2007 Legislation Vetoed

H 8 - NOTICE OF LEVY AND DISTRAINT - Amends existing law to provide that a notice of levy and distraint be sent by regular first class mail instead of certified mail when collecting state taxes. Governor's Veto Letter

H 81aaS - INCOME TAX CREDIT - FOOD - Amends existing law to increase the amount of the grocery tax credit from $20 to $40 for most Idahoans and from $35 to $60 for those over 65. Governor's Veto Letter
Veto overridden by the House, but not the Senate

H 105aa PERSI - SICK LEAVE - Amends existing law to revise the limit on unused sick leave which is transferred to an employee's retirement account upon separation from a state employer by retirement. Governor's Veto Letter

H 121 - CLEAN INDOOR AIR ACT - Amends existing law relating to the Clean Indoor Air Act to remove bowling alleys from the list of exemptions to the prohibition on smoking in a public place. Governor's Veto Letter
Veto overridden by the House and the Senate

S 1125 - MOTOR VEHICLE INSURANCE - Amends existing law relating to motor vehicle insurance to reference underinsured motorist coverage; to revise the definition of "uninsured motor vehicle"; and to define "underinsured motor vehicle." Governor's Veto Letter

S 1153 - SMALL LAWSUIT RESOLUTION ACT - Amends existing law to increase to $50,000 from $25,000 the maximum claim level that could be considered for arbitration under the Small Lawsuit Resolution Act. Governor's Veto Letter


S 1212 - APPROPRIATIONS - PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT - Funds for a new state park in eastern Idaho. Governor's Veto Letter