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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


20-510.  Information — Investigation — Petition. Any peace officer, any prosecuting attorney, or any authorized representative of the board of trustees of a school district of this state, having knowledge of a juvenile who is within the purview of this act may file a petition with the court in such form as may be required by the court, except a peace officer may also issue a citation for a curfew violation pursuant to section 20-549, Idaho Code. Said individual or agency shall be responsible for providing the evidence to support the allegations made in the petition, provided this in no way shall relieve peace officers from enforcement of the law as set forth in section 31-2227, Idaho Code. The court may make a preliminary inquiry to determine whether the interests of the public or of the juvenile require that further action be taken. Such inquiry may be made through the county probation officer or such other agent or investigation officer designated by the court. Thereupon, the court may make such informal adjustment as is practicable, or dismiss the petition, or set the matter for hearing. If an informal adjustment is made, it shall provide for full or partial restitution in the manner and form prescribed by the court when the offense involves loss or damage of property of another. A probation officer shall not file a petition unless the juvenile has previously been under the jurisdiction of the court. The petition and all subsequent court documents shall be entitled "In the interest of …, a juvenile under eighteen (18) years of age." The petition may be made upon information and belief but it shall be made under oath. It shall set forth plainly: (1) the facts which bring the juvenile within the purview of this act; (2) the name, age, and residence of the juvenile; (3) the names and residences of his parents and spouse, if any; (4) the name and residence of his legal guardian, if there be one, or the person or persons having custody or control of the juvenile, or of the nearest known relative if no parent or guardian can be found. If any of the facts herein required are not known by the petitioner the petition shall so state.
Service of a petition upon the parents, legal guardian or person or persons having custody or control of the juvenile shall subject the parents, legal guardian or person or persons having custody or control of the juvenile to the provisions of this chapter. The petition shall inform the parents, legal guardian or other person legally obligated to care for and support the juvenile that service of the petition upon them shall make them subject to the provisions of this chapter.

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