2003 Interim Committees and Task Forces

Energy Interim Committee -- HCR 9

Sen. Brent Hill, Co-chair Rep. George Eskridge, Co-chair
Sen. Joe Stegner Rep. Bert Stevenson
Sen. Laird Noh Rep. Maxine Bell
Sen. Sheila Sorensen Rep. Steve Smylie
Sen. Clint Stennett Rep. Charles Cuddy

Staff: Mike Nugent, Caralee Lambert, Toni Hobbs

Meeting Minutes:
June 4, 2003
September 30, 2003 - Subcommittee
October 27, 2003 - Subcommittee
October 28, 2003
Heat and Power presentation (PowerPoint presentation)
January 15, 2004
Idaho Published Avoided Cost Rates
January 22, 2004

Natural Resource Issues Interim Committee -- SCR 103

Sen. Laird Noh, Co-chair Rep. Dell Raybould, Co-chair
Sen. Don Burtenshaw Rep. Lawerence Denney
Sen. John Andreason Rep. Bert Stevenson
Sen. Stan Williams Rep. JoAn Wood
Sen. Fred Kennedy Rep. Charles Cuddy

Staff: Katharine Gerrity, Caralee Lambert, Jeff Youtz, Ray Houston, Toni Hobbs

Meeting Minutes:
June 18, 2003
August 11, 2003

Judicial Elections Interim Committee -- SCR 116

Charge: To study campaign financing for judicial elections, including possible funding limitations, disclosure and reporting requirements for individuals and interest groups, timing and frequency of reporting, and enforcement and penalties.

Sen. Denton Darrington, Co-chair Rep. Debbie Field, Co-chair
Sen. Bart Davis Rep. Leon Smith
Sen. Curt McKenzie Rep. Richard Wills
Sen. Dick Compton Rep. Robert Ring
Sen. Mike Burkett Rep. Donna Boe

Staff: Caralee Lambert, Susan Bennion, Katharine Gerrity, Charmi Arregui

Meeting Minutes:

Sales Tax Task Force

Charge: To examine Idaho's sales and use tax structure in light of the evolution of the state's economy from a products-based economy to a service-side economy, and to recommend changes to make Idaho sales tax structure more relevant to that evolution in today's global economy.

Sen. Hal Bunderson, Co-chair Rep. Dolores Crow, Co-chair
Sen. Joe Stegner Rep. Dell Raybould
Sen. Fred Kennedy Rep. Wendy Jaquet
Sen. Edgar Malepeai Rep. Margaret Henbest

Staff: Mike Nugent, Jason Hancock

Meeting Minutes:
July 22, 2003
September 9 - 10, 2003
US Nominal Consumer Spending
US Consumer Spending on Services
Idaho Nonfarm Employment
Sales Tax Criteria
State by State Analysis of Services
Taxable Sales in Idaho
Sales Tax Exemptions - 5%
Sales Tax Exemptions - 6%
November 3, 2003
Sales Tax Exemptions
February 9, 2004
Sales Tax Report
Minority Report

Idaho Council on Indian Affairs -- Idaho Code, Section 67-4004

Rep. Hilde Kellogg, Chair Nancy Murillo, Vice-Chair, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes
Sen. Joe Stegner Ernest Stensgar, Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Sen. Marti Calabretta Gary Aitken, Sr., Kootenai Tribe
Rep. Joseph Cannon Jake Whiteplume, Nez Perce Tribe
Kathy Ruffalo, Office of the Governor Terry Gibson, Shoshone-Paiute Tribes

Staff: Caralee Lambert, Mike Nugent, Charmi Arregui

Council By-laws

Meeting Minutes:
March 11, 2004

Health Care Task Force/High-Risk Reinsurance Pool Oversight Committee -- Idaho Code, Section 41-5502

Charge: To ask and find answers for the unprecedented increases in health insurance premiums; to determine a method of limiting the assessments that may be imposed on carriers providing reinsurance by way of excess or stop-loss coverage and on carriers selling insurance in the individual market; to review options regarding initially limiting enrollment of the Individual High-Risk Reinsurance Pool in order to preserve the financial integrity of the pool.

Sen. Dean Cameron, Co-chair Rep. Bill Deal, Co-chair
Sen. Sheila Sorensen Rep. Max Black
Sen. Joe Stegner Rep. Kathie Garrett
Sen. John Goedde Rep. Gary Collins
Sen. Fred Kennedy Rep. Margaret Henbest

Staff: Caralee Lambert, Susan Bennion, Toni Hobbs

Meeting Minutes:
July 29, 2003
August 19, 2003
October 8, 2003
December 3, 2003
January 15, 2004
February 23, 2004

FY 2005 Joint Millennium Fund Committee -- Idaho Code, Section 67-1804

Charge: To make recommendations to the Legislature regarding the use of moneys in the Idaho Millennium Income Fund

Sen. Denton Darrington, Co-chair Rep. Dennis Lake, Co-chair
Sen. Dean Cameron Rep. Janice McGeachin
Sen. Patti Anne Lodge Rep. Jim Clark
Sen. Bert Marley Rep. Elmer Martinez
Sen. Fred Kennedy Rep. Margaret Henbest

Staff: Matt Freeman, Maureen Ingram, Lisa Kauffman