Office of Performance Evaluations


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    • Economic Development (Agriculture, most Boards, Building Safety, most Commissions, Commerce and Labor, Finance, Insurance, and Occupational Licenses)
    • Education (Arts, Historical Society, Public Broadcasting, Public Education, School for the Deaf and the Blind, and State Library)
    • General Government (Administration, Governor, Human Resources, Legislature, Liquor, Lottery, Retirement, and Tax)
    • Health and Human Services (Aging, Disabilities, Health and Welfare, Hispanic Affairs, Human Rights, Public Health, and Veterans Services)
    • Natural Resources (Environmental Quality, Fish and Game, Lands, Parks and Recreation, and Water Resources)
    • Transportation and Public Safety (Appellate Public Defender, Corrections, Judicial, Police, Military, and Transportion)

Report Types

Performance evaluation reports answer questions raised by individual legislators or legislative committees about potential problem areas in agencies or programs. These reports typically include background information, a summary of methods used to conduct the evaluation, chapters or sections addressing the questions posed, and the Governor's and agency's response to the evaluation.

Limited scope evaluations may help the Oversight Committee determine whether problems exist and whether more extensive audit work is necessary, or may answer very specific questions for legislators. These brief reports include background information, a summary of methods, findings and recommendations, and the agency's response to the evaluation.

Follow-up reports evaluate the progress of the agency in implementing recommendations from a performance evaluation or limited scope evaluation. These reports include the agency's response and a list of recommendations awaiting completion.

Federal mandate reviews examine federal legal requirements made of the state, associated federal funding, and state compliance with these requirements. These reviews are completed within a short timeframe (about two weeks) and do not follow typical audit procedures.