Office of Performance Evaluations


The mission of the Office of Performance Evaluations is to promote confidence and accountability in state government through professional and independent assessment and evaluation of state agencies, programs, functions, and activities.

It will be achieved by

  • independently assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of state agencies, programs, functions and activities;
  • reporting to and working under the direction of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee;
  • seeking mutual cooperation with agency management and the Legislature to develop innovative solutions to problems that have the effect of improving accountability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of state government operations and processes;
  • monitoring implementation of the recommendations resulting from the evaluations, as directed by the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee; and
  • reporting financial savings and nonfinancial benefits that accrue to the state as a result of the implementation of the recommendations.

The goal of OPE and other agencies like it is to improve government performance and accountability through independent and professional evaluation. Reviews provide valuable management tools leading to greater program effectiveness and saved taxpayer dollars.