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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


22-2804.  commission — members — qualifications — appointment — compensation. (1) There is hereby created and established in the department of agriculture the Idaho honey commission to be known and designated as such, and shall be composed of the director of the department and three (3) members who shall be honey producers or beekeepers.
(2)  Each member shall be a resident citizen of the state of Idaho for a period of five (5) years prior to his appointment, shall be a commercial beekeeper as defined in section 22-2502, Idaho Code, actively engaged in honey production, registered as a beekeeper with the Idaho department of agriculture, and deriving a substantial portion of his income from honey production, or be the directing or managing head of a corporation, firm, partnership or other business unit that derives a substantial portion of its income from honey production. To continue as a member of the commission each member must remain qualified pursuant to the provisions of this section.
(3)  The executive committee of the Idaho honey industry association may request the removal of a commissioner, with or without cause, by a majority vote. Upon receipt of such a request, the governor may immediately withdraw the commissioner’s appointment.
(4)  The Idaho honey industry association shall meet for the purpose of nominating members of the commission. The board of directors shall review the names of active beekeepers in Idaho that meet the qualifications as provided in this section. By June 1 of each year, the names of two (2) honey producers or beekeepers nominated by the association for each vacancy occurring on the commission shall be submitted to the governor for his consideration. From such list of nominees, the governor shall designate and appoint one (1) member for each vacancy on the commission.
(5)  Members shall serve for a term of three (3) years. Terms shall expire on the last day of June of the year in which the term for which the members was appointed terminates. Provided however, each member shall serve until his respective successor is appointed and qualified. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for the balance of the unexpired term. On and after the effective date of this act, terms that are currently vacant or held by the commission members shall expire and be filled on the following schedule: one (1) member term shall expire on June 30, 2015; one (1) member term shall expire on June 30, 2016; and one (1) member term shall expire on June 30, 2017.
(6)  Commission members shall elect a chairman. The chairman may delegate the function of the Idaho honey commission to an administrator whose function will be subject to the approval of the Idaho honey commission.
(7)  A majority of the members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business and the carrying out of the duties of the commission. Before entering on the discharge of their duties as members of the commission, each member shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed by law.
(8)  Each member of the commission shall be compensated as provided by section 59-509(n), Idaho Code. The commission shall meet regularly once each fiscal year at a date established by said commission in its designated business office, and it shall fix the time and place of special meetings as may be deemed necessary by the chairman of the commission.

[22-2804, added 2015, ch. 124, sec. 3, p. 313.]

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