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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-2302.  Definition of terms. For the purpose of this chapter:
(1)  The singular and plural forms of any word or term in this chapter shall be interchangeable and equivalent within the meaning of this chapter.
(2)  "Agent" means any person only soliciting orders in this state for the purchase or sale of nursery or florist stock for any principal who is not licensed under this chapter.
(3)  "Dealer":
(a)  Means any person who deals in, sells, handles, consigns, or accepts on consignment, imports, stores, displays or advertises nursery or florist stock which he has not grown.
(b)  The term does not include persons whose business is located out-of-state and who import and sell such nursery or florist stock not grown in Idaho into this state and who only solicit such nursery or florist stock sales through salesmen or representatives or by mail or advertisement. Such a person to be exempt as a dealer must not own, lease, control, or maintain buildings, warehouses or any location or place in Idaho in which or through which such nursery or florist stock is stored, sold, offered for sale, or held for sale or delivered therefrom. The nursery or florist stock must be shipped direct from the out-of-state location or place of business to the grower, wholesaler, retailer, or ultimate consumer or user in Idaho.
(4)  "Department" means the Idaho department of agriculture.
(5)  "Director" means the director of the Idaho department of agriculture.
(6)  "Florist stock" shall include all cut flowers, foliage and ferns, all potted plants or cuttings or bedding plants, and all flowering bulbs and rooted herbaceous plants used for ornamental or decorative purposes and all corms, whether grown in boxes, benches, pots, under glass or other artificial covering, or in the field or open ground or cuttings therefrom.
(7)  "Grower" means any person who grows nursery stock.
(8)  "Landscape contractor" shall be construed as applying to any person or persons engaged in landscaping property for which he, she, or they will furnish the plants, trees, or shrubs either from his, her, or their own nurseries or by purchase or on contract from other nurseries.
(9)  "Not regularly engaged in the business" shall be construed to mean sales of nursery and/or florist stock incident to farming and gardening operations by persons who do not display such nursery and/or florist stock for sale by use of signboards, placards, newspapers, radio, or other circulation medium.
(10) "Nursery and/or floral shop" shall be construed to mean any grounds, buildings, greenhouses, or premises either privately or publicly owned on or in which nursery stock or florist stock is propagated or grown for sale, either at the present or at some future time; or any grounds, buildings, greenhouses, vehicles, or premises on or in which nursery or florist stock is being stored, packed, or offered for sale.
(11) "Nursery stock" includes all botanically classified plants or any part thereof, such as aquatic or herbaceous plants, bulbs, sod, buds, corms, culms, roots, scions, grafts, cuttings, fruit pits, seeds of fruits, forest and ornamental trees, and shrubs, berry plants, and all trees, shrubs, vines, and plants collected in the wild that are grown or kept for propagation or sale. The term does not include field and forage crops, seeds of grasses, cereal grains, vegetable crops and flowers, bulbs and tubers of vegetable crops, vegetables or fruit used for food or feed, cut trees or cut flowers unless stems or other portions thereof are intended for propagation.
(12) "Nurseryman or florist" shall be construed to mean the person who owns, leases, manages, or is in charge of a nursery or flower shop or grows nursery or florist stock on shares or on contract.
(13) "Person" includes, but is not limited to, any individual, partnership, corporation, company, firm, society, association, organization, government agency, or any other entity.
(14) "Pest" means any biotic agent (any living agent capable of reproducing itself) or any of the following that is known to cause damage or harm to the production of agricultural crops or the environment:
(a)  Any infectious, transmissible or contagious disease of any plant; or any disorder of any plant which manifests symptoms or behavior which, after investigation, is found and determined by a duly constituted federal, state or local pest prevention agency, to be characteristic of an infectious, transmissible or contagious disease.
(b)  Any form of animal life.
(c)  Any form of plant life, including noxious weeds as defined and listed in chapter 4, title 22, Idaho Code, and chapter 24, title 22, Idaho Code, and rules promulgated thereunder.
(15) "Sell" or "sale" means to offer, expose, or hold for sale, have for the purpose of sale, or to solicit orders for sale or to deliver, distribute, exchange, furnish, or supply.
(16) "Wholesale" means a sale in quantity to one who intends to resell; selling to retailers or contractors rather than consumers.

[(22-2302) added 1984, ch. 231, sec. 2, p. 554; am. and redesig. 1998, ch. 89, sec. 2, p. 305.]

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