Idaho Statutes

14-543.  Successors’ liability. (1) If any holder possessing unclaimed property under this act sells out its business or stock of goods, the purchaser of the business or stock of goods shall make inquiry of the administrator and withhold from the purchase price any amount of unclaimed property that may be due under this chapter until such time as the administrator provides written notification stating that no amount is due.
(2)  If the purchaser of a business or stock of goods fails to withhold the amounts required by subsection (1) of this section from the purchase price, he becomes personally liable for the payment of the amount required to be withheld to the extent of the purchase price valued in money.
(3)  The administrator shall, as soon as practicable after receiving written inquiry as to any amounts due, and no later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the inquiry or, if necessary, thirty (30) days from the date the holder’s records are made available for review under section 14-530, Idaho Code, but in any event no later than sixty (60) days after receiving the inquiry, issue a statement to the purchaser setting forth the amount due under this chapter by the holder, if any. The administrator’s failure to issue such statement will release the purchaser from any obligation to withhold from the purchase price the amounts as above required, or responsibility for the reporting or delivery of any unclaimed property due and owing by the holder under section 14-517, Idaho Code, and section 14-519, Idaho Code.

[14-543, added 1997, ch. 399, sec. 18, p. 1274; am. 2004, ch. 29, sec. 4, p. 52.]

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