education act   H Educ  
H0307    Kindergarten preparedness program   H Educ  
H0308    Public charter schools   LAW+
H0309a  Charter school debt reserve   LAW+
H0310    Transportation, apportionment   S Transp  
H0311    Grocery tax   S Transp  
H0312a  Transportation, vehicle fees   LAW+
H0313    Education, counselors   LAW+
H0314    Federal education act   LAW+
H0315    Opportunity network act   H St Aff  
H0316    Transportation network companies   LAW+
H0317    Contracts, state officers   H Held at Desk  
H0318    Liquor licenses, event centers   LAW+
H0319    Administrative rules, continuing   LAW+
H0320    Approp, Fish & Game, add'l   LAW+
H0321    Approp, Public Instruc Supt, trail   LAW+
H0322    Office appointments   H St Aff  
H0323    Education, renewable contracts   LAW+
H0324    Open meeting law violations   LAW+
H0325    Approp, Regulatory Boards, trailer   H Approp  
H0326    Approp, STEM Action Center, orig   LAW+
H0327    Underinsured vehicle coverage   H Bus  
H0328    Session laws, journals    LAW+
H0329    Highway assistance council   H Transp  
H0330    Income tax   S Loc Gov  


HCR001    Governor's state of the state   ADOPTED+
HCR002    Eagle rock bridge anniversary   ADOPTED+
HCR003    Education, data system study   ADOPTED+
HCR004    Taxes, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR005    Diabetes month   ADOPTED+
HCR006    PERSI, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR007    Outdoor retailer show   ADOPTED+
HCR008    Natural resource study   ADOPTED+
HCR009    Social work month   ADOPTED+
HCR010    Water resources, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR011    Comm. for the blind, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR012    Council, endowment assets study   S Res/Env  
HCR013    Idaho state police, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR014    Farm bureau federation, 75 years   ADOPTED+
HCR015    Idaho statehood anniversary   ADOPTED+
HCR016    Benewah County   ADOPTED+
HCR017    Urban renewal study committee   ADOPTED+
HCR018    Balanced budget amendment   H St Aff  
HCR019    EMS working group, legislation   S Health/Wel  
HCR020    Chiropractors, rule rejection    H Health/Wel  
HCR021    Education, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR022    Education, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
HCR023    Purchasing laws   ADOPTED+
HCR024    Family caregivers   ADOPTED+
HCR025    Transportation, rule rejection   S Transp  
HCR026    Broadband access study committee   ADOPTED+


HJM001    Regulation freedom amendment   S St Aff  
HJM002    Caldera national monument   ADOPTED+
HJM003    Turkey, religious, human rights   S St Aff  
HJM004    Judges, marriage   S St Aff  
HJM005    Boulder-White Clouds memorial   ADOPTED+
HJM006    Food labeling, genetic engineering   ADOPTED+
HJM007    INL, geothermal area study   ADOPTED+
HJM008    Interstate, heavy vehicles   ADOPTED+
HJM009    Sage-grouse   ADOPTED+
HJM010    Deer Flat refuge   ADOPTED+
HJM011    Water resources, dams   ADOPTED+
HJM012    Turkey, human rights   ADOPTED+


S1001    Workplace safety   LAW+
S1002    Approp, Public Television, add'l   LAW+
S1003    Approp, Environment Quality, add'l   LAW+
S1004    Brd of Correction/inmate incent pay   LAW+
S1005    Executions, confidentiality   S Jud  
S1006    Real estate license law   LAW+
S1007    Real estat licens law/licens denial   LAW+
S1008    Real estate   LAW+
S1009    Real estate license law, certs   LAW+
S1010    Real estate license, fee-splitting   LAW+
S1011    Horse racing   VETOED  
               Veto found invalid by ruling of the Idaho Supreme Court --  Certified in law 09/10/15
S1012    Approp, Voc Rehab Div, add'l   LAW+
S1013    Approp, Fish & Game, reduced   LAW+
S1014    Exemption of property, attment/levy   LAW+
S1015a  Motor vehicle dealers, bond rqrmnt   LAW+
S1016    Driver's license/commrl learner's    LAW+
S1017    Telecommunications service   S Transp  
S1018    Education, certificates, fees   LAW+
S1019    Education, criminal history check   H Educ  
S1020    F&G, set-aside account exemptions   LAW+
S1021    Public charter schools   LAW+
S1022    License plates   S Transp  
S1023    Unclaim life insurance benefits act   LAW+
S1024    Energy resources authority   LAW+
S1025    Uniform business organizations code   LAW+
S1026    Driving privileges, DUI   LAW+
S1027    Senior judge eligibility   LAW+
S1028    Speed limits   LAW+
S1029    Fraud, financial transaction cards   LAW+
S1030    Codifier corrections   LAW+
S1031    Fish and game licenses   LAW+
S1032    Motor vehicle fines   S Jud  
S1033a  Criminl histry records/fingerprints   H FAILED  
S1034    Prisoners, juvenile escape   LAW+
S1035    Juvenile corrections   LAW+
S1036    Dentistry, licensees, notice   LAW+
S1037    Dentistry, license renewal   LAW+
S1038    Public assistance/child support   S Health/Wel  
S1039    Eminent domain, damages   S Transp  
S1040a  Criminal procedure   LAW+
S1041a  Sexual offender management board   LAW+
S1042    Residential care   LAW+
S1043    Certified family homes   LAW+
S1044    Eminent domain   LAW+
S1045    Port district audits   LAW+
S1046    Engineers and surveyors   LAW+
S1047    Purchasing definitions/alpha   LAW+
S1048    Historical horse racing   S St Aff  
S1049    Presidential primary   S St Aff  
S1050    Advanced opportunities, 8 in 6 prog   LAW+
S1051    Informal probate   LAW+
S1052    Spendthrift trusts   LAW+
S1053a  Guardians   LAW+
S1054    Documents act   LAW+
S1055    Digital assets access   S Jud  
S1056a  Nonprobate transfers   LAW+
S1057    Irrigation district meetings   LAW+
S1058    Irrigation districts, payments   LAW+
S1059a  Irrigation district facilities    LAW+
S1060    Psychologists, prescriptions   H Health/Wel  
S1061a  Highway commissioner terms   H Gen Ord  
S1062a  Direct medical care act   LAW+
S1063    Land surveying   LAW+
S1064    Cosmeticians, license   S Com/HuRes  
S1065    Annexation, parcels election   S Loc Gov  
S1066    Presidential primary   LAW+
S1067    Health-welfare, family support act   H Jud  
S1068    Judgments, enforcement   S Jud  
S1069a  Judgment enforcement time    LAW+
S1070a  Education, alt. graduation route   H Educ  
S1071a  Civics test for graduation   LAW+
S1072a  School district trustee elections   LAW+
S1073a  Noxious weeds removal    LAW+
S1074    Idaho honey commission   LAW+
S1075    Inmates, employee status, benefits   LAW+
S1076    Benefit corporation act   LAW+
S1077    Death certificates   LAW+
S1078    Mortgage insurance, limits   LAW+
S1079    Engineers/surveyors   LAW+
S1080a  Genetic counselors   LAW+
S1081    Self-funded health care plans   LAW+
S1082    Highway districts, nonpaper mediums   LAW+
S1083    America the beautiful license plate   S Transp  
S1084    Support our troops plates   H Transp  
S1085    Education, assessment consortium   S Educ  
S1086    Division of prof.-tech. education   LAW+
S1087    Admission to charter schools   LAW+
S1088a  Education, reduction in force   LAW+
S1089    Beer and wine licenses   S St Aff  
S1090    Concealed weapons, clarifications   S St Aff  
S1091    Apportionment challenges   LAW+
S1092    Knives   H Jud  
S1093    Annexation notice of intent   S Loc Gov  
S1094    Abortion, hospital location   S St Aff  
S1095a  Sexual offender registration   H Jud  
S1096a  Ed, parental rights in education   H Educ  
S1097    Pupil transportation audits, repeal   LAW+
S1098a  Parks & recreation, funding sources   LAW+
S1099    Irrigation, lateral water users   LAW+
S1100    Watermasters   LAW+
S1101    Indigent sick   S Health/Wel  
S1102    Abortion, hospital location   S St Aff  
S1103    Records, human trafficking   S Jud  
S1104a  Veterans home   LAW+
S1105    Internet regulation   S St Aff  
S1106    Cannabidiol oil   S St Aff  
S1107    Trust accounts, scholarship   H St Aff  
S1108a  Autonomous driven vehicles   H Transp  
S1109    UBOC, repeals   LAW+
S1110    Approp, Appellate Defender, add'l   LAW+
S1111    Minimum wage   S St Aff  
S1112    State office vacancies   LAW+
S1113    Beef council, property   LAW+
S1114    Approp, Human Rsrcs Div, orig   LAW+
S1115    Approp, Fish & Game, add'l   H FAILED  
S1116    Approp, Pub Schls/Children, add'l    LAW+
S1117    Approp, PERSI, orig   LAW+
S1118    Approp, Arts Comm, orig   LAW+
S1119    Approp, PUC/Tax/Industrial Salaries   LAW+
S1120    Driver training, course fees   LAW+
S1121    Immunization registry   LAW+
S1122    Duties for federal funds receipt   S Fin  
S1123    Indigent sick   H Health/Wel  
S1124    Sealing of juvenile records   S Jud  
S1125    Approp, Secretary of State, orig   LAW+
S1126    Approp, Finance Dept, orig   LAW+
S1127    Approp, Liquor Div, State, orig   LAW+
S1128    Approp, Species Conservation, orig   LAW+
S1129    Approp, St Indpend Liv Cncl, orig   LAW+
S1130    Approp, Lottery, State, orig   LAW+
S1131    Approp, Lieutenant Gov, orig   LAW+
S1132    Approp, Regulatory Boards, orig   LAW+
S1133    Approp, Fish & Game, orig   LAW+
S1134    Office of public lands   S Res/Env  
S1135a  Claim of lien, owner, deed of trust   LAW+
S1136    Parole violations, hearing officers   LAW+
S1137    Electric utilities, property   S St Aff  
S1138    Approp, Financial Mgmt Div, orig   LAW+
S1139    Approp, Insurance Dept, orig   LAW+
S1140    Approp, Industrial Com, orig   LAW+
S1141    Approp, Bld Safety Div, orig   LAW+
S1142    Approp, Legislative Branch, orig   LAW+
S1143    Approp, Gov, Exec Office, orig   LAW+
S1144    Approp, Millennium Fund, orig   LAW+
S1145    Approp, Public Defense Com, orig   LAW+
S1146a  Cannabidiol oil    VETOED  
S1147    Municipal corps,fire/police bonds   H W/M  
S1148    Approp, Hispanic Affairs Com, orig   LAW+
S1149    Approp, Public Television, orig   LAW+
S1150    Approp, Edu Bd, Ag Research, orig    LAW+
S1151    Approp, Edu Bd, Prof-Tech, orig    LAW+
S1152    Federal funds receipt, reduction   LAW+
S1153    Indigent sick, program eligibility   S Health/Wel  
S1154a  Criminal history record expungement   LAW+
S1155    Flags at half-staff   LAW+
S1156    Investigational drugs   H St Aff  
S1157    Approp, Pardons/Parole, orig   LAW+
S1158    Approp, Parks & Rec, orig   LAW+
S1159    Approp, Supreme Court, orig   LAW+
S1160    Approp, Wolf Control Fund Transfer   LAW+
S1161    Approp, Agriculture, orig   LAW+
S1162    Approp, Soil & Water Conserv, orig   LAW+
S1163    Approp, Environmental Quality, orig   LAW+
S1164    Approp, Rev&Tax, Tax Appeals, orig   LAW+
S1165    Approp, Rev&Tax, Tax Com, orig   LAW+
S1166    Approp, Commerce, orig   LAW+
S1167    Hemp extract   S St Aff  
S1168    Worker's comp/premium tax reduced   LAW+
S1169    Ground water district warrants   LAW+
S1170    Judges, justices qualifications   LAW+
S1171    Approp, Public Instruc Supt, orig   LAW+
S1172    Approp, Perm Bldg Fund, add'l, orig   LAW+
S1173    Approp, Labor Dept, add'l, orig   S Fin  
S1174    Approp, Transportation, orig   LAW+
S1175    Approp, Administration, orig   LAW+
S1176    Approp, Edu Bd, College Univ, orig   LAW+
S1177    Naturopathic physicians, repeal   LAW+
S1178    Approp, Secretary of State, trailer   LAW+
S1179    Approp, Legislative Branch, trailer   S Fin  
S1180    Approp, H&W Public Health, trailer   H Approp  
S1181    Session, laws, journals   H Jud  
S1182    Uniform business code   LAW+
S1183    Approp, Pub Schls Admin, orig   LAW+
S1184    Approp, Pub Schls Teachers, orig   LAW+
S1185    Approp, Pub Schls Ops Div, orig   LAW+
S1186    Approp, Pub Schls Children's, orig   LAW+
S1187    Approp, Pub Schls Facilities, orig    LAW+
S1188    Approp, Pub Schls Deaf Blind, orig    LAW+
S1189    Approp, Pub Schls Cntrl Srvs, orig    LAW+
S1190    Approp, Year-End Transfers   LAW+
S1191    Approp, Stabilization Fund Transfer   H 3rd Rdg  
S1192    Approp, Labor Dept, add'l, orig   LAW/Line Item Veto+
S1193    Primary care program   S Health/Wel  


SCR101    Gary Stevens honored   ADOPTED+
SCR102    LHTAC evaluation   H Transp  
SCR103    Public defense reform committee   ADOPTED+
SCR104    Suicide prevention   ADOPTED+
SCR105    Education, core standards   S Educ  
SCR106    Student testing   H Educ  
SCR107    State land exchanges   ADOPTED+
SCR108    Public lands control   S Res/Env  
SCR109    Music therapy   ADOPTED+
SCR110    Diaper need awareness week   ADOPTED+
SCR111    Family caregivers   S Health/Wel  
SCR112    Boundary County anniversary   ADOPTED+
SCR113    Agriculture, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
SCR114    Veterinary medicine, rule rejection   H Agric Aff  
SCR115    Federal lands, duties, reports   S St Aff  
SCR116    Agriculture, rule rejected   H Agric Aff  
SCR117    John Grossenbacher honored   ADOPTED+
SCR118    YMCA day, recognized   ADOPTED+
SCR119    Education, rule rejected   ADOPTED+
SCR120    Education, rule rejected   H Educ  
SCR121    Education, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
SCR122    Education, rule rejection   H Educ  
SCR123    Family caregivers study   H Health/Wel  
SCR124    Admin. hearing officer committee   H Jud  
SCR125    Health savings accounts, recognized   H Health/Wel  
SCR126    Federal lands   ADOPTED+
SCR127    Administrative temporary rules   ADOPTED+
SCR128    Administrative fee rules   ADOPTED+
SCR129    Administration, rule rejection   ADOPTED+
SCR130    Session laws, printing contract   ADOPTED+
SCR131    Broadband study   H St Aff  


SJM101    Invasive species, mussels   ADOPTED+
SJM102    Craters of the Moon   S St Aff  
SJM103    Craters of the Moon   H W/M