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March 24, 2016 9:30 A.M. 74th Legislative Day
Sponsor Number Description
Senator Guthrie(28) H 625 by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION DIVISION - Appropriates $71,849,200 to the Division of Career Technical Education for fiscal year 2017; exempts appropriation object transfer limitations; and reappropriates certain unexpended and unencumbered fund balances.
Senator Brackett(23) H 626 by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - SPECIAL FUELS - Provides a cash transfer from the Idaho Law Enforcement Fund to the Local Highway Distribution Fund; and provides a cash transfer from the State Highway Fund (dedicated) to the Local Highway Distribution Fund for fiscal year 2016.
Senator Mortimer(30) S 1429 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - EDUCATIONAL EFFORT - Appropriates a total of $9,979,000 to the Idaho Commission for Libraries, Community Colleges, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Office of the State Board of Education, and the STEM Action Center for fiscal year 2017; and authorizes 1 additional full-time equivalent position.
Senator Mortimer(30) S 1430 by FINANCE COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Appropriates and Transfers $750,000 from the Economic Recovery Reserve Fund to the Charter School Debt Reserve Fund for FY 2017.
Senator Mortimer(30) H 603 by EDUCATION COMMITTEE - EDUCATION - Repeals, amends and adds to existing law to establish additional provisions regarding the determination of staff allowance; and to provide an effective date
Senator Johnson(6) H 606aa,aaS by REVENUE AND TAXATION COMMITTEE - URBAN RENEWAL - Amends and adds to existing law to revise the makeup of boards and to allow for an elected board; to provide that urban renewal plans be submitted to the State Tax Commission; and to provide the effect of an ordinance to modify an urban renewal plan.
Sponsor Number Description
Senator Guthrie(28) H 577
by APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE - APPROPRIATIONS - ATTORNEY GENERAL - Appropriates $24,282,700 to the Attorney General for fiscal year 2017; limits the number of authorized full-time equivalent positions to 205.6; and exempts the Attorney General from object and program transfer limitations.
Senator McKenzie(13) HJR 5
by STATE AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - ADMINISTRATIVE RULES - Proposing an amendment to Article III of the Constitution of the State of Idaho by the addition of a new Section 29 to provide that the Legislature may review, approve or reject any administrative rule to ensure it is consistent with legislative intent and to provide that legislative approval or rejection of a rule is not subject to gubernatorial veto.
Sponsor Number Description
Senator Burgoyne(16) H 508 by JUDICIARY, RULES, AND ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE - BAIL ENFORCEMENT AGENTS - Amends and adds to existing law to provide requirements regarding bail enforcement agents, including agent credentials.