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5/6/2011 Congressional Perfect CDs Branden Durst This is a congressional district map. All counties are left whole. Deviation is only 0.1% (nearly perfect). All counties within each congressional district are accessible by state highway and or federal highway interstate. C1 C1
5/7/2011 Congressional Independent Congressional Districts Steven Walker The Congressional Districts in this plan have a deviation of 0.1% Congressional Dist 1 is mostly a rural agriculturial based district while District 2 is mostly an urban based district. C2 C2
5/10/2011 Congressional Oden North South Eric Oden Splits the state into norther and southern. Ada County in District 1. Canyon in Dist. 2. No county splits. Variation less than 1% C3 C3
5/10/2011 Congressional Oden SW vs Eastern and Northern 1 Eric Oden Southeastern and Northern Idaho grouped as District 1. SW and Magic Valley as District 2. Variation less than 1%. No county splits. C4 C4
5/23/2011 Congressional My Blank Congressional Jeff Cook This congressional district would balance out the population and give Southwest and South Central Idaho on Representative. The remaining Represantive would represent North Idaho and East Idaho C5 C5
5/24/2011 Congressional Congressional Map 2 Branden Durst Another Congressional District map that shows that it isn t necesesary to divide any counties. C6 C6
5/25/2011 Congressional Congressional Map 4 Branden Durst Another Congressional Disrict Map that shows that it isn t necessary to divide any counties. C7 C7
5/25/2011 Congressional Congressional Map 2 Branden Durst Another Congressional District map that shows you don t have to divide any counties. C8 C8
5/29/2011 Congressional My Blank Congressional Brent Danielson My attempt at redrawing Idaho s two congressional districts to reflect the change in population distribution over the last ten years. In this plan all counties are intact and communities of interest are preserved as complying with the general instructions for developing submitting a proposed redistricting plan. C9 C9
6/1/2011 Congressional Current Congressional Rev2 Seth Olsen This plan creates a more equal distribution of the hispanic population as a percentage in each of the districts. In addition it splits the anticipated future growth in Ada and Canyon Counties according to the COMPASS report essentially in half. Hopefully keeping the districts growing at a relatively equal rate over the next 10 years. C10 C10
6/4/2011 Congressional Congressional JDA 1 Jeff Almeida This plan preserves county boundaries while dividing the Congressional districts in a predominantly North South fashion net deviation between the districts is only 1930 people... or about as good as you could get while keeping counties intact. Trying to keep all of Ada County in a single district should be a priority. C11 C11
6/5/2011 Congressional My Blank Congressional Jacob Hammond No county is divided the deviation of population is 4 percent. C12 C12
6/8/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Larry Cravens Here is a redistricting plan which allows all Idaho counties to be placed wholly into a single district. The northern part of Idaho joins the eastern part of state to form the Second District. The First District is made up of mainly the counties surrounding the City of Boise. C13 C13
6/9/2011 Congressional My Congressional Matthew Alex Neiwirth Congressional districts. North-South. Keeps all counties intact. 0.1% deviation. C14 C14
6/9/2011 Congressional My Blank Congressional Alex de la Torre This plan essentially keeps the status quo as much as possible. There are easily two safe Republican districts and both Congressman Raul Labrador and Congressman Mike Simpson are kept in their own home districts. The Ada County line has been moved west a little bit and Voting District 48 is split between the two Congressional Districts to make the populations of both districts exactly even. All other counties remain in the districts that they were previously in during the past decade. Overall it is an incumbent protection plan. C15 C15
6/11/2011 Congressional Congressional Proposal Jared Larsen A map that takes the present congressional district map and moves the boundary westward in Ada county. Districts are mathematically equal to within 99 people. This map gives special priority to assuring a state highway connecting the district and not dividing communities of interest where others submitted so far have ignored those requirements completely. C16 C16
6/13/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Tony Pori This plan for the two Congressional districts equalizes populations between the districts while at the same time preserving county line boundaries. C17 C17
6/14/2011 Congressional Two District Congressional Joshua Peters Both Districts are relatively equal in population and in race. All counties are together and these two districts keep the more Urban Southern counties lumped and the more rural and northern counties lumped. C18 C18
6/15/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Sharon Parry Airplane travel is generally required anyway to commute between the 3 major segments of Idaho-- the north the southwest and the southeast. This plan requires only the 2nd Congressional to travel by plane to the north part of our state. And... the numbers are basically awesomely matched. C19 C19
6/16/2011 Congressional Two District Congressional Joshua Peters The goal of this plan is to keep all 44 counties together while keeping urban Ada county and Pocatello in one district that accurately represents southern Idaho while the other district accuaretly represents Northern Idaho and the most rural parts of the state. Population deviates by less than one percent according to newest census data and the two districts should grow evenly over the next ten years based on the past few censuses. District one has Couer d Alene Nampa Caldwell and Idaho Falls. District two Has Ada county Twin Falls and Pocatello. C20 C20
6/16/2011 Congressional Reasonable Congressional Nicholas Webster Keeps the status quo as much as possible moves the line in Ada County west and adds Boise County to District 2. C21 C21
6/16/2011 Congressional Uber Congressional Patrick Jue This plan eliminates gerrymandering of Ada County and completely follows county borders. Northern Idaho is now part of District 2. 0.0% deviation. C22 C22
6/16/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional2 Tim Lamb My goal was to create a plan with the smallest deviation between congressional districts as possible. I also tried to keep communities of interest intact as well as keeping counties together. C23 C23
6/22/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Don Kershner Ada gets to be a hole county C24 C24
6/24/2011 Congressional Whole County Status Quo Congressional Nicholas Webster Keeps counties intact and keeps status quo as much as possible. Essentially swaps the part of Ada County in D2 for Owyhee and Canyon. C25 C25
6/25/2011 Congressional Congressional Proposal 2 Jared Larsen A map that takes the present congressional district map and moves the boundary westward in Ada county keeping Boise largely together and moves Custer and Lemhi Counties into the 1st District. Districts are mathematically equal to within 570 people. C26 C26
7/13/2011 Congressional the Current Congressional Don Kershner By moving Ada all into dist 1 and Canyon and Owyhee into dist 2 you reach a deviation of .4%. C27 C27
7/13/2011 Congressional urban plan Steven Cory This is a whole county plan which keeps the treasure valley together and has a small difference in population. This is the I-84 plan. The second district has two primary media centers Idaho Falls Pocatello and Coeur d Alene Lewiston . C28 C28
7/14/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Thomas Dayley This plan 1. Keeps the new districts within a 1% deviation in population. 2. Causes the least disruption of movement of the district boundaries 3. Does not divide precincts. 4. Is primarily along clearly defined geographic boundaries. C29 C29
7/14/2011 Congressional MDE1 Michael Ellis Tried to obtain the least amount of deviation without changing the census blocks. C30 C30
7/14/2011 Congressional Perfect CDs 2 Branden Durst This map keeps all counties except Canyon. The deviation is 0 resubmitted due to error in previous submission . C31 C31
7/15/2011 Congressional US Highway 20 and I 84 North South Split Branden Durst This plan divides the state using US Highway 20 which becomes I-84 in Mountain Home and then cuts away from I-84 NW of Caldwell . You will note that the plan has a deviation of 18 people. This deviation is perfectly consistent with the one person one vote principle contained in the Federal Voting Rights Act and other related federal law and judicial decisions. While a deviation of 0 people was attainable with minor modifications doing so would have to do be done at increased voter confusion by not precisely following the Highway in its entirety. This confusion would not serve a specific state purpose which is to reduce the likelihood of voter disenfranchisement due to unnecessary confusion in Congressional District boundaries. To that end the Congressional District boundaries created in this plan are very easy to follow and without inconsistency. In addition growth should be evenly spread between the two Congressional Districts which will also ensure the one person one vote principle is followed in years to come. C32 C32
7/15/2011 Congressional Five Mile 0 deviation Redistricting Commission Ada County split - Public comments welcome C33 C33
7/15/2011 Congressional I-84 and Homedale Rd plan Redistricting Commission This plan uses Homedale Rd, I -84, and county lines as boundaries for the Congressional districts. - Public comments welcome C34 C34
7/15/2011 Congressional Five Mile 56 deviation Redistricting Commission Ada County split - Public comments welcome C35 C35
7/18/2011 Congressional Smile Plan Redistricting Commission
C36 C36
7/18/2011 Congressional Ada County Min Split Redistricting Commission This is congressional proposal splits only Ada County. The split in Ada County is very minimal and distinguishes clear boundaries- Ten Mile, McMillan, I-84 and county lines. It keeps cities whole. C37 C37
7/18/2011 Congressional Cloverdale Redistricting Commission This congressional map seeks to maintain historical precedence, and follow all constitutional and statutory regulations. Historically the Idaho congressional line has bisected Ada County running from the north to the south since 1971. The overall deviation of this plan is 0.0% in order to achieve this, 6 precincts are split. Finally, by moving the current congressional district line a mile to the west, this map minimizes the impact to the population to valance the two districts. C38 C38
7/18/2011 Congressional Ada Co Whole Cities Plan Redistricting Commission
C39 C39
7/18/2011 Congressional Owyhee Redistricting Commission
C40 C40
7/18/2011 Congressional Garden City Eagle Rd Redistricting Commission
C41 C41
7/18/2011 Congressional Eagle Road Redistricting Commission
C42 C42
7/19/2011 Congressional Five Mile Clean line Redistricting Commission
C43 C43
7/19/2011 Congressional Echo Hawk Redistricting Commission
C44 C44
7/19/2011 Congressional Clean version of C38 Redistricting Commission
C45 C45
8/4/2011 Congressional My Current Congressional Anthony Jones A map that partitions Idaho into a Mountain District and a Valley District. The map has the advantage of remarkably equitable population and demographic distributions with the added bonus that it leaves all counties intact C46 C46
8/16/2011 Congressional Elmore Split Mark Briggs All counties are whole except Elmore. C47 C47
8/24/2011 Congressional Dan Rainey Congressiona Dan Rainey This plan divides only Ada County. Boise City is not divided. C48 C48
8/26/2011 Congressional Test 3 Anthony Jones A plan that leaves all counties intact and comes within 700 persons fo an exact 50 50 split. No racial difference is greater than 4%. C49 C49
9/6/2011 Congressional Congressional Plan Redistricting Commission
C50 C50
9/28/2011 Congressional Two District Congressional Joshua Peters I drew this map just to show how ridiculous it is to draw a line midway through Ada county when numerous ways are possible to create equal congressional districts without splitting Ada county between both districts. C51 C51
10/17/2011 Congressional Congressional Plan Redistricting Commission Commission adopted plan C52 C52
1/25/2012 Congressional CD B Branden Durst This is a Congressional District plan that does not divide any counties. The deviation of this plan is 5 people. This plan has a lower deviation than the adopted plan and does not divide any counties. It is superior in every way. In addition it should be noted that both congressional districts are connected throughout by the state and federal highway system so as to make travel within the congressional districts easy. C53 C53