2007 Legislation
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HOUSE BILL NO. 38 – Trailers, registration


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Bill Status

H0038.........................................by TRANSPORTATION AND DEFENSE
TRAILERS - REGISTRATION - Amends existing law to provide a nonexpiring
registration for trailers and semitrailers; to clarify optional, extended
registration for rental utility trailers; and to clarify the provisions of
law applicable to nonexpiring license plates issued to certain trailers and
01/22    House intro - 1st rdg - to printing
01/23    Rpt prt - to Transp
01/29    Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
01/30    2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
01/31    3rd rdg - PASSED - 63-2-5
      AYES -- Anderson, Andrus, Barrett, Bayer, Bedke, Bell, Bilbao, Black,
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      Sayler, Shepherd(2), Shepherd(8), Shirley, Shively, Smith(30),
      Smith(24), Snodgrass, Stevenson, Thayn, Trail, Vander Woude, Wills,
      Wood(27), Mr. Speaker
      NAYS -- Luker, Nonini
      Absent and excused -- Block, Nielsen, Roberts, Schaefer, Wood(35)
    Floor Sponsor - Mortimer
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02/01    Senate intro - 1st rdg - to Transp
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02/12    3rd rdg - PASSED - 33-1-1
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      Cameron, Coiner, Corder, Darrington, Fulcher, Gannon, Geddes, Goedde,
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      Malepeai, McGee, McKague, McKenzie, Pearce, Richardson, Schroeder,
      Siddoway, Stegner, Stennett, Werk
      NAYS -- Little
      Absent and excused -- Davis
    Floor Sponsor - Corder
    Title apvd - to House
02/13    To enrol
02/14    Rpt enrol - Sp signed
02/15    Pres signed
02/16    To Governor
02/21    Governor signed
         Session Law Chapter 23
         Effective: 07/01/07

Bill Text

  ]]]]              LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF IDAHO             ]]]]
 Fifty-ninth Legislature                   First Regular Session - 2007
                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                     HOUSE BILL NO. 38
  1                                        AN ACT
  8    Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Idaho:
  9        SECTION 1.  That Section 49-434, Idaho Code, be, and the  same  is  hereby
 10    amended to read as follows:
 11        49-434.  OPERATING  FEES.  (1) There shall be paid on all commercial vehi-
 12    cles, noncommercial vehicles, and on all farm vehicles having a maximum  gross
 13    weight not in excess of sixty thousand (60,000) pounds, an annual registration
 14    fee in accordance with the following schedule.
 15        Unladen Weight for Wreckers            Annual Registration Fee
 16        Maximum Gross Weight              Noncommercial and    Commercial
 17        For Other Vehicles                  Farm Vehicles       Vehicles
 18        (Pounds)                                              and Wreckers
 19         8,001-16,000 inc. ................... $ 48.00          $ 48.00
 20        16,001-26,000 inc. ...................   61.08           143.40
 21        26,001-30,000 inc. ...................   91.68           223.80
 22        30,001-40,000 inc. ...................  130.08           291.60
 23        40,001-50,000 inc. ...................  188.28           360.00
 24        50,001-60,000 inc. ...................  311.88           515.40
 25        (2)  There  shall be paid on all commercial vehicles, irrespective of body
 26    type, and on all farm vehicles having a maximum  gross  weight  in  excess  of
 27    sixty  thousand (60,000) pounds, an annual registration fee in the amount pre-
 28    scribed by subsection (8) of this section, as applicable.
 29        (3)  In addition, the annual registration fee for trailers shall be:
 30        (a)  Trailer or semitrailer in a combination of vehicles ...........$15.00
 31        (b)  Rental utility trailer with a gross weight of  two  thousand  (2,000)
 32        pounds or less ......................................................$8.00
 33        (c)  Rental  utility trailer with a gross weight over two thousand (2,000)
 34        pounds .............................................................$15.00
 35        (4)  As an option to  the  trailer  and  semitrailer  and  rental  utility
 36    trailer  annual  registrations  issued  pursuant  to  subsection  (3)  of this
 37    section, the department may provide a nonexpiring  registration  for  trailers
 38    and  semitrailers,  and  an optional, extended registration for rental utility
 39    trailers.
 40        (a)  For trailers and semitrailers,  the  optional  extended-  nonexpiring
 41        registration period shall not extend beyond seven (7) years.
 42        (b)  The fee shall be fifteen one hundred five dollars ($105.00). for each
 43        year.
  1        (c)  The  license  plate  originally issued shall remain on the trailer or
  2        semitrailer until the registration expires.
  3        (d) is canceled. If the registrant does not transfer the plate and  regis-
  4        tration  to  another  trailer or semitrailer titled to the registrant, the
  5        plate and registration shall be canceled and no part of the fee is subject
  6        to refund. Provided however, the registrant may transfer  the  nonexpiring
  7        plate  and  registration  to  another trailer or semitrailer titled to the
  8        registrant. The registration document shall be the official record of  the
  9        status  of  the  extended  nonexpiring registration. No pressure-sensitive
 10        validation sticker shall  be  required  or  issued  for  such  nonexpiring
 11        license plate.
 12        (eb)  For  rental  utility  trailers, the registrant may prepay the annual
 13        registration for an additional one (1), two (2), three  (3)  or  four  (4)
 14        years,  but  in  no event shall the optional registration period shall not
 15        extend beyond five (5) years. The fee shall be as specified in  subsection
 16        (3)(b)  or (c) of this section. A pressure-sensitive sticker shall be used
 17        to validate the license plate. The license plate shall become void if  the
 18        owner's interest in the rental utility trailer changes during the five (5)
 19        year period. If the owner fails to enter the rental utility trailer on the
 20        annual  renewal application during the five (5) year period, the registra-
 21        tion record shall be purged. Any unrenewed plate shall be returned to  the
 22        department if it is not entered on the renewal application.
 23        (5)  A  fleet  registration option is available to owners who have twenty-
 24    five (25) or more commercial or farm vehicles or any combination thereof. Such
 25    owners may register all of their company vehicles with the department in  lieu
 26    of  registering with a county assessor. To qualify the fleet must be owned and
 27    operated under the unified control of one (1) person and the vehicles must  be
 28    physically garaged and maintained in two (2) or more counties. Fleet registra-
 29    tion shall not include fleets of rental vehicles. The department shall provide
 30    a registration application to the owner and the owner shall provide all infor-
 31    mation  that  the  department  determines  is  necessary. The department shall
 32    devise a special license plate numbering system for fleet-registered  vehicles
 33    as an alternative to county license plates. The fleet registration application
 34    and  all  subsequent  registration renewals shall include the physical address
 35    where a vehicle is principally used, garaged and maintained. The  fleet  owner
 36    shall report the physical address to the department upon initial registration,
 37    on  each  renewal,  and  at any time a vehicle registered under this option is
 38    permanently transferred to another location.
 39        (6)  If the ownership of a vehicle changes during the registration period,
 40    the original owner may transfer the plate to another  vehicle.  The  remaining
 41    fee shall be credited against the cost of the new registration. Refunds may be
 42    given  for  any unexpired portion of the vehicle registration fee if the plate
 43    is not transferred by the owner to another vehicle.  Any  request  for  refund
 44    shall include surrender of the license plate, validation sticker and registra-
 45    tion document. Owners of vehicles registered under the international registra-
 46    tion  plan  may request a refund of the unexpired portion of the Idaho vehicle
 47    registration fee by presenting evidence from the base  jurisdiction  that  the
 48    license  plate, validation sticker and registration document have been surren-
 49    dered. A license plate shall not be transferred to another owner when the own-
 50    ership of a vehicle changes. The owner shall obtain a replacement plate, vali-
 51    dation sticker if required, and a registration document when a plate is  lost,
 52    destroyed or becomes illegible.
 53        (7)  An  administrative  fee  of  four  dollars  ($4.00) shall be paid and
 54    deposited to the state highway account on all registrations completed  by  the
 55    department  under  subsection   (1) or (8)(a) of this section. Vehicles regis-
  1    tered under subsection (8)(b) of this section shall pay the  fee  provided  in
  2    section 49-435(2), Idaho Code.
  3        (8)  There shall be paid on all commercial and farm vehicles having a max-
  4    imum  gross weight in excess of sixty thousand (60,000) pounds, a registration
  5    fee based upon the maximum gross weight of a vehicle as declared by the  owner
  6    and  the  total  number  of  miles  driven on roads and highways in the state,
  7    county, city and highway district systems in Idaho, and  if  registered  under
  8    the  international  registration  plan  (IRP), in all other jurisdictions. The
  9    appropriate registration fee shall be determined as follows:
 10        (a)  If the owner registers vehicles under the international  registration
 11        plan  (IRP),  the  appropriate  mileage  column shall be determined by the
 12        total miles an owner operated a fleet of vehicles on roads and highways in
 13        the state, county, city and highway district systems in Idaho and  in  all
 14        other  jurisdictions  in the preceding year, as defined in section 49-117,
 15        Idaho Code, and by the maximum gross  weight  of  each  vehicle  within  a
 16        fleet.
 17        (b)  If  the owner registers vehicles under the international registration
 18        plan and determines that the average international registration plan fleet
 19        miles, calculated by dividing the total IRP fleet miles in  all  jurisdic-
 20        tions  by  the  number of registered vehicles, is less than fifty thousand
 21        one (50,001) miles, the owner may apply to the department for refund of  a
 22        portion  of  the registration fees paid, consistent with the fee schedules
 23        set forth in this section. The department shall provide an application for
 24        the refund. An owner making application  for  refund  under  this  section
 25        shall be subject to auditing as provided in section 49-439, Idaho Code.
 26        (c)  If the owner is not registering vehicles under the international reg-
 27        istration  plan, the appropriate mileage column shall be determined by the
 28        total miles the owner operated each of the vehicles to  be  registered  on
 29        roads and highways in the state, county, city and highway district systems
 30        in  Idaho  in  the  preceding year and by the maximum gross weight of each
 31        vehicle.
 32          Maximum Gross
 33        Weight of Vehicle                      Total Miles Driven
 34            (Pounds)
 35                          1 to    7,501 to  20,001 to   35,001 to     Over
 36                          7,500    20,000     35,000      50,000     50,000
 37          60,001-62,000   $223     $  511     $  789      $1,068     $1,560
 38          62,001-64,000   $251     $  576     $  890      $1,205     $1,760
 39          64,001-66,000   $280     $  642     $  992      $1,342     $1,960
 40          66,001-68,000   $309     $  707     $1,093      $1,479     $2,160
 41          68,001-70,000   $337     $  773     $1,194      $1,615     $2,360
 42          70,001-72,000   $366     $  838     $1,295      $1,752     $2,560
 43          72,001-74,000   $394     $  904     $1,396      $1,889     $2,760
 44          74,001-76,000   $423     $  969     $1,498      $2,026     $2,960
 45          76,001-78,000   $451     $1,035     $1,599      $2,163     $3,160
 46          78,001-80,000   $480     $1,100     $1,700      $2,300     $3,360
 47          80,001-82,000   $494     $1,133     $1,751      $2,368     $3,460
 48          82,001-84,000   $509     $1,165     $1,801      $2,437     $3,560
 49          84,001-86,000   $523     $1,198     $1,852      $2,505     $3,660
 50          86,001-88,000   $537     $1,231     $1,902      $2,574     $3,760
 51          88,001-90,000   $551     $1,264     $1,953      $2,642     $3,860
 52          90,001-92,000   $566     $1,296     $2,004      $2,711     $3,960
 53          92,001-94,000   $580     $1,329     $2,054      $2,779     $4,060
 54          94,001-96,000   $594     $1,362     $2,105      $2,848     $4,160
 55          96,001-98,000   $609     $1,395     $2,155      $2,916     $4,260
  1          Maximum Gross
  2        Weight of Vehicle                      Total Miles Driven
  3            (Pounds)
  4         98,001-100,000   $623     $1,427     $2,206      $2,985     $4,360
  5        100,001-102,000   $637     $1,460     $2,257      $3,053     $4,460
  6        102,001-104,000   $651     $1,493     $2,307      $3,121     $4,560
  7        104,001-106,000   $666     $1,526     $2,358      $3,190     $4,660
  8        106,001-108,000   $680     $1,558     $2,408      $3,258     $4,760
  9        108,001-110,000   $694     $1,591     $2,459      $3,327     $4,860
 10        110,001-112,000   $709     $1,624     $2,510      $3,395     $4,960
 11        112,001-114,000   $723     $1,657     $2,560      $3,464     $5,060
 12        114,001-116,000   $737     $1,689     $2,611      $3,532     $5,160
 13        116,001-118,000   $751     $1,722     $2,661      $3,601     $5,260
 14        118,001-120,000   $766     $1,755     $2,712      $3,669     $5,360
 15        120,001-122,000   $780     $1,788     $2,763      $3,738     $5,460
 16        122,001-124,000   $794     $1,820     $2,813      $3,806     $5,560
 17        124,001-126,000   $809     $1,853     $2,864      $3,874     $5,660
 18        126,001-128,000   $823     $1,886     $2,914      $3,943     $5,760
 19        128,001-129,000   $837     $1,918     $2,965      $4,011     $5,860
 20        (d)  In addition to the fees set forth in paragraphs (a) and (c)  of  this
 21        subsection  (8),  an  owner or operator may purchase a temporary permit as
 22        provided in section 49-432(2), Idaho Code, for operation of a vehicle at a
 23        weight in excess of the current, valid, registered maximum  gross  vehicle
 24        weight.  The  permit  so  issued shall be specific to the motor vehicle to
 25        which it is issued. No permit or fee shall be transferable  or  apportion-
 26        able to any other vehicle, nor shall any such fee be refundable.
 27        (e)  Any  commercial  or farm vehicle registered for more than sixty thou-
 28        sand (60,000) pounds up to  one  hundred  six  thousand  (106,000)  pounds
 29        traveling  fewer  than two thousand five hundred (2,500) miles annually on
 30        roads and highways in the state, county, city and highway district systems
 31        in Idaho shall pay an annual registration fee of  two  hundred  fifty-five
 32        dollars ($255). The provisions of section 49-437(2), Idaho Code, shall not
 33        apply to vehicles registered under this subsection (8)(e).
 34        (9) (a)  During  the first registration year that the fee schedule in sub-
 35        section (8)(c) of this section is in use, an owner shall use  the  mileage
 36        data  from  the  records used to report the mileage use fee in the immedi-
 37        ately preceding year as the basis for determining the  appropriate  regis-
 38        tration fee schedule.
 39        (b)  Any  owner  who  registers a motor vehicle for the first time and who
 40        has no mileage history for the vehicle shall estimate the miles to  deter-
 41        mine  the  appropriate  fee schedule in subsection (8)(c) of this section.
 42        When estimating the miles, the owner shall  provide  a  statement  on  the
 43        application of the method used to arrive at the estimated miles.
 44        (c)  Any  owner using any fee schedule other than the highest fee schedule
 45        under subsection (8)(c) of this section, shall certify at the time of reg-
 46        istration that the miles operated in the preceding year do not exceed  the
 47        schedule  applied  for.  Any  owner  using a fee schedule under subsection
 48        (8)(c) of this section that is less than the highest schedule shall  main-
 49        tain  records  to substantiate the use of the schedule as required by sec-
 50        tion 49-439, Idaho Code.
 51        (10) An owner registering under subsection (8)(a) or (8)(c) of  this  sec-
 52    tion  may  elect to pay the full annual registration fee at the time of regis-
 53    tration or renewal of registration, or an owner may pay at  least  one-quarter
 54    (1/4)  of  the  annual registration fee due. The remainder of the annual Idaho
 55    registration fee shall be paid in three (3) equal  installments  on  dates  as
  1    billed by the department.
  2        (11) An  owner  registering  or  renewing  a registration under subsection
  3    (8)(a) of this section electing to use installment  payments  as  provided  in
  4    subsection  (10)  of  this section, shall pay all of the fees due to other IRP
  5    jurisdictions in addition to one-quarter (1/4) of the Idaho  fee  due  at  the
  6    time of registration or reregistration. The remainder of the annual Idaho reg-
  7    istration fee shall be paid in three (3) equal installments on dates as billed
  8    by the department.
  9        (12) If  any  vehicle or combinations of vehicles haul nonreducible loads,
 10    as authorized under the provisions of section 49-1004, Idaho Code,  and  weigh
 11    less  than  the  starting weights per axle configuration listed in column 1 of
 12    subsection (2), section 49-1004, Idaho Code, then  and  in  that  event  there
 13    shall be paid for that vehicle, in addition to the other fees required in this
 14    section,  an  additional  use  fee of 2.1 mills per mile for each two thousand
 15    (2,000) pounds or fraction thereof of the maximum gross weight  in  excess  of
 16    those set forth in section 49-1001, Idaho Code.
 17        SECTION  2.  That  Section  49-443, Idaho Code, be, and the same is hereby
 18    amended to read as follows:
 20    TENTS.  (1)  The assessor or the department shall furnish to every owner whose
 21    vehicle is registered by that office, pursuant to sections 49-402 and 49-402A,
 22    Idaho Code, one (1) license plate for vehicles registered under the provisions
 23    of section 49-406, 49-406A or 49-408, Idaho Code, or  a  motorcycle,  trailer,
 24    truck-tractor,  or  semitrailer,  and  two  (2) license plates for every other
 25    motor vehicle. If a vehicle is issued one (1) plate only, that plate shall  be
 26    displayed in accordance with the provisions of section 49-428, Idaho Code. For
 27    vehicles  registered  under  the provisions of section 49-407, Idaho Code, the
 28    applicant shall provide one (1) plate to be displayed on the rear of the vehi-
 29    cle.
 30        Commencing January 1, 1992, the color and design of the  plates  shall  be
 31    comparable  to  the  color  and  design  of  the statehood centennial issue of
 32    license plates with blue numerals and letters on a multicolored red, white and
 33    blue background. Each license plate must bear upon its face  the  inscriptions
 34    "Famous Potatoes" and "Scenic Idaho."
 35        Every  license  plate shall have displayed upon it the registration number
 36    assigned to the vehicle and its owner and the name "Idaho" which may be abbre-
 37    viated. The plates issued under the provisions  of  section  49-402(1),  Idaho
 38    Code,  and  the  required letters and numerals, including an identification of
 39    the county in which the motor vehicle to which the plates will be  affixed  is
 40    registered, shall be of sufficient size to be plainly readable from a distance
 41    of  seventy-five  (75) feet during daylight, and each license plate and regis-
 42    tration sticker shall be treated with a fully reflectorized material according
 43    to specifications prescribed by the board.
 44        (2)  License plates shall be valid for a period of seven (7) years  begin-
 45    ning  with  the  date of issuance of new plates. At the end of the sixth year,
 46    the registered owner shall receive notice of the date upon  which  the  plates
 47    will expire. The department shall implement a plate-number reservation program
 48    beginning  prior  to  the  1999 plate issue and following once every seven (7)
 49    years thereafter, for a limited plate-number sequence  in  each  county  which
 50    chooses to offer a reservation program. Requests for license plate number res-
 51    ervations  shall be submitted to the county during the open reservation period
 52    established by the department. The department may  charge  a  minimal  fee  as
 53    determined  by the board to recover costs to the department for reservation of
  1    license plate numbers. The provisions of this subsection (2) shall  not  apply
  2    to  any license plates issued pursuant to the provisions of section 49-434(4),
  3    Idaho Code.
  4        (3)  If a license plate number has expired as provided in  subsection  (2)
  5    of  this  section and the number was not reserved, or if the vehicle registra-
  6    tion is not renewed within sixty (60) days of its expiration, the plate number
  7    shall be available for use by another registrant. To obtain a specific  number
  8    in  the  recycled license plate number file, the owner of a registered vehicle
  9    shall pay a one (1) time fee as determined by rule of the board.
 10        The provisions of this subsection shall apply only to vehicles  registered
 11    under  the provisions of section 49-402(1), Idaho Code, and section 49-434(1),
 12    Idaho Code, as it applies to noncommercial vehicles.
 13        (4)  License plates issued for  vehicles  required  to  be  registered  in
 14    accordance  with  the  provisions  of sections 49-402 and 49-402A, Idaho Code,
 15    shall be issued color coded registration validation stickers showing the  year
 16    of registration. Each registration validation sticker shall bear a number from
 17    1 through 12, which number shall  correspond to the month of the calendar year
 18    in  which  the registration of the vehicle expires and shall be affixed to the
 19    lower right-hand corner of the plates within the outlined rectangular area.
 20        (5)  License plates for utility trailers registered under  the  provisions
 21    of  section  49-402A,  Idaho  Code,  which are issued for five (5) or ten (10)
 22    years and license plates for  trailers,  rental  utility  trailers  and  semi-
 23    trailers  registered under the provisions of section 49-434, Idaho Code, which
 24    are issued for up to five (5) years, shall use the design  in  effect  on  the
 25    date of manufacture. If a design change occurs, plates from the effective date
 26    of  the  design  change  shall be manufactured using the new design. Unexpired
 27    plates need not be reissued to conform to a design change.
 28        (6)  For license plates which are lost, stolen, mutilated,  or  illegible,
 29    the  owner  shall apply for a duplicate or substitute. The assessor shall also
 30    furnish for each registration, and to validate the license plate, a  pressure-
 31    sensitive,  uniquely-numbered  registration  sticker,  except for trailers and
 32    semitrailers registered under the optional seven (7) year trailer  nonexpiring
 33    provisions  in  section  49-434,  Idaho Code. License plates issued for state,
 34    county and city motor vehicles shall be permanent and remain  on  the  vehicle
 35    for which issued from year to year, and need no renewal or validation sticker.
 36        (7)  Whenever  a  vehicle  is completely destroyed by fire or accident and
 37    the operator submits satisfactory proof of that destruction to the  department
 38    or  appropriate  assessor's  office,  the  registration use increment and fees
 39    shall be  transferred to the replacement vehicle for a service transfer fee of
 40    five dollars ($5.00), which fee shall be retained by the  registering  author-
 41    ity. None of the original fees shall be subject to  refund.
 42        (8)  The  department  shall furnish to every owner whose vehicle is regis-
 43    tered under sections 49-434 and  49-435,  Idaho  Code,  a  pressure-sensitive,
 44    uniquely-numbered registration sticker to validate the license plate, provided
 45    however, the provisions of this subsection (8) shall not apply to trailers and
 46    semitrailers registered under the provisions of section 49-434(4), Idaho Code.
 47        (9)  The  board  shall have authority to require the return to the depart-
 48    ment of all license plates and registration stickers upon termination  of  the
 49    lawful use of them by the owner.
 50        (10) The board may promulgate such rules as are necessary to implement the
 51    provisions of this section.

Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Impact

                      STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

                            RS 16557

This proposed legislation will reduce the amount of time and
paperwork needed by both the Idaho trucking industry and the
Department for registration of commercial trailers. It will help
the Idaho trucking industry avoid citations and the need to
purchase temporary trip permits due to expired trailer

                          FISCAL NOTE

Approximately 1,200 7-year plates are currently issued annually
to renew trailer registrations at a cost of $112 ($105
registration fee, $4 administrative fee and $3 plate fee). The
current $112 fee averages to $16 annually (112 divided by seven
years), resulting in average annual revenues of $19,200 per year.
If all 1,200 7-year plate owners converted to the permanent
plate, the loss of revenue to the Highway Distribution Account,
starting in fiscal year 2014 and each fiscal year thereafter,
would be $19,200.00 annually. This includes $18,000 annually in
registration revenue, $700 annually in administrative fee revenue
and $500 annually in plate fee revenue. This loss will be partly
offset by the elimination of administrative costs associated with
the 7-Year plate program as follows: 

Printing costs: $1,200 annually
Programming and system maintenance: $1,000 annually
Plate production costs: $4,200 annually
Envelopes and postage: $800 annually
Total Savings: $7,200 annually (including first seven years) 

Net Loss to HDA after 7 years: $12,000 annually

Name:     Chris Engels
Agency:   Idaho Transportation Department
Phone:    334-8613

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/FISCAL NOTE                               H 38