2000 Legislation
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SENATE BILL NO. 1463 – MV, certain, operating fee increase


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Daily Data Tracking History

S1463.....................................................by TRANSPORTATION
MOTOR VEHICLES - Amends existing law to increase the operating fee for
commercial, noncommercial and farm vehicles registered between 8,001 pounds
and 16,000 pounds.
02/18    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to printing
02/21    Rpt prt - to Transp
02/25    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
02/28    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
03/02    3rd rdg - PASSED - 20-14-1
      AYES--Andreason, Boatright, Bunderson, Danielson, Deide, Dunklin,
      Frasure, Geddes, Ingram, Keough, McLaughlin, Noh, Richardson, Riggs,
      Risch, Schroeder, Stegner, Thorne, Wheeler, Williams
      NAYS--Burtenshaw, Cameron, Darrington, Davis, Hawkins, Ipsen,
      King-Barrutia, Lee, Parry, Sandy, Sorensen, Stennett, Walton,
      Absent and excused--Crow
    Floor Sponsor - Keough
    Title apvd - to House
03/03    House intro - 1st rdg - to Transp
03/09    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
03/10    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
03/17    3rd rdg - PASSED - 41-21-8
      AYES -- Barraclough, Bell, Bieter, Black, Boe, Bruneel, Cheirrett,
      Crow, Cuddy, Deal, Denney, Ellsworth, Field(13), Gagner, Geddes,
      Gould, Hadley, Hansen(23), Henbest, Jaquet, Judd, Kempton, Kendell,
      Kunz, Linford, Mader, Marley, Meyer, Mortensen, Moss, Pischner,
      Pomeroy, Ringo, Robison, Sellman, Smylie, Stevenson, Stoicheff,
      Stone, Zimmermann, Mr Speaker
      NAYS -- Alltus, Barrett, Callister, Chase, Field(20), Hammond,
      Hansen(29), Hornbeck, Jones, Loertscher, McKague, Montgomery, Moyle,
      Pearce, Ridinger, Sali, Schaefer, Taylor, Tilman, Wheeler, Wood
      Absent and excused -- Campbell, Clark, Kellogg, Lake, Reynolds,
      Shepherd, Smith, Trail
    Floor Sponsor - Pischner
    Title apvd - to Senate
03/20    To enrol
03/21    Rpt enrol - Pres signed
03/22    Sp signed
03/23    To Governor
03/28    Governor signed
         Session Law Chapter 62
         Effective: 07/01/00

Bill Text

  ||||              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ||||
 Fifty-fifth Legislature                  Second Regular Session - 2000
                                       IN THE SENATE
                                    SENATE BILL NO. 1463
                                BY TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE
  1                                        AN ACT
  6    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
  7        49-434.  OPERATING FEES. (1) There shall be paid on all  commercial  vehi-
  8    cles,  noncommercial vehicles, and on all farm vehicles having a maximum gross
  9    weight not in excess of sixty thousand (60,000) pounds, an annual registration
 10    fee in accordance with the following schedule.
 11        Maximum Gross Weight                 Annual Reigstration Registration Fee
 12              (Pounds)                      Noncommercial and    Commercial
 13                                              Farm Vehicles       Vehicles
 14         8,001-16,000 inc. .....................$  31.0848.00      $ 30.6048.00
 15        16,001-26,000 inc. .....................   61.08            143.40
 16        26,001-30,000 inc. .....................   91.68            223.80
 17        30,001-40,000 inc. .....................  130.08            291.60
 18        40,001-50,000 inc. .....................  188.28            360.00
 19        50,001-60,000 inc. .....................  311.88            515.40
 20        (2)  There shall be paid on all commercial vehicles, irrespective of  body
 21    type,  and  on  all  farm  vehicles having a maximum gross weight in excess of
 22    sixty thousand (60,000) pounds, an annual registration fee in  the  amount  of
 23    one hundred twenty dollars ($120).
 24        (3)  In addition, the annual registration fee for trailers shall be:
 25        (a)  Trailer or semitrailer in a combination of vehicles ...........$15.00
 26        (b)  Rental  utility  trailer  with a gross weight of two thousand (2,000)
 27        pounds or less ......................................................$8.00
 28        (c)  Rental utility trailer with a gross weight over two thousand  (2,000)
 29        pounds .............................................................$15.00
 30        (4)  As  an option to the trailer and semitrailer annual registration, the
 31    department may provide extended registration.
 32        (a)  For trailers and  semitrailers,  the  optional  extended-registration
 33        period shall not extend beyond seven (7) years.
 34        (b)  The fee shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each year.
 35        (c)  The  license  plate  originally issued shall remain on the trailer or
 36        semitrailer until the registration expires.
 37        (d)  The registration document shall be the official record of the  status
 38        of  the  extended  registration.  No pressure-sensitive validation sticker
 39        shall be required.
 40        (e)  For rental utility trailers, the optional registration  period  shall
 41        not extend beyond five (5) years. The fee shall be as specified in subsec-
 42        tion  (3)(b) or (c) of this section. A pressure-sensitive sticker shall be
 43        used to validate the license plate. The license plate shall become void if
 44        the owner's interest in the rental utility trailer changes during the five
  1        (5) year period. If the owner fails to enter the rental utility trailer on
  2        the annual renewal application during the five (5) year period, the regis-
  3        tration record shall be purged. Any unrenewed plate shall be  returned  to
  4        the department if it is not entered on the renewal application.
  5        (5)  A  fleet  registration option is available to owners who have twenty-
  6    five (25) or more commercial or farm vehicles or any combination thereof. Such
  7    owners may register all of their company vehicles with the department in  lieu
  8    of  registering with a county assessor. To qualify the fleet must be owned and
  9    operated under the unified control of one (1) person and the vehicles must  be
 10    physically garaged and maintained in two (2) or more counties. Fleet registra-
 11    tion shall not include fleets of rental vehicles. The department shall provide
 12    a registration application to the owner and the owner shall provide all infor-
 13    mation  that  the  department  determines  is  necessary. The department shall
 14    devise a special license plate numbering system for fleet-registered  vehicles
 15    as an alternative to county license plates. The fleet registration application
 16    and  all  subsequent  registration renewals shall include the physical address
 17    where a vehicle is principally used, garaged and maintained. The  fleet  owner
 18    shall report the physical address to the department upon initial registration,
 19    on  each  renewal,  and  at any time a vehicle registered under this option is
 20    permanently transferred to another location.
 21        (6)  If the ownership of a vehicle changes during the registration period,
 22    the original owner may transfer the plate to another  vehicle.  The  remaining
 23    fee  shall  be  credited  against the cost of the new registration. No refunds
 24    shall be given for any unexpired portion of the vehicle  registration  fee  if
 25    the  plate is not transferred by the owner to another vehicle. A license plate
 26    shall not be transferred to another owner when  the  ownership  of  a  vehicle
 27    changes.  The  owner  shall  obtain a replacement plate, validation sticker if
 28    required, and a registration document when  a  plate  is  lost,  destroyed  or
 29    becomes illegible.
 30        (7)  An  administrative  fee  of  four  dollars  ($4.00) shall be paid and
 31    deposited to the state highway account on all registrations completed  by  the
 32    department under this section.
 33        (8)  In  addition to the registration and license fees provided by subsec-
 34    tions (1) and (2) of this section, there shall be paid on all commercial vehi-
 35    cles having a maximum gross  weight  in  excess  of  sixty  thousand  (60,000)
 36    pounds, a use fee based upon the registered maximum gross weight in accordance
 37    with  the  following schedule. The use fees shall be calculated by multiplying
 38    the mills per mile, determined from the mills per mile schedule  table,  times
 39    the  reported  mileage for the vehicle, subject to the provisions of this sec-
 40    tion.
 41                   Maximum Gross
 42                 Weight of Vehicle                   Mills per Mile
 43                     (Pounds)
 44                   60,001-62,000                          30.05
 45                   62,001-64,000                          31.35
 46                   64,001-66,000                          32.60
 47                   66,001-68,000                          33.90
 48                   68,001-70,000                          35.15
 49                   70,001-72,000                          36.40
 50                   60,001-62,000                          30.05
 51                   72,001-74,000                          38.55
 52                   74,001-76,000                          40.65
 53                   76,001-78,000                          42.75
 54                   78,001-80,000                          44.90
 55                   80,001-82,000                          47.00
  1                   Maximum Gross
  2                 Weight of Vehicle                   Mills per Mile
  3                     (Pounds)
  4                   82,001-84,000                          49.10
  5                   84,001-86,000                          51.20
  6                   86,001-88,000                          53.30
  7                   88,001-90,000                          55.40
  8                   90,001-92,000                          57.50
  9                   92,001-94,000                          59.60
 10                   94,001-96,000                          61.70
 11                   96,001-98,000                          63.80
 12                   98,001-100,000                         65.90
 13                  100,001-102,000                         68.00
 14                  102,001-104,000                         70.10
 15                  104,001-106,000                         72.20
 16    For each additional two thousand (2,000) pounds or fraction thereof in  excess
 17    of one hundred six thousand (106,000) pounds add 2.1 mills per mile.
 18        (9)  In  addition  to  the  registration and license fees of this section,
 19    there shall be paid on all farm vehicles, and any  commercial  vehicle  exclu-
 20    sively engaged in the transportation of logs, pulp wood, stull, poles, piling,
 21    rough  lumber,  ores,  ore  concentrates,  sand and gravel aggregates in bulk,
 22    livestock and vehicles used for the sole purpose of transporting milk from the
 23    farm to processing plant, having a maximum gross weight  in  excess  of  sixty
 24    thousand (60,000) pounds, a use fee in accordance with the following schedule.
 25    The use fees shall be calculated by multiplying the mills per mile, determined
 26    from  the  mills  per  mile schedule table, times the reported mileage for the
 27    vehicle, subject to the provisions of this section.
 28                   Maximum Gross
 29                 Weight of Vehicle                   Mills per Mile
 30                     (Pounds)
 31                   60,001-62,000                          22.45
 32                   62,001-64,000                          22.45
 33                   64,001-66,000                          22.45
 34                   66,001-68,000                          22.45
 35                   68,001-70,000                          22.45
 36                   70,001-72,000                          22.45
 37                   72,001-74,000                          22.45
 38                   74,001-76,000                          22.45
 39                   76,001-78,000                          22.45
 40                   78,001-80,000                          22.45
 41                   80,001-82,000                          24.55
 42                   82,001-84,000                          26.65
 43                   84,001-86,000                          28.75
 44                   86,001-88,000                          30.85
 45                   60,001-62,000                          22.45
 46                   88,001-90,000                          32.95
 47                   90,001-92,000                          35.05
 48                   92,001-94,000                          37.15
 49                   94,001-96,000                          39.25
 50                   96,001-98,000                          41.35
 51                   98,001-100,000                         43.45
 52                  100,001-102,000                         45.55
 53                  102,001-104,000                         47.65
 54                  104,001-106,000                         49.75
 55    For each additional two thousand (2,000) pounds or fraction thereof in  excess
  1    of one hundred six thousand (106,000) pounds add 2.1 mills per mile.
  2        (10) If  any  vehicle, or combinations of vehicles move on the highways of
  3    the state, and the vehicle or combination exceeds its registered maximum gross
  4    weight there shall be paid for that vehicle, the fees provided for  in  either
  5    subsection  (8)  or  (9)  of this section, as applicable, for the actual gross
  6    weight of the vehicle or combination of vehicles for the miles traveled at the
  7    heavier weight.
  8        (11) If any vehicle or combinations of vehicles haul  nonreducible  loads,
  9    as  authorized  under the provisions of section 49-1004, Idaho Code, and weigh
 10    less than the starting weights per axle configuration listed in  column  1  of
 11    subsection  (2),  section  49-1004,  Idaho  Code, then and in that event there
 12    shall be paid for that vehicle, in addition to the other fees required in this
 13    section, an additional use fee of 2.1 mills per mile  for  each  two  thousand
 14    (2,000)  pounds  or  fraction thereof of the maximum gross weight in excess of
 15    those set forth in section 49-1001, Idaho Code.
 16        (12) Any owner operating vehicle combinations may apply to the  department
 17    for authority to report multiple weights and pay use fees based upon the maxi-
 18    mum  gross weight of each configuration in the combination being operated. The
 19    owner shall declare a maximum gross weight for each configuration being  oper-
 20    ated  but not more than three (3) maximum gross weights for a vehicle combina-
 21    tion may be declared. Any owner who receives authority to report and  pay  use
 22    fees  at  multiple maximum gross weights shall register the motor vehicle in a
 23    combination at the highest maximum gross weight of the vehicle. Any owner  who
 24    reports vehicle combinations at multiple weights and fails to maintain records
 25    and furnish said records to the department upon request which show the config-
 26    uration of the combination of vehicles and the trailer and unit number for all
 27    miles  and trip segments traveled shall have all miles assessed at the highest
 28    maximum gross weight of the combination of vehicles.
 29        (13) An applicant for registration of a commercial vehicle,  a  noncommer-
 30    cial vehicle or a farm vehicle shall set forth the maximum gross weight of the
 31    vehicle or combination of vehicles and the applicant shall pay any annual reg-
 32    istration  fees  and  any  annual  license  fees  on trailers and semitrailers
 33    required at the time he makes application for registration subject to the pro-
 34    visions of subsections (1), (2), (3) and (4) of this section. No part  of  the
 35    registration  or  license fees shall be subject to refund. The use fee payment
 36    required shall be computed according to the schedule in either subsection  (8)
 37    or  (9) of this section on the mileage operated over the highways of the state
 38    of Idaho and the owner of any vehicle against which a  use  fee  is  assessed,
 39    shall at the time of making his next quarterly report pay the use fee, if any,
 40    for  the three (3) calendar months immediately prior. In determining the mile-
 41    age subject to the use fee, there shall be  deducted  the  miles  traveled  on
 42    roadways  maintained with private funds by agreement with the public agency or
 43    agencies having jurisdiction over them. In no  event  shall  the  total  money
 44    credited  to  the  owner for the mileage exceed the actual cost of maintenance
 45    expended by him.
 46        (14) Any owner who operates or intends to operate non-Idaho based vehicles
 47    in Idaho that are subject to the use fee required   under  the  provisions  of
 48    this  section  shall apply for a use fee account before operating the vehicles
 49    in Idaho. In lieu of establishing a use fee account the owner may  purchase  a
 50    trip  permit  under the provisions of section 49-432 or 49-433, Idaho Code, as
 51    applicable. The department shall develop  rules  to  administer  the  use  fee
 52    account.  Any  owner who has not established a use fee account or has not pur-
 53    chased a trip permit prior to operating  in  Idaho  shall  have  committed  an
 54    infraction.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                STATEMENT OF PURPOSE 
     The purpose of this legislation is to correct an inequity in current registration fee
     structure. New vehicles registered for operation at 8,000 pounds maximum gross
     vehicle weight or less must pay a registration of $48.00 per year, but if registered
     in the higher weight category of 8,001 to 16,000 pounds, the fee is only $31.08 for
     non-commercial and farm vehicles and $30.60 for commercial vehicles. This
     legislation is based on the tenet that as weight categories increase, there should be
     a commensurate and incremental registration fee to cover the additional impact on
     the roadways. 
                     FISCAL NOTE 
     This legislation could generate $1,360,000 per year to the Highway Distribution
     Account of which $517,000 would be distributed to local units of government,
     $68,000 would be distributed to law enforcement and $775,000 would be
     distributed to the State Highway Account. 
               CONTACT:  Senator Shawn Keough
               Phone: 332-1340 
                                                       STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/ FISCAL NOTE                             S 1463