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20-806.  Private prison facilities — Requirements — licensing. A private prison contractor that has contracted for the location or operation of a private prison facility within a county or a city of this state shall comply with the following requirements:
(1)  An individual, corporation, partnership, association, or other private organization or entity may not operate a private prison facility in this state unless licensed by the department of correction. The board of correction shall have the power and it shall be its duty to promulgate rules necessary to implement and enforce standards for the licensing and operation of private prison facilities as set forth pursuant to this chapter. Applications for licenses shall be made on forms provided by the department of correction and accompanied by the required license fee. Licenses for the operation of private prisons shall be nontransferable. A license may be revoked if the facility fails to meet the standards and provisions of this chapter. All final decisions by the board shall be subject to review pursuant to the provisions and procedures of the administrative procedure act, chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code;
(2)  The facility shall meet correctional standards satisfying constitutional minimums, state and federal laws and applicable court orders;
(3)  If the private prison facility is located on land owned by the county or the city or other publicly owned land which is not subject to real property taxes, the county or the city, if the facility is located within the limits of the city, may require the private prison contractor to pay fees to the county or the city in lieu of property taxes, as compensation for the costs to the county or the city of regulating, monitoring and providing services to the facility;
(4)  The facility must provide internal and perimeter security to protect the public, employees and prisoners;
(5)  The private prison contractor shall impose discipline on prisoners only as permitted by correctional standards satisfying constitutional minimums, state and federal laws, and applicable court orders;
(6)  The private prison contractor shall provide prisoners with proper food, clothing, housing and medical care in accordance with constitutional minimums, state and federal laws, and applicable court orders. The private prison contractor shall require that anyone providing professional services to prisoners shall be licensed as provided by the state of Idaho if the professional would be required to be licensed in the state of Idaho to provide services to the general public;
(7)  The private prison contractor shall allow access to the facility at all times and cooperate with all state and local authorities and their designees in the performance of their duties pursuant to section 20-805(4), Idaho Code, and section 20-808, Idaho Code.

[20-806, added 1998, ch. 360, sec. 1, p. 1127; am. 2001, ch. 335, sec. 5, p. 1186.]

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