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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


1-2203.  District magistrates commission — creation — Members — appointment — qualifications. (1) There is hereby established in each judicial district of the state of Idaho a district magistrates commission to be known as the "district magistrates commission of the …. judicial district," the members of which shall consist of:
(a)  The chairman of the board of county commissioners of each county in the district or member of such board designated by the chairman;
(b)  The mayors of three (3) municipalities, to be appointed by the governor, one (1) of whom shall be from a city of more than ten thousand (10,000) population based on the most recent federal decennial census, which position shall be designated as mayor A, and the other two (2) positions designated as mayor B and mayor C, respectively;
(c)  Two (2) qualified electors residing within the district, to be appointed by the governor, one (1) position designated as elector A and the other as elector B;
(d)  The administrative district judge of the district or district judge of the district designated by the administrative district judge;
(e)  Two (2) attorneys nominated by the district bar associations in each district and appointed by the Idaho state bar, one (1) position designated as attorney A and the other as attorney B;
(f)  A magistrate judge in the district, to be appointed by the administrative district judge; and
(g)  A county clerk in the district, to be appointed by the administrative district judge.
(2)  Each of the members shall be over the age of majority and shall be and remain a citizen of the United States, a bona fide resident of the state and district, and of good moral character.
(3)  Forthwith after making any appointments to such commissions, the respective appointing authorities shall duly certify in writing to the administrative director of the courts and to the secretary of state the following facts with respect to each appointee:
(a)  Full name;
(b)  Age;
(c)  Residence address;
(d)  If employed, the nature of the appointee’s occupation and business address;
(e)  The name of the district magistrates commission to which appointed;
(f)  The date of expiration of term for which appointed;
(g)  The name of the person the appointee succeeds on the commission and, for a mayor, elector, or attorney member, the member’s appropriate designation; and
(h)  If a member other than a mayor, magistrate judge, or district judge, the appointee’s political party.
(4)  No member, other than the persons appointed while serving as mayor, county commissioner, clerk, magistrate judge, or district judge shall hold any city, county, or state elective office or be employed by the state or any city or county while a member of the commission.

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