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19-3209.  Execution of commission. The commissioner, unless otherwise specially directed, may execute the commission as follows:
1.  He must publicly administer an oath to the witness, that his answers given to the interrogatories shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
2.  He must cause the examination of the witness to be reduced to writing, and subscribed by him.
3.  He must write the answers of the witness as near as possible in the language in which he gives them, and read to him each answer as it is taken down, and correct or add to it until it conforms to what he declares is the truth.
4.  If the witness decline answering a question, that fact, with the reason assigned by him for declining, must be stated.
5.  If any papers or documents are produced before him and proved by the witness, they, or copies of them, must be annexed to the deposition subscribed by the witness and certified by the commissioner.
6.  The commissioner must subscribe his name to each sheet of the deposition, and annex the deposition, with the papers and documents, proved by the witness, to the commission, and must close it up under seal, and address it as directed by the endorsement thereon.
7.  If there is a direction on the commission to return it by mail, the commissioner must immediately deposit it in the nearest post-office. If any other direction is made by the written consent of the parties, or by the court or judge, on the commission, as to its return, he must comply with the direction. A copy of this section must be annexed to the commission.

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