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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


16-1611.  Summons. (1) After a petition has been filed, the clerk of the court may issue a summons requiring the person or persons who have custody of the child to bring the child before the court at the adjudicatory hearing held in accordance with section 16-1619, Idaho Code. Each parent or guardian shall also be notified in the manner hereinafter provided of the pendency of the case and the time and place set for the hearing. A summons shall be issued and served requiring the appearance of each parent and legal guardian, and a summons may be issued and served for any other person whose presence is required by the child, either of his parents or guardian or any other person whose presence, in the opinion of the court, is necessary.
(2)  A copy of the petition shall be attached to each summons.
(3)  The summons shall notify each of the parents, guardian or legal custodian of their right to retain and be represented by counsel. Each parent or legal guardian of each child named in the petition shall be notified by the court of the case and of the time and place set for the hearing.
(4)  If based on facts presented to the court, it appears that the court has jurisdiction upon the grounds set forth in section 16-1603, Idaho Code, and the court finds that the child should be removed from his present condition or surroundings because continuation in such condition or surroundings would be contrary to the welfare of the child and vesting legal custody with the department or other authorized agency would be in the child’s best interests, the court shall include on the summons an order to remove the child. The order to remove the child shall specifically state that continuation in the present condition or surroundings is contrary to the welfare of the child and shall require a peace officer or other suitable person to take the child at once to a place of shelter care designated by the authorized agency which shall provide shelter care for the child.
(5)  If it appears that the child is safe in his present condition or surroundings and it is not in his best interest to remove him at this time, the court may issue a protective order based on an affidavit pending the adjudicatory hearing. If the child is in joint custody, the protective order shall state with specificity the rights and responsibilities of each parent. Each parent shall be provided with a copy of the protective order.

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